Monday, 14 January 2019

You shall be missed

Its been a while since my last update as i wanted to pay tribute to 2 regular customers before i did a blog update.
I thought it would be insensitive of me to post the tribute before Christmas as its a hard time for anyone in the first year of losing anyone but losing someone so close to Christmas must be terrible.

On 13th November i received an email From Steve with regards to his wife Jan to inform me that his wonderful wife had passed away.
6 days later i received another email from Melanie with regards to her husband Paul informing me that he had also passed away.
Both were such sad news to me as i had got on well with Jan & Paul and always had a good time around them with a laugh and a joke and just genuine lovely people. No.....and excuse the language here but No bullshit, what you saw is who they were, no fake front about them trying to be people they weren't and such wonderful people they were too.

Paul had become ill while on holiday at the end of the season and went to the doctors when Paul and Melanie got home. Paul was diagnosed with cancer and 51 days later he passed away. I could not imagine what that must be like.
Paul was such a laid back gentle giant of a guy and was always fun loving and great to converse with. I was in awe of Paul and Melanie as they had a canal boat, that i found amazing and would always talk to them about it. They even invited me to stay anytime i liked which was so kind. I never ever saw Paul miserable or moody he was always sat there with a smile and loved a joke. Such a shock.

Jan will be a total inspiration to me for the rest of my life. What illnesses this woman had battled against for so long if i told you you wouldn't believe me. When Steve and Jan told me Jan's story it shocked me as Jan looked so good, happy and always upbeat. She did love her Highway to Hell cocktails. How Jan , Steve and their family coped was truly amazing. Such great people and took it all in their stride, you have to be a real strong person to do that and that's why it will inspire me in the future.

You know, i may only see my customers maybe once or twice a year but some you just take to and feel so happy and glad to see them when they walk in to Oceanic. Paul and Jan would always be welcomed with open arms and they would put a smile on my face any night they came in an joined me.

They were the type of people that i think would prefer a celebration of their life than the sadness of their passing but it did sadden me greatly reading both the emails when i received them.
So i will celebrate the both of them Paul and Jan, i will raise a Highway to Hell to you Jan and a G&T to you Paul in the Oceanic before i open to the first customer of 2019 and will not dwell on the fact i will never see you again in the bar but will remember the joyous times we had when you were here instead.

You were both a pleasure to have in my bar and i feel honoured you enjoyed your time in there.

I shall miss you both but i will never forget you either.

My thoughts and prayers go out to both families. They were both genuinely lovely, great people.