Monday, 10 September 2018

Dear Diary.....7th Sept 2018

Dear Diary.....7th Sept 2018

YAAAAAAHOOOOOOOO! July and August are gone, thank ..........

Diary its good to have September here.

Not sure what i got to tell you this entry as you know i don't do much in July and August as to hot but now its starting to cool down i can get back to the pool and out and about.

Well i can tell you the first 6 days of Sept have been crazy busy, 40 capacity and 10 emergency chairs out every night so far. 
Every customer this season have been so nice and returned at least once after first visit which is amazing. Never had that before in the past 11 years so thank you one and all for your custom, your all very kind to return.

Been looking for new beers and drinks for next season as you know i don't like to run the same old same old like the other bars, this year it was Levante Craft Beers. I have found one new lager, Motorhead lager called "Bastards". Now then, I'm not a lager drinker but it does taste very good but a bit too gassy for me. Unfortunately at cost price it's €3.40 so there is no way i can sell it in the bar as i like to sell most of my drinks at the €3-4 mark. Shame as there is also Iron Maiden Trooper beer and AC/DC cider but all to expensive at cost price.

Every Saturday all season i have closed the bar at 1am, last drinks at midnight. Customers say "Good for you, you deserve it". Well after all i do work 172 days straight through alone so i don't think its wrong of me to close a little earlier for just one night so i can go in to Zakynthos town for a couple of drinks just to chill out. I just go to my favourite bar, order 2 drinks and sit there relaxing and chatting to my partner via text, a sort of phone date night, her with a cup of tea at home in the UK me with a large Alpha Weiss and a Jack Daniels chaser. Just the 2 drinks, i have a bike to ride home don't forget.

Cheers to everyone on a Saturday night.

Diary, by day I'm a humble bystander, by night I'm a hard working bar owner but now in the early hours of the morning i become "The Enforcer". Just one slight problem there's never anyone around, they're all in bed. My super hero stint lasted just 2 minutes while i had this pic taken. Not worth my time riding around waiting for crime to happen using up my petrol, also i never had a childhood trauma which all superheros have had and why should i help people without getting credit for it. Mortal Super Heroes really are idiots. How did Bruce Wayne ever survive. He had a multi million pound industry to run during day, Crime fighting all night, when did he sleep? Not just that when did he poop? Never in a film did you see him walking in to a 24 hour Starbucks to use the bathroom. Waste of time.

Please explain to me why i have now been stopped 3 times by the police on my bike when i don't speed, i always wear my crash helmet, all my paperwork is correct and bike is taxed and insured.
Just look at this car and this isn't even close to the worst I've seen driving around. How is this car even allowed to go around without being stopped? This year at 11am going along the port road past the police station i saw a car with no front bumper, no front wings, no grill and no bonnet. How? How can someone think that its OK to drive a car like that and not get stopped? Then it was made clear to me. Its easier for the police to stop someone with everything correct and not have to write out paperwork than to stop someone which would need paperwork written out for. Utter utter madness.

The Internet, isn't it amazing. Everything is instant and up to date to the very second.
I was shown what you will see on Google street view if you look up Oceanic.

That is from 2011, Only 7 years out of date, also the whole resort is closed due to it being taken in the winter. If you were looking at Kalamaki on Google street view thinking of booking it you would honestly think it was a abandoned resort. Isn't modern up to the minute technology great lol.

My musical entry for this update is now a fav of mine this season. Please excuse the cheese-tastic american video, it really is awful but the song is very good i think.

Shinedown - Second Chance

And finally a couple who had last visited the resort in 1985 on their honeymoon showed me this season a picture of where they stayed in that year. Can you guess where it is? Answer on my next Diary entry.

Serve All, Love All, Peace All, Kevlar Out!