Monday, 17 September 2007

Why bother going on holiday

Whenever i go on holiday ( not very often) i like to visit the places of interest, taste the local cuisine and enjoy the countries culture.

So why do people go on holiday just to sit in front of a tv watching any sport all day, soaps and any british tv?
Think how much money you can save, here's your DIY guide to holidaying abroad at home.

1/ Attach your tv to the wall at least 10 feet off the ground so your neck hurts from looking up for hours on end.

2/Don't speak to your partner just in case you miss the vital plot line of your favourite soap e.g. "oh no wellard's been kidnapped"

3/Pour some pop over your living room table and leave for 24 hours in the sun to get that tacky surface bar effect.

4/Guys make sure the ladies get your drink when you've finshed your first one as getting your own beer while footballs on may make you miss a footballer picking his nose.

5/Make sure you have no sunlight on your body while watching the tv after all you don't go abroad to sit in the sun.

Wow i wish i could spend 600 pound for a week for 2 to sit in bar watching tv all day which i get for 42 pound a month back home LOL.

I do admit i watch liverpool and wales rugby when they're on but thats maybe 2 or 3 games in a month.

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Sorry i'm late!

Hi folks and welcome to the next install,emt of "Oceanic-the bar that doesn't exist".

Well i've been a very lazy sod and resting most of the time as the bar has been pack jammed every night and not been able to have my first drink till 2.30am some days due to being that rushed but i love it. I had my first early close on change over day sunday (1.30am) but i really needed it to recharge the old batteries. I've been the last bar to close on the old road of kalamaki nearly all season sometimes even been the last bar to close in the whole of kalamaki but i wouldn't change a thing, all the customers i've had in have been so nice and i would stay open as long as they wanted me to, i've got some big thank you's to hand out but i'll do that at the end of the season also a awards presentation for some of my customers who read my blog.

Anywhooo i'm off to set up bar and i now have outdoor heaters so if your out late in the season don't worry you can still sit outdoors on the comfortable sofa's and enjoy the clear night sky instead of inside a smokey bar.

byeeee folks