Friday, 15 February 2013

Dear Vatican, I'd like to apply for the vacant position of Pope.

Has a week gone by already, blimey. Doesn't time fly when your stuck in a house cause the weather outside is wet as a fishes wet bits.
My dear friends and blog readers, i have a truly mammoth task ahead of me with these cocktails. So far the alcoholic rice paper flying saucers with sherbet are a no go, the rice paper made is that delicate that as soon as you add just a single droplet of alcohol it sinks and dissolves. Now i have started on the sweet shop cocktails but its not as simple as just throwing it in a shaker and there we go, oh no, its the measurements first, then its deciding what mixer is better milk, juice, fizzy and after all that you have to make sure none of the spirits and other flavours from mixers detract from what the drink is actually meant to taste of such as Palma violet, Rhubarb and Custard etc. Its difficult and the worst thing is i don't even like cocktails but i just seem to know mixes that work together. So i will struggle on, Hic! Going to try this weekend to make from scratch cocktail marshmallows. If you've visited Oceanic before you will know that i was the first person to mix alcohol with Haribo sweets, Vodka gummy bears, Bacardi cola bottles, Malibu gummy dummies, Gin jelly babies and Archers peach snap alphabet but this is now old hat and Lagana have started to copy the idea so this is why its time for me to move on to new sweety extremes LOL.
Here are my sample of sweets to try to get the flavours, I've gained 6lbs LOL
Soon there will be a new element to add to the Oceanic family, can't say anything on this as yet as its still in development. We have the bar itself, we have the blog, we have the website, we'll soon have the online shop and then the new element. Watch this space folks.
Talking of online shops i have a few more designs for you to browse over, these are from the vinyl collection which there are 12 to choose from.

So there you have 4 of the designs, next week i will show you the last of the collection which are the "performing" collection. Last season i think in the end Spiro had printed well over 250 t-shirts for my customers (can't remember exact amount) so this season i think Spiro may have his work cut out what with having 4 designs to choose from, poor guy LOL.
My world watched actor nephew Leighton Kyle has been a busy busy bee at the Cardiff Motorpoint Arena with lots of concerts and shows. He's met such mammoth stars as The Undertaker, Simon Le Bon, Brandon Flowers,  Rylan of X Factor and The Tweenies. Only just this week Rylan was looking at the t-shirt he had on which was an Oceanic Rock Legend t-shirt. Rylan wanted to buy it but Leighton refused. I think i would have also, wouldn't want Rylan seeing my naked chest, bit creepy he be, yyyeeessSSSS!
This week the Pope has resigned due to ill health, this could be my ultimate job, Pope! With me being a man of the cloth, oh didn't some of you know, I'm also a Reverend. So I've decided to through my hat in to the ring. Why not eh. Lets look at the facts here. They usually employ a guy who is past retirement age, can't get around very well and no sense of humour. Its time for a change, I'm young so could be Pope for at least 30 years, I'm very active as those of you know who have seen me run across the shop or on Winter Wipeout and i have a great sense of humour, well, a sarcastic humour. Lets get the Vatican rocking and get that hat on Rock Pope Kev the first. Will have to go to the local church and see if they got a papal hat for me to try on, white does suit me, not sure about the purple though ha ha. Even if i don't get the position now they can keep my details on file for when i'm 70.
So what I've decided to do each week now is give you a video of a song from years gone by and a childhood show that i used to watch. The reason for this is that i had a great response after the videos i posted last week. This weeks show and song may be a bit obscure but they are very vivid in my mind but then again i got nothing else in this empty shell head of mine LOL
This was a kids show on ITV at lunchtime called "Animal Kwackers". I think this is what warped my mind LOL. It sort of looked like a crap version of Banana Splits but it frightened the b'jesus out of me. The Banana Splits used to sing their own songs but Animal Kwackers used to do cover versions.
When i was a kid i used to love "Kojak" watched it all the time, "who loves yah baby". But i always remember the Song Telly Savalas released "If", This song is originally by the band Bread but good old Telly released it in 1975 and it got to number 1, yes you did read that right NUMBER 1! Ah, they don't make them like this anymore, THANK GOD!
There hasn't been much going on this week in the world of news apart from the Pope resigning. How come when he resigns we get 6 pages about it in the newspapers and 3 days of coverage but up until this point we hadn't even had a side column about him.
Horsemeat has been found in almost anything that contains minced meat, burgers, lasagne, shepherds pie etc etc. Whats all the fuss about. There has been no major outbreaks of illness reported by hospitals of food poisoning through mince meat over the past few years, if people hadn't had it brought to their attention they'd still be eating the products today without even knowing the difference. The main problem is the meat suppliers lies. I used to visit France quite alot and on one occasion ordered a meat stew while in a restaurant in St. Malo. It tasted so good as i like all types of meat. After finishing the bowl of stew i asked the waiter what meats were in the stew he replied "Horse Penis". He wasn't joking, the french don't have a sense of humour. It did stun me for about a second, it tasted fine, i wasn't ill after it so i didn't have a problem with it. Before anyone asks "couldn't you tell what it was?" no i couldn't cause the meat was diced LOL.
Kate and Wills have been in an Italian magazine with photos again of them on the beach and the Royals say its an invasion of privacy. Now then, they were on a public beach, with other tourist, so it wasn't private. Blimey, if i took everyone to court over pictures being taken of me in my budgie smugglers while on the beach in Zakynthos I'd be a rich man. No, make that a poor man, no one takes pictures of me LOL.
A cruise ship was towed in to dock at Alabama, the ship had overflowing toilets, food shortages, and foul odours the 4,200 passengers were furious. This is why i would never go on a cruise. Once your out at sea that's it, your stuck with it. In a hotel the handyman would come along, plunge your bog, job done.
News this week that Dancing on Ice ratings have plummeted. Bring back Holly Willabooby, that's the only reason ratings were higher before. Oh, by the way, this winter you can watch me skating at Swansea Winter Wonderland.
Well that's not a bad little update considering i haven't been able to get out this week but at least it keeps you going with something to read. Sun has just come out so its time to get out on my motorbike, woohoo!

Thursday, 7 February 2013

A weeks gone by so lets look at whats gone on!

Its that time of the week where i give you an update of my wonderful week and look over events that have happened around the world.
This week I've been starting to work on the new designs for the Oceanic Rock Legend Collection t-shirts. I now have 4 designs in all with over 40 different ones to choose from. So here for the first time is a preview of one of the collections for the 2013 season. Also to run along side with the season i will be opening an online store so the t-shirts can also be purchased online. My very good friend Spiro from Print Maniac is going in to business with me on the website. I will be building the website and then Spiro will do all the printing and posting from Zakynthos. I've had so many people ask for the t-shirts who don't visit the island i decided to make the online store.
This is Spiro's shops website:-
The new Oceanic Rock Legend Collection logo which will also be the new sign for the bar but instead of the "Rock Legend Collection" it will be replaced with "Chill Out Bar".

A few of the "Quote Collection" designs.

So that's just a sneaky peak at this years must have t-shirt LOL.

Thank you all so much for the sweet shop cocktails you'd like to see on the Oceanic menu. Now I'm not saying all will get on it as the drinks need to taste exactly like the sweets or i won't allow them on, so not all will be able to be made but I've bought all the sweets mentioned and will start to perfect the recipes over the next 3 months. If you arrive at Oceanic and I'm the size of an American who just loves their fast food its all your fault through all the sweets and cocktails ha ha.
I'm now thinking about ideas for the bar so much that i can't sleep at night. As I'm laid in bed my minds racing and i have to get up to either design something or search online for my idea, just last night i had the Dave Grohl Quote t-shirt so had to get up to design it so i wouldn't forget. My mind is going, i forget the simplest of things these days, its the age LOL. What was i saying again?

Oh yes ideas for the bar. I am also developing alcoholic rice paper flying saucers with sherbet centre and cocktail marshmallows. Both these i will be making from scratch, this is really going to be trial and error. The rice paper for the saucers will take 48hrs to produce but hey i got time on my hands before i go back to Zakynthos. These will be sold by the bag and you'll get 5 pieces of mallow or 5 saucers in each bag. I can see the kitchen is going to get trashed.

What else has been happening in the world this week.

Delia smith has said she is quiting TV. Hang on, don't you have to actually to be on TV before you can quit it?

Figures came out on what bands were getting to reform and tour, Steps £5m, Happy Mondays £750,00, now can you see what i mean about the music industry being a farce.

Gazza needs help with drink and its been said the FA should help. I myself dont see why they should but perhaps his ex-wife should dip in to her millions that she robbed off him after the divorce.

Harvey Nichols unveils Spice Girls cocktails. Talk about missing the band wagon, I think Harvey Nichols are 17 years behind the times.

David Beckham is now playing football in Paris. Posh said "David is delighted with my idea and will do as i say."  Mrs Beckham + Clothing Range = Paris.

Mario Balotelli refused to answer questions from a sun journalist in Italy. Wish more people would stop talking to the Sun gutter press.

Wales lost to Ireland in the 6 nations. Told you they'd be crap.

England beat Brazil in a friendly, Roy says "We can beat any team in the world". It was a friendly, tackles are never full blooded in case of injury and friendlies mean nothing. I can see Roy setting himself up for a big fall.

Wales beat Austria in a friendly. Lord above, miracles do happen, we've actually won a game! but then again it was a friendly.

After the mid week internationals FIFA have decided to enforce a ruling of "No Tackling" to take immediate effect after this most dangerous and brutal tackle left the player deaf he was tackled that hard.

To back up their ruling they watched many hours of high standard football. This also included Londons Mayor Boris Johnson. This tipped the scale after seeing such a high class player commit an obscene and violent tackle. (No Sound but its fun making up your own)

The IRB (International Rugby Board) have gone the opposite way and told their players they must tackle harder to make the game more realistic unlike football. (No Sound but its fun making up your own)

Every now and again a band come along with a song that makes the hairs stand up on my arms and gives me a adrenalin rush. I have to be honest that these days the charts and its music is as a good as paper umbrella in a monsoon. Do you really think Rhianna would get as high as she does in the charts if she didn't get her puppies and butt out? And whats with all these singers joining together? Aren't they strong enough artists to release a single on their own? And at No.1 this week is "Oh, yo, yo, come all yo faithful" by JE-SUS feat. By.God with Lil Donkey.
I know we all have different tastes but come on, is singing to a backing track with voice auto changer real music? Is a computer generated "Thud, Thud, Thud" someone being a real artist?

But I'm rambling on, so here is the song that is on loop on my music player at the moment. The band are called Imagine Dragons and the song is "Radioactive". I like it anyway and this is my blog, SO THERE! LOL

If you look very closely the fighting den boss in the video is Ritchie Valens of La Bamba fame.

If your in to music then watch "The great album showdown with Danny Baker" on BBC4 Thursday nights at 9pm or if you miss it catch up with it on BBC iplayer. Really good programme and i don't even like Danny Baker.
Well my fine friends and blog readers that's it for this week. Lets hope i get some sleep over the next 7 days or next weeks blog may be full of blah,blah,blah, blabbering crap and nonsense rambling.
Oh, that just sounds like most weeks. So i'll leave you with last weeks stats of how many readers i had visit my blog after the update and where they are in the world, not bad for a little bar on a little island.
United Kingdom

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Wow, that's a new one, 3 from Indonesia, well Heeelllloooooooo to you! LOL