Tuesday, 22 April 2008

I'm out of here!

Well my boxes are packed for shipping, my new sofas covered in bubble wrap ready to go and i'm gone 9.30am. I will be very honest with you the euro situation is very scarey, for tourists its less spending money on hols but not the end of the world, for business owners this has a huge effect, rent, products, and bills will all be the same costs as last year so it ups the amount of product you need to sell which then goes back to the holidaymaker having less money, its a vicious circle.

In saying that i have every confidence in my bar and the service i provide and i'm starting this season even, with first month rent paid from last season so its a good start i hope i can continue on but i know May is quiet so i can settle in during this time and review my decor.

Looking forward to see all my friends, regulars and newbies through the season.

Next update will be from Zakynthos, here i come WOOHOO!

Friday, 18 April 2008

My second season almost here!

Well its almost the start of the season and i'm so looking forward to it, if this season is even half as good as last season i'll be happy as my first season passed anything i imagined or had drawn up on paper mathematicly LOL

I had a call from a friend on the island saying there is still aftermath from the tornado and also Kalamaki is being dug up for a new sewage system and new footpaths so god knows what state my bar is in so i'm now leaving wed instead of friday as i just want to get there.

So, What does this season have in store, well i've got some new sofa's (wwooooooo!) and some new decor ideas. I don't have the money that the locals have to invest into a business but the more money you put in to a business the more you have to make before your in to clear profit. So i'm happy with the way my bar is and so are my lovely customers so not changing alot don't worry.
Lots of rumours and reports of new bars and bars changing their style but i'll do the same as i've done every season keep myself to myself concentrate on my business not what others are doing or copying and if i'm busy great but if i'm quiet i won't change a thing as i opened as "the only true chill out bar in Kalamaki" and i'm sticking to it, no special offers, no gimmicks, no neon signs, no tv's, no loud music just pure relaxation for anyone who wants it with original brand spirits, original draughts on tap and the lowest prices in the resort for these drinks.

I have many repeat customers and i'll welcome you all with open arms in advance now and also any new customers will be welcomed into my bar with a happy smile and made at ease istantly to relieve the pressures of everyday life back in the UK.

Here's to a good season 2008 no matter what happens and thank you all for your support.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

I'm a leaving on a jet plane!

Well folks i'm all booked up and ready to go, can't wait ETA on Zakynthos 6am 24/04/8 flying from Heathrow 16.35 23/04 via Athens. I love this journey get a overnight stay at athens airport and there is plenty to do there its like a mini holiday LOL.

There are a few more ideas i've got for the decor of the Oceanic but its staying true to its nickname "the only true chill out bar in Kalamaki" trying to make it even more chilled if thats possible. Not going to give anything away till its open but hopefully it will look amazing if i get it right, fingers crossed.

And as a bonus just before the season starts the Oceanic has been re-introduced to the Just Zante review section on its home page.

Friday, 11 April 2008

An apology to Just Zante website

I have just been told of a topic on Just Zante website about my bar which i have now read, so i will now give a open apology to Forum Admin of the site.

Last season i admit i did advertise my bar on Just Zante but it was only due to excitment and knowing many many members as friends and wanted to share the experience of opening a bar with the members. I had been a moderator on the site for 2 years and a member for 3 years.

My bar was on the review page to begin but i asked for it to be removed as the way the ratings worked at that time were unfair to every business as it did not go by customers ratings but by how many people had clicked on the bars review.

I did start 3 topics myself about how my bar was going but other members also started topics about my bar and i openly admit this was a case of overkill but wasn't set up to be direct advertising and the members meant no harm with these topics.

An admin was put in place who instantly took a dislike to the topics and myself, words were said behind the scenes and i was punished by being banned along with my bar not being allowed to be mentioned.

That admin now has no say on the site and hopefully my bar can be added to the review page as the bar itself didn't cause any problems as its just a building with a business in it but i do not wish for my ban to be lifted as i admit i was harsh in my comments to the old admin who now is just a member on the site.

So i apologies to the Forum Admin of Just Zante for any trouble i've caused to him, I admit that topics about my bar were over the top but that was just down to the excitement of having my own business for the first time, i apologies also for the comments i made to the Forum Admin due to my bar being descriminated against by the old admin.

I hope this clears up any questions members have asked and shows i am willing make ammends for my actions so i now leave it in the hands of Forum Admin on Just Zante as i can't do any more than i have.

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

The tests were a succes!

Well its been a week since my final medical and i'm 100% fit. The test was for a steroid skin cream, the only draw back i had was putting on 1/2 stone from the cream along with not being allowed to exercise and having to eat 4 times a day due to the test but as soon as i get back back in to the gym on Zakynthos i will soon lose it.

"So what was the test and labs like" i hear you say, well i took some pics for you.

This is what i was told my view from my bed would be

This is what i got

I was promised a wonderful modern ward

The reality was slightly disappointing

The description of the wonderful treatment was hard to resist

Some how it got lost in translation from the brochure

But after all that i think you can see that the test was well worth it with dramatic improvements



I would like to thank Simbec Research for such a good job and for making my stay comfortable and i would do it all again without any hesitation.