Thursday, 16 February 2012

My monthly rant and the usual stupid stuff!

So its that time of the month, no women not that time, well maybe, as its Kev's rant of the Month.

Rant 1/ I was angered this week by an over weight gentleman from Wales who thought it was unfair that he had to pay for surgery for him to lose weight and not be able to get the operation done on the NHS. Now then, he was 50 stone which is over weight in any ones book, he didn't have a medical problem that caused this weight gain, he actually ate himself up to that weight. So from what i read in the papers and the documentary that i saw its his own fault for eating so much food, in which cause i think the NHS was right to not let him get surgery, he created the problem, he sorts out the problem.

Rant 2/ Whitney Houston, an amazing artist with a truly wonderful voice last real hit 1999. Whitney Houston, Drug abuser, used everything including crack cocaine, overdosed, move on.

Rant 3/ I'm very well mannered and was brought up to respect my elders. I let pensioners on public transport before me even if i was first, i give up my seat for them on public transport and if they have just a handful of items at the checkout desk and i have a trolley i let them go first. NOW, i was in a coffee shop and a elderly lady was getting 2 coffees and 2 cakes, she went to pay with card and was just about to enter the pin when an even older friend joined her and said "I'll pay" so i had to wait for the younger one to take her card back and then the older friend took ages to find her card. At this point she turned to me and said "Sorry about this" to which i replied "That's no problem, I'm not in a rush, your OK, take your time", she then came out with in a serious voice and a face of thunder "Well it shouldn't be a problem, I'm allowed to take my time, I'm old". That was it, my fuse was lit and i was about to go off like a huge firework. I was being genuine and polite as i knew she was over 65 and she then played the age card, AAgggghhh! My mouth opened and it couldn't stop, "Age shouldn't make a difference, my mum is 73 and still very fit and quick. You can be old and still be active so that's no excuse". Did i feel bad, NAH!

And that's my rant of the month!

As you know i have a great hate for Sandals and Socks, WHY? Sandals, Socks and Speedos GOD WHY? But in a place called Tumble thats near where i live (mentioned in previous posts) they now have the winter collection designed by Dai Bumpkin.

Mr Giovanni Carbonara and the summer collection. It seems he's found a new way of cultivating cucumbers

And for you true dedicated followers of fashion to go with your summer look there's now a winter look, shorts and Welly Boots. It was absolutely freezing and raining the day i took this pic.

Whats that i hear, a knock at the door, who could it be? Its Alexander Meerkat. Well what a lovely surprise. He told me he had watched me on Winter Wipeout and said i was crap and thinks i need accident insurance, simplze!

Unfortunately for Alexander i was just about to cook some silverside beef and have never tried meerkat, serves him right for taking the mick out of my Winter Wipeout Qualifier run, lets see how simplze it is for him to get out.

I've had a few Autobiographies for Christmas, so each month i will be giving you my book of the month just in case your looking for that holiday read. This months book is "Happy slapped by a Jellyfish" by Karl Pilkington. Its my read when I'm on the train. The people must think I'm the loony on the train as I've been laughing out loud when reading it.

I know where i used to live Carmarthen is a bit behind the times but i was shocked yesterday when i saw Nazi's walking down the straight. I thought they're either A/ Got a time machine B/ Very stupid or C/ Going to a party held by Prince Harry. Don't worry folks it was none of those as i then saw them goose step in to a theatre and saw a sign above it "The Sound of Music". Phew, they were lucky, the locals were about to get their pitchforks out LOL

OK so I've been asked a few questions about Winter Wipeout so i will now answer them.

1/ What was the hand shaking all about? As you can see from the pic this is the classic world known mime for "The Cocktail shaker" its what most idiots do to represent they are shaking a cocktail but without having an actual cocktail shaker. Its along the lines of the mime for a cup of tea which is an imaginary cup being tipped to your mouth.

2/ Why didn't you lift yourself over the bar you stupid tit? Well, i dodged the first side of the bar and lost balance while i was counting how many was left standing. I forgot the other side of the bar and was off centre when it came round so my feet weren't planted properly to push off, hence the look of fear in my eyes haha.

3/ It looked like it hurt, how hard did it hit you? Well it hit at chest height at a high speed as they can slow down and speed up the arm. As i came round it sped up and hit me in the chest, i held on hoping i could slide over but it got to my gentleman vegetables as you can see from the pic and that was enough for anyone to lose their grip. So yes it did hurt.

4/ Whats with that shocking haircut? If you look at picture 1 i have a little Mohican style haircut and that was at the start of the day. This pic is straight after i had been on Ski Lift with a crash helmet on, hit a numerous amount of times by a speeding red bar and then flung in to the water, how do you expect my hair to look? LOL

So thats the update for this week but i have very exciting news about the Oceanic, i can't show you just yet but there is major building work going on at the bar at the moment and should be finished within the next few days which will also lead to all brand new decor when i get out there at the end of March but the concept is staying exactly the same, No TV's, No Loud Music, No Entertainment, No Stress, No Hassle just a true chill out bar.

So until my next update in a fortnight its Adios Amigos!