Sunday, 27 July 2008

As Nelly Furtardo would say "All good things come to an end" LOL

Well its been a strange old week after hitting my record high just over a week ago to a very quiet few nights but i was expecting this around this time of season the same as last season but still hitting targets and getting nice customers in but its all a bit later now sometimes after 11pm but can't really grumble. The restaurants around me are nearly empty most nights which is a real shame as these people have a few staff to pay and the owners are all really nice people but what can they do, the holidays are now very expensive and with the pound to the euro still bad it makes family holidays very difficult.

But on a happy note i now have a tan and its only taken me 3 months WOOHOO!

Thursday, 17 July 2008

"Dedications what you need, if you want to be a record breaker, ooohh yeeeaaahhh!"

Well July has shocked me with how well its turned out so far, had 9 quiet days from the 5th-13th but then it went mental.

On tues 15th july i broke the bars record since i opened in 2007 and blitz the previous record by 80 euro and last night just missed the record again by 20 euro but as the saying goes "all good things come to an end" as i lost 16 regular customers today in one go so lets see what change over brings.

Still bloody hot and my air conditioning is working like a NHS nurse, bloody hard but for little money LOL

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Wow its hot!

Well its around 34-36 deg nearly everyday at the moment and bloody hot at night. Thats not the worst of it come wed next week its hitting its peak in a mini heatwave, as The Sun would say if this was in britain "Phew! What a scorcher" LOL

Well lets see, in the first 2 months i've taken the same as what i did by the end of august last year and remember i didn't open properly till the beginning of june so i'm over the moon with the way the bar is going but this month has died off but still hitting double target so can't complain. Lots of factors for this what with prices of holidays, pound to euro and Kalamaki seeing a rise of at least 40% of 18-30's being alocated here who just buy drinks and snacks from supermarket then taxi it to Laganas, why? cause the tour companies are locating them in properties they get cheaper to gain more money but they are not helping tourism. These hotels are family hotels and if families have to be in a hotel with 18-30's they will then never go back there or post negative reviews that will either kill off the hotel or change it just completely to 18-30's.

I can see around me that restaurants and supermarkets are suffering, the owners who are my friends tell me their trade is terrible and worried for how the season goes all because of corporate thugs lining their own pockets and to hell with the local trade. Original Kalamaki is not a place for these tour companies to place 18-30's, its a peaceful area but now its getting big groups of guys and girls all loud and drunk making their way to and from Lagana, lets hope this trend changes once high season kicks in or the local trade will really suffer.

So i hear you cry "What have you been up to kevlar" well not much to be honest, the bar has been so busy that everyday i'm out and about sorting out the bar ready for the night. My water pump for the bar caught on fire thursday night which was very exciting so had to replace a part on it friday while in direct sunlight and 36deg heat, talk about turning on a body tap, i was drenched by the time i'd finished but a great way to lose weight LOL

Still going to the gym every morning at 10am, not that you would notice but in typical greek style, they have air con on, ceiling fans on but the front and side door wide open with a hot breeze blowing through, even though i spend an hour in there 30 mins of it must be just sat on machines trying to find which is the coolest one to use (i don't mean the most trendy one) but its keeping me fit for all the running about in the bar at night.

My shopping list has changed for anyone coming out to visit, it is no longer "frosted shreddies" there is a new king of cereal in town and his name is "fruit & fibre" couldn't get enough of it at home and can't get any out here so here is my plea:-

"Kevin is 39 & 3/4, this little welshman is in desperate need of your help. On the island of zakynthos he waits for someone to save him from the desert of cereals, to weak to tie up shoe laces, to lazy to mop his apartment floor but with your help little Kevin could once again wear shoes with laces and be able to walk bare foot in his apartment. With just the purchase of one box of fruit and fibre you could help Kevin get back to a normal way of life and put a smile on his ugly little face. When your buying your cereal at the supermarket spare a thought for Kevin, every box helps, we thank you." LOL