Friday, 5 December 2008

And so the medical research begins!

Well i'm in for my medical research and only a day in to it and i've had more needles than a porcupine and more blood extracted than Dracula after a hunger strike. Saying that its all cool, can have my mobile on, got my laptop here with wifi, sky, 3 meals a day but no breakfast.

Down side, can drink water only, sticky pads left on me all day for constant heart and blood pressure monitoring, plastic cover under my sheet on mattress which makes so much noise its like i'm wearing a carrier bag (i'm 40 not 5), And i have to pee in to a bottle every time i go apart from first thing in the morning which is a good job as my aim ain't that good at 7am.

I suppose its like a holiday camp but with needles, blood, pee and nurses in blue tunics instead of red coats. So more like the holiday camp in "friday the 13th"

Update on day 7.

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