Friday, 14 November 2014

WINTER SEASON 8, EPISODE 1 "The long wet winter"

Yes I am alive, yes its been weeks since my last update and no I haven't forgotten about you.

The reason for such a long period of silence is due to me leaving both my laptops on the rock. Well in the winter apart from my updates, Ebay and after December answering questions on Tripadvisor I don't really use the laptop but I do miss it for my updates, IDIOT!

So this is now being typed from a gaming shop in Swansea called "Crossfire". I'm surrounded by geeks. No I don't mean they're sat around me watching me type this, there are about 16 computers here most for online gaming, you know what I mean "Wizards sleeves and Wands", "Dungeons and Dominatrix" those types of games. So I must be classed as the weird one as I'm the only one not playing an online game.

Well I landed back in the UK earlier than I had told everyone to keep it a secret from Helen so she had a nice surprise when I arrived home early. It was so nice to arrive home to be met with a great big hug and a grin from ear to ear, always love that moment.
When I left the UK the weather was grey and miserable, when I landed back in the UK the weather was grey and miserable, ah well, some things never change.

Bar chat first as always, I will keep this very short, BEST SEASON OF MY 8 YEARS. I'm in shock to be honest as every year I think it can't get any better.
So to every single one of you that have helped with making 2014 my best ever season I thank you so so much and don't know how I can every really show how much I appreciate all your custom. I know, you can all have a drink on me (Virtual Drink), CHEERS!

Also have to say a huge thank you my best buddy Tasos. He was always there for me when I needed help or fancied a chat and a laugh but I do have to say something, Tas, get Demi to teach you how to make my perfect frappe, they are soooooooooooooooo good, Demi teach him through the winter if you wouldn't mind, LOL.

At the end of this season I decided to move from the lovely house in Bochali. It was a hard decision to make but in July and August it was a complete nightmare getting through town to work in the afternoon, when you finish at 4-5am some mornings that 15 min ride home was a killer and the house was constantly damp which was never good but in saying all that I loved it up there but needed somewhere closer to Kalamaki.

This is would be my add for the new place of abode:-

WANTED:- Home for a short ass Welshman. House trained and self sufficient. Can be left for months without any supervision. Needs plenty of indoor and outdoor space due to poor vision. Moulting not a problem as this is the lesser haired breed of the short ass Welshman. Ideal for a quiet household but prefers to be left alone. Viewings of this rare breed are by appointment only.

Think that says it all!

So the finale of "The Mad Axeman". Being as I may never be up near this house again I thought it was time to send Kevin the Minion in to the house. We set up our plan and executed it with precision. Kevin went in first. An all clear sound was agreed, that of a Partridge, no, not of the bird but of Alan. We went with "Dan! Dan! Dan! Dan! Dan! Dan! Dan! Dan! Dan! Dan! Dan! Dan! Dan! Dan!" This way if the mad axeman was around he wouldn't know our names were Kevin.
The place was bare but there were signs of  evil all around the house, pairs of used socks and dirty y-fronts, leaves thrown over the floor to cover footprints, a metal spring mattress for electric shocks and remains of a fire where he most probably tortured marshmallows, how evil is this guy. Alas no signs of the devil himself, DAMN! He escaped our grasp little Kev. There will be another day, we shall find you.

Kevin making the first move.

Myself keeping a look out while Kevin does the scouting ( Not Ging Gang Goolie scouting)

The fire where many a marshmallow were tortured.

Is this just an old mattress or a electrocution mattress?

After we found the premises to be empty and with no real clues we headed off. Its the start of the olive picking season, on nearly every road the picking had started. Kevin decided to give a hand and help a grey haired old lady. After 5 olives (no not trees, olives) Kevin decided to give up as it was back breaking work and wished the lady "Good luck, you need it",

Kevin's last holiday snap over looking Tsilivi. He is such a tourist.

When we arrived home the house was being invaded by a giant Praying Mantis. Run for the hills. He was battering on the door, ripping, the windows off, throwing the garden furniture all over the patio. KEVINNNNN!

Kevin the brave warrior went in to battle. He punched, he kicked, he slapped but nothing would stop the beast. He blew a raspberry and in one fatal blow of his tongue the monster flipped over on to his back and was dead. Must have been his bad breath.

Now Kevin is about to become a world wide movie star and I think I got the rights to part of his earnings. There is a Minions Movie to be released in 2015 and its about my little buddy, Kevin.

Here is his trailer:-

Do you think they've been reading my blog? Its about Kevin, Its about his adventures and its set in 1968, MY BIRTHDAY! I feel a court case coming on.

So its back to the normal life of coffee's in Costas (other coffee shops are available), wet days stuck in, rubbish TV and lots of walking. So far since I arrived back home I've found it very difficult to stay indoors. As soon as I'm awake I'm up and out due to the threat of Jeremy Kyle. Even if its raining I try to get out for a walk for about an hour or two. I think I may have Domatophobia (no I didn't make the word up).

I would also like to introduce you to some of my friends I have coffee mornings with at a local farm shop.
Mr Peacock and a grumpy flat faced sheep called "Roger". He is the weirdest looking sheep I've ever met and doesn't say much. Any thing I say to him he thinks I'm just talking nonsense as all he ever says is "BBBBAAAAAaaaaaaaaaa" , how rude!

It is nice to be home as home is where the heart is but boy am I bored already without running around like a headless chicken in a manic bar going 100 miles an hour, if anyone wants to hire a short ass Welshman for a private function to run their bar at a social event in their home then I'm available from Nov to April LOL.
I haven't got much to add so far as I haven't done anything , so sorry folks but hopefully within the next 2 weeks it will be all kicking off and have loads to fill you in on. Even this little update took me 2 hours just trying to remember the end of season and the geeks have started to get excited on their games so think its time to leave LOL
So I'm afraid that's it my lovely blog followers.
Until the next update.
Serve All, Love All, Peace All, Kevlar Out!