Sunday, 14 December 2008

Come on in, the foods great!

Well i'm still having research done and my bed now has the shape of my body imprinted on it from laying on it for so long like Homers bum groove on his sofa, i'll be glad to get back to the gym, training and my wii fit.

After visiting a few people in hospital to take them grapes, flowers and lucozade, i always seem to visit at meal time, so being the kind friend i am i always offer to try the food before them in case of poison and all i got to say is that Oliver Twist was lucky that he had gruel. Saying that the food here has been so good with a choice of chips, boiled, mashed or jacket potatoe with your meal.

No breakfast due to having to take tablets first thing in morning, lunch is the same every day 2 filled rolls which you have a choice of 8 fillings i chose 1 tuna and 1 ham salad with a packet of crisps, cup-a-soup and piece of fruit, supper at 9pm is again a nice choice of 5 cereals, pie, pasty, scone, fruit or toasted tea cake but the icing on the cake is dinner at 5pm which is a main meal with dessert.

My meals so far have been homemade steak pie, homemade mince beef pie, pork chop with apple & cheese, lamb burger, roast pork dinner, sweet thai chilli tortilla wrap, Chicken Korma and peppered fillet steak. Dessert have been sticky toffee pudding, pineapple turnover, jam sponge, Mixed fruit and ice cream, rhubarb tart, and all served with custard if wanted.

So what does this mean for me, well i'm having a great time as i love my food but its not good for the waist band all this eating then laying down, if i had to do this for much longer than i am you may end up seeing me on Jerry Springer show "I can't get through my research room doors, help me jerry!"

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

The Pants Factor!

Now i haven't been following The Pants Factor, sorry X Factor but from the songs i've seen Alex is by far the best and does have a voice, as for the other karaoke rejects i must be watching different singers as non i would pay to see live apart from alex maybe, all the others seem to be out of key, bad pitch and basically pub acts in a few months time. These programmes have become more about the judges and the quick mega bucks the judges make from the short term sale of the winner,

Lets look back over legends of pop that have won these shows:-

Pop Idol winner Will Young,first winner of singing talent show and the boys done well.

Popstars winners Hearsay, Did well with first CD and singles released but now as a band are no more.

Pop idol 2 winner Michelle Mcmanus, No 1 with show's winning song then back to the check out girl, someone needs the price for a cabbage in the vegetable aisle.

Popstars The Rivals winners Girls Aloud, still going strong due to the different styles of songs they release, not all bubblegum pop or ballads and doing a few cover versions of popular songs helps, as for the boy band winners One True Voice they didn't even get a number 1 and lasted about 2 months, they were that memorable i had to be reminded by Fran (a facebook friend & regular customer) that they even existed.

X factor 1 winner Steve Brookstein, hit with first song then playing at a pub near you.

X factor 2 winner Shane Ward had a few hits and was touted as the british Justin Timberlake, i think they were misheard, that should have been touted as will be selling Justin Timberlake in HMV in a year.

X factor 3 Leona Lewis i myself am not a fan but credit where credits due she has a amazing voice and a good PR team backing her that helps alot,her songs all sound very much alike and when she went up tempo it was her lowest charting song, i think her live concert would be a bit depressing with all those ballads.

X factor 4 Leon Jackson again No1 with show winners song but was beaten by a micky take of the show sung by Geraldine (aka Peter Kay) when he released his second single.

So far Only 3 out of 8 winners have been succesful and i don't think the winner of this years X factor will be long term success but if you look back over the winners the 5 that never made it weren't given as much backing as the other 3 with PR and managment, just look at Leona Lewis Simon Cowell has pushed her so much and got her all the best song writers and backing in the music business if the others had been given the same attention i'm sure they would have lasted longer than they did.

But its the real artists i feel sorry for, the ones who write their own songs and music, that travel around the uk playing bars and clubs all year to get seen, that travel and sleep in clapped out transit vans, these people work hard to become famous and these circus of shows on TV hand it to these wedding singer wannabes on a plate,

Keep music live and loud, get rid of these crap talent singing shows.

Friday, 5 December 2008

And so the medical research begins!

Well i'm in for my medical research and only a day in to it and i've had more needles than a porcupine and more blood extracted than Dracula after a hunger strike. Saying that its all cool, can have my mobile on, got my laptop here with wifi, sky, 3 meals a day but no breakfast.

Down side, can drink water only, sticky pads left on me all day for constant heart and blood pressure monitoring, plastic cover under my sheet on mattress which makes so much noise its like i'm wearing a carrier bag (i'm 40 not 5), And i have to pee in to a bottle every time i go apart from first thing in the morning which is a good job as my aim ain't that good at 7am.

I suppose its like a holiday camp but with needles, blood, pee and nurses in blue tunics instead of red coats. So more like the holiday camp in "friday the 13th"

Update on day 7.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Its winter blog time!

Well i've been home just over 2 weeks and god is this country cold. If i don't have my central heating on i have to share my bedroom with a polar bear and a penguin.

As a few of you know during the christmas period i'm one of santas little helpers, and just because i'm short that doesn't make me an elf, i'm refering to working at Toys R Us nightshift. I have to be honset with you i'm not that thrilled at the toys i have to play with, i mean work with this year. There are no toys that i can train as each night goes on to roll over, sit or wag its tail, also there are no toys this year that you can teach words (sorry to which ever child had the talking Elmo with swear words, i couldn't help myself). So for me this christmas its just work, work, work.

So far since i arrived back home i've visited 5 dog shelters to look for a poor dog that needs a loving home but as of yet not found the right one as none can hoover, wash dishes or cook a good stir fry so my search continues, i've watched crufts a few times and seen the utility dogs but i don't think they're trained that well as i've never seen one of them ever pay a utility bill.

So what do i do to apart from work and look for a dog during the cold winter months, well this winter i have a wii fit to keep me going, god i didn't know my body was that stiff but its getting better, on my first go it works out the age of your fitness and mine was 40 which isn't bad considering i'm 40 haha well done for working that out. You can choose which fitness instructor you would like, male or female i chose a female instructor not for me to perv over but there's something not right about 2 men alone in a room exercising and one of the guys saying "now bend over".

So now my winter blog is off and running you won't have to wait long for the next update to keep you going till the next season and chapter in the life of Oceanic.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

End of season review 2008!

Well the post we've all been waiting for, well not all but my 2 readers have been waiting for, its here the end of season review.

What can i say my second season was better than that first kiss i ever had (sorry Belinda), better than peanut butter and jam, even better (dare i say it) than black pudding and fruit & fibre. The customers that came in through my door were as lovely as Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins and they drank as much as George Best (god rest his soul) on a wine tasting trip. The music was changed slightly this year but seemed to give the bar a good vibe and the new sofa's were a hit. I had many many nights where i run out of seats and instead of turning customers away i went to my good friends Veronica and Derek at The Lighthouse restaurant and borrowed more chairs to seat everybody and they stayed even without having a table for their drinks and i thank them for that and also apologies for that but i had no idea i was going to be as busy as i was all season what with the island and resort having its worst season for tourists.

My cocktails were voted the best that my customers had tasted within the resort and all came back for more, as i said in a previous post its all about taking the time to make properly, use the correct ingredients, using the original spirits and using the correct measure for each spirit used in the drink, the pomp and frills that decorate the drink mean nothing if the drink in side tastes like a chemical cocktail.

As i tell all my customers "its just a bar being a bar again taking it back to basics having a chat, a laugh and socialising which is being lost in alot of bars at home and abroad".

But once again without you i couldn't be in the position i am with a healthy business that my customers enjoy for what it is which is "just a bar" as my sign says outside, "No TV's, No Gimmicks, No Hassle, No Stress" and i've been very lucky to have you as my customers and can't thank you enough.

I've worked very hard to get where i am today and sometimes been pushed to the limit with the amount of customers i've had in and also been pushed by some people who have never drank in my bar but i wouldn't change any of it as i thrive on being busy and spiteful silly people push me on to prove them wrong which i think now i have with 2 great seasons under my belt.

Just to be serious for one moment i'd like to say i feel very sorry for the businesses that have gone bust this year and its been alot, some new, some well established for years, i would not wish it on anyone as its the worst thing to see someones dreams and livelyhood close up for good, the pound to the euro didn't help nor did the credit crunch but i'd like to wish these people all the best in whatever they decide to do next and hope maybe some day they can re-live that dream they once had and remain on the island as there is no point in being bitter with the island as its a beautiful place and it hasn't been the islands fault for the business closure.

So where do i go from here? Well we look forward to 2009, Bar is having some new features but the bars heart will still be the same and definately NO TV's! also there are plans for a second business, the business plans are all drawn up, its all been fine tuned so now its just putting my plans in to practice so look out for the update around april.

Please keep reading my blog as it will still be going through the winter with whats going on in my boring life but for now we say to Zakynthos "see you soon" not "goodbye".

P.S Don't forget the Oceanic Awards in January, you never know you may be a winner or even defend your award with success.

What traffic signs and signals mean in Greece!

This means "Go, as long as a policeman isn't around"

This means "if someone has stopped at a red light beep on your horn repeatedly the split second it changes to green as the person hasn't moved off as quick as a formula 1 car"

This means "Park wherever you like, why not double park "

This means "Drive directly up this no entry road at a scooter coming the opposite way"

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Review page for my customers!

For those of you who read my blog with interest and have visited my bar for a relaxing drink you can leave a review good or bad (thats if you'd like to) on this page. Click on the link below to take you to my bars review page.

If you've just walked or driven past or just heard gossip about my bar that doesn't really count as a review (you can't comment until you've tried it you see) so genuine Oceanic customers if you would be so kind LOL

P.S. i'll pay you for the good reviews next season but SSSHHH! don't tell anyone HAHA!

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Voted the best Screaming Orgasm!

Well i'm overwhelmed by the response i get from my screaming orgasms that i produce for my customers. Everyone has said "its the best they've ever had" also other comments such has "mmm thick and creamy, lovely", "i could have them all night" and "wish my partner could give me one like that" a few times through the season i run out of cream but it didn't take me long to replenish my stock and give some more out. In fact only last friday i gave 14 screaming orgasms all at the same time, that was a tall order but i pulled it off, just. By the end of that mammoth task i was out of cream but being the fit person i am it only took me 25 seconds and i was ready for the next orgasm. So just for all you people who are missing your orgasms i thought i'd give one for you to have over and over again until your next here.

You did know i was on about a cocktail didn't you? LOL

Friday, 10 October 2008

2 weeks to go!

Well what can i say! I can say quite alot actually as i am learned in the art of conversation.

Its been a great, no amazing, no mind blowing season for me and i've worked bloody hard by giving the best service i can to table, making the drinks and keeping upbeat to make my customers holiday that little bit more enjoyable.

I get feedback from customers who have drank in other bars so i know whats being said about the season but holidaynakers don't want to hear about "how bad the seasons been" or "my business is dead", people on holiday have their own troubles and worries and come away to enjoy themselves and forget just for 1 or 2 weeks whats going on at home so they don't need to be met with a slapped ass face and moans.

You the customer is what keeps us here with our businesses so you should get the best most pleasant service we can provide, if it wasn't for you we could not survive.

Also this season there has been lots of nasty views and opinions on websites for the island and all i have to say on this matter is, Whats the point? Every business can survive out here if its run properly and what the customer wants, there is somewhere for everyone and not everyone will like the same place, if you've never been in a certain place don't knock it till you can say "i've been there didn't like it", also people who haven't been to the island for years can't really comment as this place has changed so much even within the 2 years i've been in kalamaki and 8 years on the island. So what i'm saying is, talk about what you actually know not what you think you know or have heard, till you've actually been in a certain place you can't make a judgement or comment, and most of all just enjoy your holidays and stop being so childish and petty on these sites, these sites are set up to help tourism and give advice and all i can see is that it may be damaging it when people read the posts and see petty arguements, lets get on and try to help Zakynthos.


Saturday, 13 September 2008

The bar has been raised!

No i don't mean i've put my bar up on stilts but on Sept 1st 2008 i had hit the target that i had made for the whole of last season, so i am over the moon and still with 2 months trading to go. I had a quiet week up until thursday but this is the norm as its the period between school holidays finishing and couples coming on holiday after the kids have gone back but from thursday i've been packed out again everynight, also due to the nights getting darker earlier people are coming out earlier and going home earlier which is great news as i'm closing earlier but still making my target every night. Lots of earliers in that part don't you think LOL!

So now i'm getting some me time and also getting to pool at around 9.30am, i'm already starting to wind my season down so its a really nice feeling to have knowing that this season i have worked damn hard with a full bar almost everfy night but not struggled with the season where as others are saying its their worst season ever.

Again i couldn't have done it without all my lovely customers who have been so nice and pleasant, also a big thank you to all the negative people who have been against my bar from day one in 07 but have never visited as you have spurred me on to prove you wrong which i think now i can say i have.

As for next season nothing can be taken for granted what with prices of holidays, pound to euro and personal circumstances but until i haven't got life in my body i will continue the best i can and not let my standards drop or let my customers down.

So here's to you all your all great, Yammas!

P.S. The negative people are always welcome in my bar i don't hold grudges thats if they can swallow their pride long enough LOL you never know you may enjoy the bar even though you think i'm a short arsed welsh git.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Kev's guide to a perfect cocktail!

After making many thousands of cocktails in my career and also being professionally trained in the art i thought i'd share my master class cocktail course with you so you can impress your guests at dinner parties, birthdays and christmas.

1/ Use a Glass. Many people make the mistake of using a mug, tea cup or egg cup that holds very little liquid, NO! This just isn't right. It must be clear, made of glass, of a nice size and with a hole at the top to drink from, do not mistaken a cocktail glass for a flower vase, this is just to big and will cost alot to make one cocktail.

2/ When a cocktail has a fruit garnish i would recommend lemon, lime, orange or pineapple. It is totally wrong to use rhubarb, a leek, cabbage floret or spinach.

3/ When making a cocktail make sure you know what the cocktail is and what the correct ingredients are if making a "sex on the beach" the correct ingredients are smirnoff vodka, archers peach schnapps, orange juice and cranberry juice. Anything other than this is wrong. The reason i have stated the makes of the drinks is you can tell the difference in quality in taste when cheaper unknown brands are used. Do not accept a "sex on the beach" made with a tea bag, tobasco sauce, stingy nettles and american cream soda, no matter how much you throw the shaker around it won't taste right.

4/ If it says "poured over crushed ice with a salt rim" such as a "Margarita" is, don't think you can get away chipping off chunks of ice from your over frozen freezer and leaving a salt cellar with your guest. This will lead to confusion and maybe getting their lip stuck to the iceberg causing ice burn followed by rubbing salt in the wound and later on a scab which looks terrible at cocktail parties.

5/ If a cocktail is meant to be shaking or stirred there is a reason for this, no its not because of James Bond its due to the density of the different drinks which if shaken mix properly and if stirred some don't. If you do not have a cocktail shaker a cement mixer is just as good.

6/ Make sure there are equal measures of each spirit in your drink and half the drink is mixer so your guest can actually taste some alcohol, making a cocktail with mostly juice does not do your party any favours as those people may not return if they think their not getting drunk and left the car at home which then means taxi fair back.

7/ Take time and care over the making of your cocktails its worth it in the end. If a guest gets their cocktail within seconds they will click that you pre made a jug of cocktail the night before, added ice to a glass and slung it out. This will leave your party guest feeling unloved and unwanted thinking you couldn't take that extra little bit of time to make it fresh just for them. After all the guest is the party and if the guest isn't happy they will slate your parties and then after that your parties will never be the same again due to you cutting corners.

8/No matter how much you dress up your cocktail glass to look like a work of art if the drink inside the glass has the flavour of a sweaty armpit all that sparkly, fruity, monkey hanging decoration was for nothing. Example:- I once chatted up a young lady in a bar she was stunning, dressed like a princess, body of a goddess, looks to die for but when we got back to hers after she'd taken her wig off, plonked her false teeth in a glass of sterident, rested her false leg against the wall and took her corset off it was nothing like what i expecting.
So the moral of this point is:- just because it looks good doesn't mean it tastes good.

So if you do want the best cocktail party ever follow those 8 easy steps and you'll have the busiest party and be the talk of the town.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

The story has to be told!

As i've been sat under my air conditioning with a nice bowl of fruit & fibre I've been thinking back over my life and realised that i have had some crazy, exciting, funny and obscure things happen from when i have worked abroad so i have started writting my autobiography, the working title is "A simple mans life", may have to rethink that as simple means plain/basic or it can mean thick, doppy, idiot (the latter of the 2 may be more appropriate) LOL.

As i am a intellectual in the fine art of reading autobiographies i thought i'd give it a go. Its going very well as you have already been told i have the title and i have written a thank you to my mum as all good writers do at the beginning of the book and thats it so far, not bad for a months writting, i think i've hit that wall called "writers block" but i'm sure it will start flowing through my fingertips very shortly and i will have the name of the first chapter in no time.

Watch out Gordon Ramsey, Gazza and Slash (guns n' roses axe man) i'm heading for number 1 in the best sellers list and the biggest prize of all Richard & Judy's book club award LOL.

Monday, 11 August 2008

The Oceanic Picture Gallery

I've been thinking about all the customers who have had their picture taken in my bar and that i myself haven't taken any of them, so i have decided to start a rogues.....sorry customers picture gallery. If you have had your picture taken in my bar or with me please could you e-mail your pictures to then i will post them on a seperate blog with a link from this one, best pics will recieve a free drink on their next visit to the bar.

Happy snapping!

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Its crazy heat time!

OH MY GOD! the heat now out here is between 38-42 deg and all i can do is sit under me air con all day, but its ok i got september and october to get to the pool, woohoo!

Even at work just standing still (when i get the odd second) i'm sweating more than a doughnut at a weight watchers meeting. The cocktails seem to be the main seller in the bar this year what with me giving the best "sex on the beach" and the most amazing "Screaming Orgasm's" So the custoimers tell me (these are cocktails) LOL.
Whats my secret? I take time and care in getting it ready before delivering the final perfect touch (yes i'm still talking about the cocktails).
Anywhoo the bars still going very well and all i can do is thank my lovely customers who fill it out every night, so thanks to you all and i will see a few of you again before the end of the season.

Keep it real. don't stress, chill out and keep the dream alive, love peace and Oceanic forever!

Saturday, 2 August 2008

What a strange few days that was!

Well it seems all the resort had a dip in those few days, been speaking to my friends who own bars and restaurants on old road and the new strip and everyone said exactly the same.
The bar has been back to its normal self the past 3 nights with every seat full and Derek and Veronica at The Lighthouse Restaurant (best restaurant for english food and breakfasts by far) helping out with the lend of their chairs when i run out.

A few days ago i had my crash helmet stolen off my bike from the car park under my apartment, this is the first time in 8 years i've had anything stolen and my crash helmet has been left on the back of my bike for the past 3 years every night but i would like to thank whoever stole it as i wanted to buy a new helmet but wouldn't as i already had one so due to this wonderful person i now have the crash helmet i've always wanted, its so cool its like a fighter pilots helmet, Me-"Zebra Papa this is Kilo Papa, permission to ride like a bat out of hell, over!"
All i need now is a wing man to fend off the taxis LOL

Sunday, 27 July 2008

As Nelly Furtardo would say "All good things come to an end" LOL

Well its been a strange old week after hitting my record high just over a week ago to a very quiet few nights but i was expecting this around this time of season the same as last season but still hitting targets and getting nice customers in but its all a bit later now sometimes after 11pm but can't really grumble. The restaurants around me are nearly empty most nights which is a real shame as these people have a few staff to pay and the owners are all really nice people but what can they do, the holidays are now very expensive and with the pound to the euro still bad it makes family holidays very difficult.

But on a happy note i now have a tan and its only taken me 3 months WOOHOO!

Thursday, 17 July 2008

"Dedications what you need, if you want to be a record breaker, ooohh yeeeaaahhh!"

Well July has shocked me with how well its turned out so far, had 9 quiet days from the 5th-13th but then it went mental.

On tues 15th july i broke the bars record since i opened in 2007 and blitz the previous record by 80 euro and last night just missed the record again by 20 euro but as the saying goes "all good things come to an end" as i lost 16 regular customers today in one go so lets see what change over brings.

Still bloody hot and my air conditioning is working like a NHS nurse, bloody hard but for little money LOL

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Wow its hot!

Well its around 34-36 deg nearly everyday at the moment and bloody hot at night. Thats not the worst of it come wed next week its hitting its peak in a mini heatwave, as The Sun would say if this was in britain "Phew! What a scorcher" LOL

Well lets see, in the first 2 months i've taken the same as what i did by the end of august last year and remember i didn't open properly till the beginning of june so i'm over the moon with the way the bar is going but this month has died off but still hitting double target so can't complain. Lots of factors for this what with prices of holidays, pound to euro and Kalamaki seeing a rise of at least 40% of 18-30's being alocated here who just buy drinks and snacks from supermarket then taxi it to Laganas, why? cause the tour companies are locating them in properties they get cheaper to gain more money but they are not helping tourism. These hotels are family hotels and if families have to be in a hotel with 18-30's they will then never go back there or post negative reviews that will either kill off the hotel or change it just completely to 18-30's.

I can see around me that restaurants and supermarkets are suffering, the owners who are my friends tell me their trade is terrible and worried for how the season goes all because of corporate thugs lining their own pockets and to hell with the local trade. Original Kalamaki is not a place for these tour companies to place 18-30's, its a peaceful area but now its getting big groups of guys and girls all loud and drunk making their way to and from Lagana, lets hope this trend changes once high season kicks in or the local trade will really suffer.

So i hear you cry "What have you been up to kevlar" well not much to be honest, the bar has been so busy that everyday i'm out and about sorting out the bar ready for the night. My water pump for the bar caught on fire thursday night which was very exciting so had to replace a part on it friday while in direct sunlight and 36deg heat, talk about turning on a body tap, i was drenched by the time i'd finished but a great way to lose weight LOL

Still going to the gym every morning at 10am, not that you would notice but in typical greek style, they have air con on, ceiling fans on but the front and side door wide open with a hot breeze blowing through, even though i spend an hour in there 30 mins of it must be just sat on machines trying to find which is the coolest one to use (i don't mean the most trendy one) but its keeping me fit for all the running about in the bar at night.

My shopping list has changed for anyone coming out to visit, it is no longer "frosted shreddies" there is a new king of cereal in town and his name is "fruit & fibre" couldn't get enough of it at home and can't get any out here so here is my plea:-

"Kevin is 39 & 3/4, this little welshman is in desperate need of your help. On the island of zakynthos he waits for someone to save him from the desert of cereals, to weak to tie up shoe laces, to lazy to mop his apartment floor but with your help little Kevin could once again wear shoes with laces and be able to walk bare foot in his apartment. With just the purchase of one box of fruit and fibre you could help Kevin get back to a normal way of life and put a smile on his ugly little face. When your buying your cereal at the supermarket spare a thought for Kevin, every box helps, we thank you." LOL

Friday, 13 June 2008

So far so good!

Well coming up till the middle of june and the bar is still going strong, still reaching my target which is a good thing and still nearly the last bar to close apart from 1 0r 2 on the main road.

There is a change in drinking trends now, its gone from pre meal drinks then after meal drinks till 5am to just after meal drinks then home by 3am, maybe it has to do with the holidays being more expensive now and less money in spending budget and the Pound to Euro won't help either. Also you can see on the streets that the age is dropping to a more younger crowd who prefer to drink in rooms before they head out.

This season i can definately see alot more nationalities here than last year at least 50% more and also groups of guys and girls between 20-25, lets hope this isn't a trend that will continue as it is bad for businesses in the resort less people in restaurants eating out and that knocks on to the bars. My friends in the resort who have bars are saying between 30-50% down on last season already. as for myself i find myself very lucky that im doing better than last year and i'm not taking anything for granted as i know from years of running bars abroad things can change just within one change over day, so here's good luck to all the bars and restaurants on the island that seems to be already a difficult season for most.

Monday, 2 June 2008

Magnificent May to Jittery June!

May was more than i could wish for and think i was very lucky to be as busy as i was so thank you to all my customers for joining me through May.

June is upon us and has never been my favourite month due to early bird holidays finishing and high season 6 weeks away so its a real sit and wait month. The days are longer, people are going to eat later and then drinking later again, so this year i've come prepared as i know from last season i may not get my first customer in till 10.30pm or maybe the odd few before meals.

This season i shall be reading autobiographies by Gordon Ramsay, Gazza, Ian Holloway, Axl Rose and Slash from Guns N Roses and its quite nice to have a sit and read after the start i've had to the season but hopefully come July i won't be needing any books but then again it gets darker later and you can be by the pool till at least 8pm so everyones out late but hey this Greece and the pace is much slower, lets hope i don't fall asleep LOL

Friday, 30 May 2008

Oceanic 2008!

Here's a few pics at opening time of Oceanic, a few little changes but nothing major so i took some more pics.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

A normal night at Oceanic!

I said i'd take some pics of the bar when my customers are in so last night i did. A capacity of 40 seats taken 5 of which were for a customers birthday, Les, i felt sorry for him as he had been let down by 10 people from Argassi who had said they would join him thru a zante website for his birthday but they didn't show but none the less my customers sang happy birthday to him and they all enjoyed the buffet i had put on and a good night was had by all, in fact i didn't get out of bar till 4.30am, AGAIN! LOL.

And a quick maths test, thats 1/8 of my customers were off zante websites LOL not all of them like people seem to think.

Anywhoo heres the pics, sorry for quality but its taken on my camera phone:-

I must get a better camera LOL

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Please book in advance to reserve a table!

OH MY GOD! I have now started to reserve tables from 10pm as i'm that busy i run out of seats, tonight i have a birthday party in of between 14-16 people so i have had to reserve 20 seats for some of my regulars. I only have 40 seats as it is, most nights all seats are taken, so tonight i have a definate 36 taken with maybe another 20 customers wanting to come in for drinks as normal, cushions on floor may be needed LOL

I'll take pics of tonight to post on here.

John Carpenters "The Fog-Zakynthos"

Well i was up and out at 7.30am after another 3.30am close and on my way in to town i noticed across the center of the island this a grey band of cloud low across the land:-

At first i thought it was smoke from a fire but it stretched across the whole centre of the island and when i hit Zakynthos town:-

As regular visitors know from the last pic if you were to look across from where i was you would see all the port road buildings and fishing boats, when i got in to the fog it was almost zero visibilty, the roads are scarey at the best of times with the traffic without fog LOL

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Kalamaki road works finished, well sort of!

Well they tarmaced the roads at last but only where they had dug up, it wouldn't have cost that much more to tarmac the whole surface as there was very little left after they had dug up the road but there you go, heres some pics.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Zante season 08 so far and road works!

Well i would never have dreamt of such a busy start, from the 7th may i haven't closed any earlier than 3am and the latest 6am and most nights full or maybe 2 or 3 empty seats. its been amazing but then again i wasn't open in may last year and i'm doing 3 times the trade i was doing in june but lets not get to excited here folks June is a tricky month as its in between your early bird holidays and high season holidays so i'm thankful for having such a great start to season and lets hope it can continue.

As for the roads they are getting the tarmac down today on the old road but have started again on the main road but shouldn't be to long before its all finished and the roads will be good to drive on at the moment, it has been an absolute nightmare no matter what people say, i love this island as much as the next person but the phrase "rose tinted glasses" comes to mind with some peoples opinions on the road works.

Anyway heres some pics from today.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Here's the situation!

So the island has had no petrol for 3 days but tomorrow the island is meant to be getting petrol but i'll believe it when i see it cause at the moment the ports are closed and no news of strike ending but we'll see, Road works and any work has all stopped so roads are dusty, a mess and dangerous for bikes, suppliers are running out of things slowly as i found out when i went to get my draught beers sorted out they were out of CO2 so couldn't set my pumps up but i've stock pilled on my order so i'm ok for stock and of course no supplies can come over from mainland.

Now this doesn't mean "PANIC!" in the words of Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy, "Don't Panic!" everything to do with the tourism on the island looks ok and i'm sure everyone will survive till strike is over and holidaymakers will still have a great time.

Monday, 12 May 2008

Oceanic-Gastronomi welcome you

Just popped in to Gastronomi restaurant to see how they are and its looking really nice, it is open inside and they are about to sort out the outside and being the nice people that they are they have given me their consent to give any of my customers a special invite to their restaurant that you won't get from anyone else or if you just walk in, so if you'd like your special invite to what i think is the best restaurant on the island pop in to see me for a drink.

Zakynthos update

At the moment out here all the petrol stations are out of petrol due to petrol tanker drivers strike which is affecting rentals, suppliers, road works and basically the whole of the island.

Also Kalamaki cash points all were not working yesterday. one not working, other switched off and third was empty and haven't tried today so those of you coming out this week bring some euro or travelers cheques with you as maybe they will not get filled due to banks not being able to send vans out to refill machines due to petrol shortage.

I'm sure this situation won't last long but better to be safe than just turn up with cards.

By the way i'm doing fine and bar is looking better this year i'll take some pics when dust settles from the roads.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

I've been promoted!

Well what a good day i'm having, i've been helping out with info on trip advisor and they have given me the title of Destnation Expert For Zakynthos, i feel very honoured with this title given to me and i hope my little bits of advice given will help people with their holidays to this beautiful island.


Well i'm ready to open tonight, only took me 2 days to get sorted as a i precleaned the bar before i left but there are major road works throught kalamaki from where they are laying the new sewer pipes and its dust city. They have dug so deep to lay the pipes that where they haven't packed the holes down properly the roads are collapsing everywhere and leaving big pot holes which is so dangerous completion date is 12th of may they say but not what year LOL.

Ok so whats new in Kalamaki Drunk Corner has another large TV, Plus Soda has no outside bar anymore its been taken back to its doors with just a seating area and a large outdoor screen has been built at the front near pavement, Hera restaurant is no longer down the bottom end of the resort but in old Kalamaki road, Paris is no longer a restaurant but now a chill out bar (wonder where they got that idea LOL), Melon bar has been taken over by the owners of the restaurant Select that was next door, Sugar Reef has lost about 3 metres of its front due to the new pavement thats been laid, Sarony's bar is now Rita's bar and everywhere seems to be giving their buildings a lick of paint this season but if you saw the dust that was here you would know why. There are still places not open and haven't seen any sign of anyone working on them so there may be a few left closed by the looks of it.

Last weekend was easter and nothing was open and today is Workers Day where office and Shops are closed for a day off, AGAIN!

Tomorrow i'm doing my nTour of the resorts to see whats going on but my best mate Dez who works at Palmyra in Argassi has told me at least 6 restaurants and a few bars are closed over there, he did tell me the names but i'll give you more info after tomorrow.

Lovely and sunny and warm, bit chilly at night but better than UK HAHAHAHA See you all soon.

UPDATE- Looks like Plus Soda has its bar back outside, see things change very quickly out here

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

I'm out of here!

Well my boxes are packed for shipping, my new sofas covered in bubble wrap ready to go and i'm gone 9.30am. I will be very honest with you the euro situation is very scarey, for tourists its less spending money on hols but not the end of the world, for business owners this has a huge effect, rent, products, and bills will all be the same costs as last year so it ups the amount of product you need to sell which then goes back to the holidaymaker having less money, its a vicious circle.

In saying that i have every confidence in my bar and the service i provide and i'm starting this season even, with first month rent paid from last season so its a good start i hope i can continue on but i know May is quiet so i can settle in during this time and review my decor.

Looking forward to see all my friends, regulars and newbies through the season.

Next update will be from Zakynthos, here i come WOOHOO!

Friday, 18 April 2008

My second season almost here!

Well its almost the start of the season and i'm so looking forward to it, if this season is even half as good as last season i'll be happy as my first season passed anything i imagined or had drawn up on paper mathematicly LOL

I had a call from a friend on the island saying there is still aftermath from the tornado and also Kalamaki is being dug up for a new sewage system and new footpaths so god knows what state my bar is in so i'm now leaving wed instead of friday as i just want to get there.

So, What does this season have in store, well i've got some new sofa's (wwooooooo!) and some new decor ideas. I don't have the money that the locals have to invest into a business but the more money you put in to a business the more you have to make before your in to clear profit. So i'm happy with the way my bar is and so are my lovely customers so not changing alot don't worry.
Lots of rumours and reports of new bars and bars changing their style but i'll do the same as i've done every season keep myself to myself concentrate on my business not what others are doing or copying and if i'm busy great but if i'm quiet i won't change a thing as i opened as "the only true chill out bar in Kalamaki" and i'm sticking to it, no special offers, no gimmicks, no neon signs, no tv's, no loud music just pure relaxation for anyone who wants it with original brand spirits, original draughts on tap and the lowest prices in the resort for these drinks.

I have many repeat customers and i'll welcome you all with open arms in advance now and also any new customers will be welcomed into my bar with a happy smile and made at ease istantly to relieve the pressures of everyday life back in the UK.

Here's to a good season 2008 no matter what happens and thank you all for your support.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

I'm a leaving on a jet plane!

Well folks i'm all booked up and ready to go, can't wait ETA on Zakynthos 6am 24/04/8 flying from Heathrow 16.35 23/04 via Athens. I love this journey get a overnight stay at athens airport and there is plenty to do there its like a mini holiday LOL.

There are a few more ideas i've got for the decor of the Oceanic but its staying true to its nickname "the only true chill out bar in Kalamaki" trying to make it even more chilled if thats possible. Not going to give anything away till its open but hopefully it will look amazing if i get it right, fingers crossed.

And as a bonus just before the season starts the Oceanic has been re-introduced to the Just Zante review section on its home page.

Friday, 11 April 2008

An apology to Just Zante website

I have just been told of a topic on Just Zante website about my bar which i have now read, so i will now give a open apology to Forum Admin of the site.

Last season i admit i did advertise my bar on Just Zante but it was only due to excitment and knowing many many members as friends and wanted to share the experience of opening a bar with the members. I had been a moderator on the site for 2 years and a member for 3 years.

My bar was on the review page to begin but i asked for it to be removed as the way the ratings worked at that time were unfair to every business as it did not go by customers ratings but by how many people had clicked on the bars review.

I did start 3 topics myself about how my bar was going but other members also started topics about my bar and i openly admit this was a case of overkill but wasn't set up to be direct advertising and the members meant no harm with these topics.

An admin was put in place who instantly took a dislike to the topics and myself, words were said behind the scenes and i was punished by being banned along with my bar not being allowed to be mentioned.

That admin now has no say on the site and hopefully my bar can be added to the review page as the bar itself didn't cause any problems as its just a building with a business in it but i do not wish for my ban to be lifted as i admit i was harsh in my comments to the old admin who now is just a member on the site.

So i apologies to the Forum Admin of Just Zante for any trouble i've caused to him, I admit that topics about my bar were over the top but that was just down to the excitement of having my own business for the first time, i apologies also for the comments i made to the Forum Admin due to my bar being descriminated against by the old admin.

I hope this clears up any questions members have asked and shows i am willing make ammends for my actions so i now leave it in the hands of Forum Admin on Just Zante as i can't do any more than i have.

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

The tests were a succes!

Well its been a week since my final medical and i'm 100% fit. The test was for a steroid skin cream, the only draw back i had was putting on 1/2 stone from the cream along with not being allowed to exercise and having to eat 4 times a day due to the test but as soon as i get back back in to the gym on Zakynthos i will soon lose it.

"So what was the test and labs like" i hear you say, well i took some pics for you.

This is what i was told my view from my bed would be

This is what i got

I was promised a wonderful modern ward

The reality was slightly disappointing

The description of the wonderful treatment was hard to resist

Some how it got lost in translation from the brochure

But after all that i think you can see that the test was well worth it with dramatic improvements



I would like to thank Simbec Research for such a good job and for making my stay comfortable and i would do it all again without any hesitation.

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Day 5 - Testing of cream starts today

up at 6.30am for shower then 8am blood sample, blood pressure and heart monitored.

9am - i'm told to take my top off, lean forward and grab the end of the bed "I thought this was external cream", the doctor looks at me unamused. I see a large syringe appear full of cream, A snap of a rubber glove being put on from behind me, i'm now having visions of the film "Midnight Express". To my relief i feel the cold cream on my back as its being applied to my back, one arm and chest.
From a small bag is pulled a Alton Towers weather cover that is put over my head and taped up close to my body around my waist, arms and neck so no air can get in.
At this point i start to feel faint, blurred vision and lack of breath, i'm sure there should be a hole for my head in this bag LOL (thats a joke)
So now i feel like a small oven ready chicken left on the shelf at Asda.

Some people actually pay to have this pleasure LOL
Disclaimer - (I do not know anyone who does this for pleasure and the pictures of me in the News of the World being wrapped up in cling film were doctored)

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Day 3 in the big brother ward!

Day 3 12pm in the big brother ward, Kevin is finding life quite boring. the Ward has Sky tv, Pool table, free newspapers, wireless net connection, 4 meals a day but can't go outside or exercise which is what Kevin misses the most. The ward is shared with 7 other guys and at the moment not much conversation but Kevins sure this will change over the next 8 days. The testing hasn't started yet at the moment its blood samples, heart monitored, blood pressure and urine samples, from thursday its cream covering the whole top half of my body then covered in plastic for 22 hours. Food is good and beds comfortable just need some exercise and fresh air.

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

I've been doing some investigating!

I'm not someone to sit back and listen to rumour so i always go to the source and find out whats going on, So with speculation and rumour about the coming season i visited 4 travel agents in Swansea who aren't linked with each other and had a look at the holidays in the window. All the holidays in the windows for the greek islands were priced for the beginning of june for 2 and 4 people and Zakynthos was the cheapest by the nearest that was £30 more. Then i went inside and told the travel agent i wanted to go to a greek island, not sure what one but a island with a resort that had a nice mixture 1 offered Crete resort stalis, another offered Rhodes resort Lindos but 2 offered Zakynthos resorts Tsilivi and Kalamaki. So at the moment from my look around the travel shops Zakynthos could be in for a good season but lets not get ahead of ourselves i'll do the same thing in Cardiff tomorrow and then do the same again in a months time and then towards the end of April to see what they say then.

Monday, 25 February 2008

Its official i'm a Reverend!

And here it is fresh from the post, FOR ALL YOU NON BELIEVERS!
(It's true i am but i'm not really a believer, sssshhhhh! don't tell anyone LOL Darwins theory is more believable)



alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5170863240379439906" />


Yes my children i told you the Rev.Kev would rise again and this time i have been ordained, give me a "HALELUJAH!"

Children i am now a Minister of the Universal Church of California, say "PRAISE THE LORD!" This is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me god. I applied to be ordained and i am now Rev.Kev.

Weddings £25(plus as much buffet food as i can carry away), Christenings £20(with £5 cleaning fee if baby pees), Funerals £50(hole must be dug yourself).


Sunday, 24 February 2008

Rainy days are good for something!

I've always been interested in countries original culture and people, so much so during high school i studied greek culture and mythology also Native American history.
So today on this rainy horrible day in Wales i decided to read up on Maori and Aboriginal history.

America and Australia are the least places i want to visit as i think these countries have lost nearly all of they're original history and both seem to live off the new history that has been created by the European invasion to the countries. The Maoris have fought back and the Maori population has been on the increase after the european invasion in the 18th century. Reading through from when the first Europeans landed on these countries it seems that the diseases that the europeans brought with them wiped out a high number of the original population to these countries and the new history also tries to hide the countries original culture because of the way the europeans had treated the original inhabitants.

I think this is why i'm so attracted to Greece and led me to work on Zakynthos, Crete, Kos and Corfu, the culture is still there to be seen, the stories and myths are still being spoke of to this day, Historical buildings or ruins are so many and so close for you to visit and walk around.
The greeks are meant to be one of the oldest civilisations but the history is still with everyone in the present and proud of it but with America and Australia its all about the "new world" when the "old world" is so much more interesting.

If visitng these countries look past the sun drenched beaches, shopping malls, plush hotels and Ex-pats, try to find the real people and history of the Maori's, Aborignal natives and Native American indians.

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Kalamaki map zante

Just click on the map to enlarge, its just a basic map for those of you who've asked about a few hotels, restaurants and bars and locations of old and new kalamaki. This is a very basic map but it shows the shape of the main centre of Kalamaki nice and clear.

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Season 2008 - Good or Bad?

Well its time to look ahead to season 2008 and my 8th year on the island.

I read across about 6 websites for the island and all i've seen is negative posts about the season going to be quiet, how do these people know this? The tour companies are the only people who know how many rooms are sold on the island.

The island has alot of repeat tourists who wouldn't go anywhere else but for new tourists wanting to find information about the island and come across these negative posts of speculation that the season is going to be quiet they may decide to opt for somewhere else due to these posts that aren't based on any facts just hearsay and rumour. We need sites about zakynthos to be positive for the island to help with tourism which is the islands main income but it seems some like to start rumours and be negative towards the island before the first flight of the season has landed, WHY?

Just because one hotel has had less rooms taken on by a british tour operator doesn't mean they've taken less in the rest of its hotels, they may have taken on more rooms in a more popular hotel.

Just because there are less flights coming in doesn't mean there wil be less people it just means you got less choice of flight days, last season some flights were half full, so if there were 2 flights half full within the week cut one flight to give less choice and then have just one full flight. Its plain business sense it doesn't mean they're cutting flights cause of low bookings also companies have also been known to add flights if the demands are high so it works both ways.

Any business owner on the island would agree with me that tourism needs a healthy boost, so who are these people who are so negative? It wouldn't be someone who owns a business as you have to be positive about seasons for your business to survive. It doesn't help, so can they just wait till the 1st of May before they start condeming the island.

Saturday, 26 January 2008

About bloody time!

Yes, Yes, Yes i know i've been a lazy git and should keep my blog updated but now i've started to get things together for my bar its time to be looking forward to another great season, with fun and laughs with dear friends who visit my bar and also new friends i'll make over season 2008.

So i hear you mumble with little enthusiasm "what you been up to kev?" well i did my usual 7 weeks at Toys R Us over christmas which i've been doing for the 7 years that i've also been in zakynthos and now my body has been given up to medical research in london and south wales.

I've had my medicals with 2 companies to see if i'm healthy enough for medical research and i'm pleased to announce i'm 100% fit in all areas, i did question my height as i'm sure i'm meant to be taller but they assure me i'm just a short ass and no medical help will make me taller, bugger.

So what made me decide to put myself forward for medical research? I wanted to give something back to society which doesn't mean me putting my hand in my pocket and donating money. I've put myself forward for advance medicine research which means they try out the drugs on me first (first human subject) before me these drugs would have been tested on animals so really not much of a step up trying them on me next (no funny comments please). Just think one day my name may be linked to a cure or wonder drug for something, instead of taking a "asprin" you could be putting a "kevlar" in your mouth. ooh eer misses. Anyway time will tell and will keep you informed when my research begins and how it goes.

By the way i am serious about the medical research i have signed up with medical centres in London and South Wales and have passed the medical screening as 100% fit.

As for the bar i've got some good ideas and bought new decor for outside but this i'm keeping a secret as i know spys read my blog and copy so you will see all when your on your hols in 2008.

So here's to a good 2008 and the start of my blog updates, hoorah, hoorah!