Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Its winter blog time!

Well i've been home just over 2 weeks and god is this country cold. If i don't have my central heating on i have to share my bedroom with a polar bear and a penguin.

As a few of you know during the christmas period i'm one of santas little helpers, and just because i'm short that doesn't make me an elf, i'm refering to working at Toys R Us nightshift. I have to be honset with you i'm not that thrilled at the toys i have to play with, i mean work with this year. There are no toys that i can train as each night goes on to roll over, sit or wag its tail, also there are no toys this year that you can teach words (sorry to which ever child had the talking Elmo with swear words, i couldn't help myself). So for me this christmas its just work, work, work.

So far since i arrived back home i've visited 5 dog shelters to look for a poor dog that needs a loving home but as of yet not found the right one as none can hoover, wash dishes or cook a good stir fry so my search continues, i've watched crufts a few times and seen the utility dogs but i don't think they're trained that well as i've never seen one of them ever pay a utility bill.

So what do i do to apart from work and look for a dog during the cold winter months, well this winter i have a wii fit to keep me going, god i didn't know my body was that stiff but its getting better, on my first go it works out the age of your fitness and mine was 40 which isn't bad considering i'm 40 haha well done for working that out. You can choose which fitness instructor you would like, male or female i chose a female instructor not for me to perv over but there's something not right about 2 men alone in a room exercising and one of the guys saying "now bend over".

So now my winter blog is off and running you won't have to wait long for the next update to keep you going till the next season and chapter in the life of Oceanic.

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