Wednesday, 20 August 2008

The story has to be told!

As i've been sat under my air conditioning with a nice bowl of fruit & fibre I've been thinking back over my life and realised that i have had some crazy, exciting, funny and obscure things happen from when i have worked abroad so i have started writting my autobiography, the working title is "A simple mans life", may have to rethink that as simple means plain/basic or it can mean thick, doppy, idiot (the latter of the 2 may be more appropriate) LOL.

As i am a intellectual in the fine art of reading autobiographies i thought i'd give it a go. Its going very well as you have already been told i have the title and i have written a thank you to my mum as all good writers do at the beginning of the book and thats it so far, not bad for a months writting, i think i've hit that wall called "writers block" but i'm sure it will start flowing through my fingertips very shortly and i will have the name of the first chapter in no time.

Watch out Gordon Ramsey, Gazza and Slash (guns n' roses axe man) i'm heading for number 1 in the best sellers list and the biggest prize of all Richard & Judy's book club award LOL.

Monday, 11 August 2008

The Oceanic Picture Gallery

I've been thinking about all the customers who have had their picture taken in my bar and that i myself haven't taken any of them, so i have decided to start a rogues.....sorry customers picture gallery. If you have had your picture taken in my bar or with me please could you e-mail your pictures to then i will post them on a seperate blog with a link from this one, best pics will recieve a free drink on their next visit to the bar.

Happy snapping!

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Its crazy heat time!

OH MY GOD! the heat now out here is between 38-42 deg and all i can do is sit under me air con all day, but its ok i got september and october to get to the pool, woohoo!

Even at work just standing still (when i get the odd second) i'm sweating more than a doughnut at a weight watchers meeting. The cocktails seem to be the main seller in the bar this year what with me giving the best "sex on the beach" and the most amazing "Screaming Orgasm's" So the custoimers tell me (these are cocktails) LOL.
Whats my secret? I take time and care in getting it ready before delivering the final perfect touch (yes i'm still talking about the cocktails).
Anywhoo the bars still going very well and all i can do is thank my lovely customers who fill it out every night, so thanks to you all and i will see a few of you again before the end of the season.

Keep it real. don't stress, chill out and keep the dream alive, love peace and Oceanic forever!

Saturday, 2 August 2008

What a strange few days that was!

Well it seems all the resort had a dip in those few days, been speaking to my friends who own bars and restaurants on old road and the new strip and everyone said exactly the same.
The bar has been back to its normal self the past 3 nights with every seat full and Derek and Veronica at The Lighthouse Restaurant (best restaurant for english food and breakfasts by far) helping out with the lend of their chairs when i run out.

A few days ago i had my crash helmet stolen off my bike from the car park under my apartment, this is the first time in 8 years i've had anything stolen and my crash helmet has been left on the back of my bike for the past 3 years every night but i would like to thank whoever stole it as i wanted to buy a new helmet but wouldn't as i already had one so due to this wonderful person i now have the crash helmet i've always wanted, its so cool its like a fighter pilots helmet, Me-"Zebra Papa this is Kilo Papa, permission to ride like a bat out of hell, over!"
All i need now is a wing man to fend off the taxis LOL