Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Seasons moanings to you all.

Well boo boo boo and very miserable Christmas to you all, hope you all got gifts you didn't want but were to polite to say anything. BAH HUMBUG!

Now i have passed on the joy and reality of Christmas to you all, how are we my lovely blog followers?

Only kidding. I do have to say though Christmas could be a bit shorter. WHO SAID "What, like you?". HOW DARE YOU! I heard the first Christmas song in a shop on 30th Oct. Really? 5 days would be plenty 23rd Dec till 27th Dec. That's all it needs to be, not 2 whole months.
I myself have been Santa's little helper once again this winter but it was a bit weird this year. The toy store i work in is closing in January for a complete refit so we had to get the store ready over night for the next shopping day but we couldn't put to much stock out but had to put stock out, does that make sense? They didn't want us to ram the store full as it all has to be packed away for refit but the store had to have stock on shelves to sell, along with that we were also starting to collapse down the store and this winter there was only 2 of us working through the night. In years gone by there were 6 of us on nights, now only 2 and still the same amount of product having to be replaced so i am a physically and mentally drained, so I'm glad its all over for another year.

Just a little rant about things I've seen over Christmas:-

"Black Friday Sale - finishes Tuesday" - How? How, how, how? How can a sale called "Black Friday" finish Tuesday, Ridiculous.

"January Sale Now On" - This was advertised on 22nd Dec. How can a January sale be in December? Idiots.

"Christmas happy hour all day" - It's not a bloody happy hour then is it if its all bloody day. Moron.

The best part of Christmas are the adverts and hands down the best this year was Lidl (other supermarkets are available) with Kevin the Carrot. Kevin has become a very popular name in recent years. So here is a history of famous Kevin's.

Kevin the Gerbil. Classy, sophisticated TV presenter who was always the better presenter compared to Roland Rat.

Kevin the Bird from Pixar's "UP". Colourful, outgoing Kevin stole every scene he was in.

Kevin the Minion, YAY! My twin. Handsome, funny, Glass wearer of the year, short, tuft of hair and looks mighty fine in a pair of dungarees

Kevin the Carrot, a plucky little adventurer whole stole the show over Christmas.

Kevin Costner.....................Kevin Costner.

Here is a little Quiz. Who is the odd one out.
Kevin the Gerbil, Kevin the Bird, Kevin the Minion, Kevin the Carrot or Kevin Costner?

Kevin Costner. He's had more failures than success where the others have never had any failures.

So we are almost at the end of 2016 and 2017 is almost here. Another year another season in the sun and another year older. I have some new ideas for Oceanic but not got it down to fine details yet as not all will fit in so need to tweak and fine tune it. Flights are sorted both ways already and do you remember this little adventure:-

Well guess what.........I'm doing it all again on May 17th when Depeche Mode are playing in Athens at the same place but this time i got Gold VIP tickets which i have had sent to me this time so i don't have to go through the hassle of collection and i'm surprised that they have already arrived, woooooooOOOOOOOOO! I am hoping not to be harassed, chased by dogs or sleep rough on metal stairs in 2 deg temps over night but you never know. I put myself in testing situations but i always come through them. Well.......lets see shall we.

So i haven't got much more to tell you as its just been work, sleep, work, sleep oh and eat but i needed to let you all know I'm still alive and now can have some time to myself after all i haven't really had any time to do things for myself since April and since being home had maybe 10 days off, so that's 10 days off out of 224 working days, i must be mad. Think i need a break don't you? Lets see where shall i go???????

In my next thrilling update i will be exhibiting my selfies as i have read up on how to take the perfect selfie and i have been taking some wherever i am so that will be a joy for you to behold.

So until my next update after new year..........

Serve All, Love All, Peace All, Kevlar Out!

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Kevlar for Mayor, Kevlar for Mayor!

Hello to one and and all. This is your future Mayor of Zakynthos reaching out to you.
With the help of you the local Zakynthians, Greeks, Albanians, ex-pats and tourists we can make Zakynthos great again. MAKE ZAKYNTHOS GREAT AGAIN!
I have a 10 point plan that will bring the glory years back to the island:-

1/ We will build a wall around Laganas, we won't be paying, Laganas and the 18-30 tour companies will be paying
2/ We will send the illegal 18-30's back to Laganas if they end up in the hotels of other resorts.
3/ Eastern European tourists will be banned from wearing budgie smugglers, crocs and bum bags as an outfit around the resort unless on the beach or by the pool, NOT ON OUR STREETS!
4/ Football tops will only be allowed to be worn when there is actually football being shown, this is not an everyday attire, other clothes do exist. 
5/ Tourist will be sent back to their respective countries if they say "Its boiling", "isn't it hot" , "can't believe on how hot it is" or "I like the heat but this is to hot" when they are holidaying in the months of July and August.
6/ The beaches where turtles lay their eggs will be fitted with travelators so the baby turtles will get to the sea quicker and more will survive.
7/ Bitters other than John Smiths shall be readily available in every shop and from every supplier.
8/ Live music will have to be exactly that, instruments and a singer, not a backing track and mic with so much reverb that even a cat being dragged through a bush by its tail backwards would sound good.
9/ Toilets will be allowed to accept toilet paper, bins will be a thing of the past, THESE ARE MODERN TIMES!
10/ People will not be allowed to say "I speak Greek" when all they know is Malaka and Skata. 

This is my 10 point plan to put Zakynthos at the forefront of tourism. WE WILL become a great island again, WE WILL see the island flourish again and WE WILL see a new Mayor for a new Zakytnhos in 2017. LET'S MAKE ZAKYNTHOS GREAT AGAIN!

Its not the craziest of ideas when you come to think of it these days. Brexit wasn't going to happen, it did. Donald trump was a joke and would never be President, he did. Sam Bailey was a frumpy housewife who would never win X factor, she did. Jedward were just eejits who couldn't sing or dance and would never have success, they did. 
Look at what could also happen now. Ed Balls could win strictly, Honey G (who?) could win X Factor, England could win the world cup, Prince Harry will have a DNA test and show he's Charles son. So why can't i become Mayor of Zakynthos. Miracles do happen if you wish hard enough, look at Trump. He must have wished long and real hard along with lining peoples pockets.

Thought I'd start off topical lol.

Well there you are, where you been? Oh yes, its me that's not updated in weeks, sorry my fault.
I would have updated allot more this season but when you have to go to a bar or coffee shop to use the net with music and chatter around me it makes it difficult to get my creative juices flowing. Even though i do enjoy not having the Internet at home and having to go out to use it it is a pain when i have to do my blog.

Well that's it, 10th anniversary year over, i opened with a whisper, no big party and closed with a sigh. I'm not one for bringing attention to the bar as the bar speaks for itself.

All the lovely comments I've had from customers this season who missed me last year, through no fault of my own i have to add, and this year more new customers than ever before given me very kind words of appreciation i can only thank you all for making this season so enjoyable and keeping me going through a very tough season. 
It has been for myself  a very difficult season. Sometimes i thought "Is it worth it? Is it worth all the stress?" and do you know what, when i see all the hundreds of customers enjoying themselves in Oceanic the answer is yes. There was also factors outside of the bar that were trying to make it very difficult for me this season but again i kept going and will keep on going. So here's to another 10 years of Oceanic Chill Out Bar.
Well, maybe not 10 years, my legs are getting shorter every season with all the running around LOL. 

Oceanic before I opened it in 2007

Oceanic in all its glory 10 years on.

What can i say about this season. Hard work, very hard work but thoroughly enjoyed it, i am very tired now, more tired than any season before and its just the right time to go back and see family and friends and a couple of Welsh rugby games. I have packed all the bar away for the winter and taken some things to my house as last year at some point during the season or in winter it looked like someone had tried to break in so this year all the electrical items, light fittings from outside and anything that may be of some value to someone are locked away safely in my house, not really much left inside just the furniture so any thief will be wasting their time. Through the winter my landlord will also be replacing the doors so its more secure which will also help.

Now then, who likes puppies? Just read that back and that sounded a bit creepy but believe me its not in that way, Just close to where i have my beautiful house is a piece of land with ducks, geese, turkey's, chickens, goats and 5 yes, 5 puppies. Oh my god i want them all. I visit them everyday and they are so clumsy and cute. The day i went to take pics 2 of them were being mischievous chasing the chickens but the other 3 came a posed for their pics.

Firstly we have Smudge and Smooch. They are so fluffy and like little teddy bears even though they are dogs and not bears but you get what i mean right?

This is Harvey , he is so calm and chilled but if you talk to him he gets all excited and does that dog thing of crouching down and then pouncing, aww such a pretty dog.

So its the end of another season and the resort was almost completely closed when i left even though there are still tourists here and half term holidays but its mainly all inclusive hotels open so you never see anyone in the resort, no wonder the businesses have decided to close, shame for anyone not going all inclusive.

Now that's the end of season bit out the way lets get on to a little rant shall we. As you know i like a little rant on here now and again just about things in general.

Lets start with women, well not women in general but women who wear athletic training outfits like Fabletics just to walk around town centres. Now if they were going to gym the that's fine but i see them in Costa's in these outfits having large coffees and eating cake or toast.
Now if they have been to the gym and come in for a sit down coffee that's filthy, you been sweating in the gym and i doubt they've come in before the gym as they are stuffing their faces so that says to me their just wearing it for everyday wear, NO! ITS GYM WEAR FOR THE GYM!
What would you think if i walked around a town centre just wearing Speedos going in to Costa sat on a comfy sofa sipping my caramel cappuccino. Why would that be wrong? I may be going for a swim from Costa's, you never know. See, do you get where I'm coming from.
Next, I feel ashamed even answering my phone in a public place so why do people think its OK to talk out loud with phone on speaker or even skype/face time etc. Do i really want to know about your sexual conquest of the night before or your yeast infection, NO! Its not that I'm listening in you just can not help but hear what their both saying as its so loud.

There are more rants but have so many will save them for next update.

So here's to a good winter to you all. Blog updates will be more frequent in winter as i think i will have lots of time on my hands this winter but lets not get to down that its winter time (said winter allot then didn't i) and lets all look forward to season 2017 and more fun in Kalamaki, 2017 is going to be better than ever.

So until the next update.........

Serve All, Love All, Peace All, Kevlar Out!

Friday, 23 September 2016


Wise words for the day: "Better to be someone for a day than no one for a lifetime"
Do you know what wise and all knowing philosopher said that..........Danny Dyer in The Business.

Helllloooooo my wonderful blog followers, now i know its been a long long time but its been just work, work, work. I really can't believe what a season I've had, just brilliant is all i can say but these aching ageing bones are starting to feel the stress and strain, saying that, i can still beat Husain Bolt in a sprint to the supermarket.

Over the course of this season so many people have come in and said "We're so glad to see you back, we missed you last year" or "We don't care why you weren't here last year we're just glad your back". Its such a nice feeling to know your a big part of peoples holidays even though its just a plain and simple bar.

So what do i have for you this exciting update.

Lets start with Kevlar's Crumpet Creations. I was having a discussion with Ian & Lisa, you remember them, my guard picture on my display cabinet, about mushrooms in food and what they should and shouldn't be used for. On their next visit to the island they brought me a tin of Bachelors Creamy Mushrooms. Never seen them before so i thought, cool, a new food experience.
After opening the tin and cooking them off i can see why the makers are called "Bachelors" cause if your going to eat tinned food such as this you deserve to be a bachelor, i hear its Cliff Richards favorite food (I am still allowed to mention him aren't I?). Its the only food i know which is grey in color and actually tastes grey. What type of evil food genius would make something that tastes of grey? And not only that once i had cooked it in the non stick pan it wouldn't leave the non stick pan. It was like mushrooms in grey sealant silicon. My tap water would take the skin off a crocodile its that hot, didn't touch it. I boiled the kettle and poured it over the pan, the water didn't even go cloudy. It just wouldn't budge. In the end it took a spachelor first, then a wire pad, then boiling water. If anyone wants to come up with a solution for pot holes in the roads just fill them with Bachelors creamy mushrooms.

This updates crumpet creation is Crumpet with 3 bean chilli topped with grey.

Its cabinet time. As i stated before, the dust is building up lovely on the shelves and its all YOUR fault. If they were empty i could just run a cloth over them but no, you had to buy tat for it just to make my life a misery.
So here is the full view to start so you can see the positioning of all the fine items i have been given.

Firstly a very fine in fact quite pretty piece of tat that was given to me by Elliot and Bethany. Its another turtle, Yay! can never have to many turtle heads to polish

As you can see from this second view it is quite detailed so not any ordinary piece of tat, its a work of art piece of tat.

Here in honor of my kids (the ducks) the Roberts clan bought me again a fine piece of porcelain, maybe not. I was told its the very rare sperm back duck.

From this view you can see why its called Sperm Back Duck. How impressive is that.

Now there is a criteria for anything displayed in the cabinet, it has to be from a local tourist shop on the island so you spread the wealth but just out of the shear awfulness of "Why would someone buy that?" Kevin and Joyce brought me this from the UK. This will be the only UK item displayed on my cabinet, no more from the UK will go on it but then again i doubt it could be topped by anything anyway.

The slogan says "CARLISLE, Travel there in rail comfort", TERRIBLE PUN!

Now this wasn't a gift for my display cabinet but it was such a generous gift from Gill & Les. You all know i like my pig outs, well they decided to thank me for my hospitality during their holiday by buying me a mixed grill from Puzzle restaurant next door to Oceanic. It consist of a whole farm on a plate or in this case a 12" pizza box, due to the fact i want to stay healthy i told them to forget the salad, why spoil it. It was a wonderful gesture and a lovely surprise, so thank you both once again.

Meat list: Chicken, lamb chops, pork chops, meatballs, village sausage, mini racks of ribs, steak and onion rings. Yes i did eat it all in one sitting, can feel my heart clogging as i look at this again.

You may have remembered quite a few updates back that Porthcawl in South Wales has the biggest Elvis convention in Europe and guess what, its this weekend. So i was looking at the website for it and came across this picture. Is this the least looking Elvis you've ever seen? He looks like when you see in a horror film a plane crashed years ago in a tree and they find the pilot dead in the cockpit, well, he looks like that pilot.

Obviously didn't try on the shirt when he bought it.

And finally.........Just thought i would end with a funny sign i saw on the platform of Queen Street train station in Cardiff  "Trains Stop Here". This is printed on the floor in the very center of the platform, of course bloody trains stop here, its a train station.

So until the end of season update my wonderful people........

Serve All, Love All, Peace All, Kevlar Out!

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Its competition time!

Now do we all remember Where's Wally? or if American Waldo? (Why the change of name? its almost identical)

Well every week before my major update i will be posting a Where's Wally type feature blog post.
It will be a different pic each week where you have to spot something in amongst other things.

So let us start off with tricky picture.

Which t-shirt is the odd one out? Take your time and study the picture.

Friday, 19 August 2016


I so wish i could go back in time and take the picture and post off about my new house and leave the display cabinet out. It has now almost become a competition to see who can give me the best but worst trinket of an ornament to adorn it's shelves.

What have i done to deserve such riches? You will see me in 10 years time either with a tourist gift shop where Oceanic used to stand or sat next to David Dickinson on Dickinson's Real Deals trying to barter with an antique dealer to get 50p out of them.

So here is the updated picture of my wonderful monster display cabinet and the positions the ornaments hold.

So here we have actually quite a good gift. It is made of pure gold and weighs quite a bit. This little owl was given to me by Gavin and Alex. Please focus on the owl and not the dust on the shelf. See, now if the ornaments weren't there i could just run a cloth over the shelves and "Hey Presto" clean but now i have to move them all off which really i can't be arsed doing. So i am going to leave them till hopefully the dust is that thick you won't see any of the artifacts, which by that time they will be artifacts discovered by some future explorer. He will deduce from his findings a sad lonely git lived here who had friends who actually hated him due to the gifts he was given, ONLY JOKING, i think their grrrrrrrrreat!

This is a lovely selfie of Lisa and Ian baring their teeth. In dogs this means to back off or an act of aggression (Lisa and Ian are not dogs and are wonderful people but they have no connection with any canine variety) Taking this into consideration you can see from the full cabinet view they are situated closest to the front door. This is a prime position for any burglars breaking in, they will see the picture of pure aggression and run for the hills leaving all my antiques on the cabinet intact.

The next 2 items have a very sad story that my world watched actor/teacher (yes your kids may have been taught by him) told me.

The first item is a picture of a girl turtle. You may think what an innocent pose. You'd be wrong. This pose was for a turtles lad mag which her boyfriend didn't know anything about. Shocking i know.

The second item is the boyfriend. As you can see, on finding out about this secret photo shoot he tried to choke himself but due to turtles having flippers and no opposable thumbs all he was doing was wiping his neck so gave up and joined the foreign legion. He is now happy and Captain of the aquatic division. They have been put on opposite sides of the cabinet and behind glass doors so they don't fight.

So there we have it for the cabinet update, look out for me on Antiques Roadshow this winter.

A few weeks ago i had to go back home to Swansea for 24 hours. On return i had to fly from Manchester and because i just had a small rucksack with me i could just walk straight through and for the first time in my history of traveling i was the first passenger in departures, WOOHOO! Now even though this experience made me laugh (simple things please my simple mind) nowhere was open so it quickly turned into disappointment, Never again shall i rush to be first.

And i took a picture of the walk way from the train station to the airport as it reminded me of the film "Tron". The bikes that i saw in the original Tron from 1982 is what made me want to ride motorbikes. I would so love one of those bikes. Don't tell me their not real as they are, LA, LA, LA, LA, LA NOT LISTENING!

I came across this picture of Oceanic on the world wide web or the net. WOW! how much it has changed. I can't believe i used to put a speaker on the roof. I would put it on and take it off the roof every day. And yes, those are still the same chairs and sofa's that i have now. As Brucey would say "Haven't they lasted well". Changed so much over the 10 years. My little baby is all grown up.

Now i know i have lots of twinkly lights going on in the bar but i think the electric board may have estimated my bill just a little high. Yes, you are reading it right 3,506€. I think either I'm powering the whole of the old road or something is seriously wrong in the estimation department of the electricity board here. Time to lay siege on the office of Delta Epsilon Eta. They shall lower thy bill or i shall become their slave, "I'm Spartacus".

Now this poster for someone famous...............?????????????? who was doing a gig on the island has to be the best advertising poster i have ever seen. I mean, crystal white teeth, full white outfit, jazz hands and the slogan "I AM WHAT I AM, the comeback!" Why is "the comeback" in small letters i don't know, shout it "THE COMEBACK!!!!!!!!!" but this got me thinking.

Could this be the love child of............

Duncan Norvelle, 1980's happy go lucky comedian who used to appear on every variety show shown at that time including Bullseye and 3-2-1 with Dusty Bin. His catchphrase was "Chase me".

 or could it be............

Liberace, flamboyant pianist with that razzle dazzle factor always enjoyed a good jazz hands after he had finished tinkling the ivories.

Or maybe its..........
YES, you guessed it, one of our favourites here on the Oceanic blog, Derek Acorah. We all know Derek for his spooky goin on's but did you know.................

..................he is also a trained expert at jazz hands and here is the proof....

You decide who it may be, but i think we'll never know.

So that's it for this long awaited updated. Its now just to hot for me to do anything as saving all my energy for the bar. Roll on Sept when it gets cooler. The bar is still doing well and mcuh more new first time customers this year than regulars but all are welcome and welcomed with the same warm "Hi guys!". I will be honest this season is taking a toll on my short legs but we keep going, we keeping fighting the good fight with the motto "To Death or Glory", bit theatrical i know but it does sound good you know LOL.

Oh and Kalamaki has been renamed "Plastic Cup Town" you've already seen or will see when you get here what i mean.

Serve All, Love All, Peace All, Kevlar Out!

Friday, 5 August 2016

"Feeling HOT, HOT, HOT" and bothered. Its half way time, WOOHOO!

Well howdy doody folks. Now i will answer a very simple question for all first of all "You must be used to this heat?", NO I'M BLOODY NOT! It seems to get worse every year. Just like at home, if your waking up to rain everyday (especially the people of Wales) then its the same to waking up to stifling heat, blue sky and sun everyday, it becomes a pain in the back side. Now 1 days rain every week would be nice just to break up the groundhog day effect, roll on Sept when it starts to cool.

Its at the half way stage of the season and as you know from the past 9 years on this blog July and August are never really that good months for me, my good months are always the other 4 but its steady and can't complain.
People ask me why do i put a chain across the entrance at midnight? Well its due to my first 2 seasons i found that if anyone is coming in to the bar after midnight who have never been in before they haven't just woke up and come out to start drinking. Main drinking times I've found over the 10 years are between 9pm and 11.30pm  after that its not busy with drinks at all. So after midnight its like a V.I.P. Oceanic customers only lock in but have still been there till 3am most mornings.
I hope that now explains why the chain is there.

I now have a theory around my lovely present from Demi and Tasos of the carousel.
As i said in previous post it really is a creepy thing but there is a very, VERY, dark hidden message behind the gift.
There are four horses on the carousel, four horses are a evil sign, THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE!
No wonder i'm having trouble sleeping at night. Along with being the bringers of destruction they play a plinky plonky song that no one knows. The end of the world will start on my display cabinet with a terrible tune , GEE THANKS GUYS!

My horses on the carousel look exactly like these, very worrying indeed.

Oh, by the way, there will be a display cabinet feature article on my next blog update as i now have even more tat, sorry, lovely gifts to show you that have been donated by my wonderful customers.

As you all know i am a crumpet fiend. Any type of crumpet and i'm scoffing them down and lets not forget Kevlar's Kitchen Cooking Classes with Crumpet Creations.
Well, i was brought a lovely food parcel from Scotland of black pudding, white pudding, haggis slices and, wait for it, ROLLING CRUMPETS. Never seen them before. I have to say they were very nice. They are quite sweet in taste but there is one problem, because i like a crunch on my crumpet they didn't really roll but if you cook them for less time than i do then they do in fact roll, great for your hot dogs to go in to i reckon.

And for your delight, here is a crumpet creation.
Mums and Dads, do you have a problem getting your children to eat Haggis? Yes! Well here's the solution. Make them look like David Bowie's eyes. A rolling crumpet, place Haggis on top then finish off with 2 different colored sauces. Your kids will be wolfing them down without a thought that they're eating sheep's heart, liver and lungs, Mm, Mm, Mm.

David Bowie Eyes Crumpet Creations.

Yes i know his eyes are blue and brown but you try finding a blue condiment.

As i was traveling back home from buying my stock one morning along the main road between Kalamaki and Laganas i saw a crashed quad at the side of the road which was in a right 2 and 8 with the keys still in the ignition. I thought it would be my duty to call the rental hire shop and let them know. On calling them they thanked me but they already knew of the bike being there and it had been crashed in the early hours of that morning by a drunk brit boy from Laganas, his words not mine.
Now when they first started hiring out quads they didn't have headlights so could only be used in daytime, should they go back to only renting these  type of quads out? After a few drinks it seems like a great fun idea to ride a quad at night drunk but look what can happen. Something has to change i think just to keep the people who hire them and the passing public safe at night.

This season i have come up with so many new designs for t-shirts i'm losing track of what i actually got now. So here are another 3 which aren't in the catalogue yet. Pete of Despina and Pete did ask when am i doing a Cilla Black design................NEVER!

Well, my drink is drunk and now have to go and order some t-shirts from my good friend Spiro.
If your ever in town go visit him at his shop on Alexander Roma, its called Printmaniac near Eye Site shop.

So until the next full blown display cabinet update..................

Serve All, Love All, Peace All, Kevlar Out!

P.S. Gary Hetherington, if your reading this please leave your e-mail address on the comment section below, only i will see it. I accidentally threw it away on the back of my stock list, SORRY!

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

A musical interlude for season 2016.

As you all know Oceanic prides itself on its playlist (ok there are some dodgy ones) but all have been hand picked by myself to have the right combination for music lovers of all ages. Its not just thrown together or played via Spotify or such like, how can i, NO WIFI!

So the songs for me of this season are the following:-

"Sound of Silence" by The Disturbed

Whenever this comes on someone always asks me "Who's singing this?" i say "The Disturbed" they respond with "The Who?" and i reply "No not The Who, The Disturbed", well it makes me laugh anyway. I was first put on to listening to this in Nov 2015. I do have 3 albums by them already but this song is i think better than the original, not many covers are better than the original. Johnny Cash version of the Nine Inch Nails song "Hurt" is also better than the original. So for those of you that haven't heard it just click on the video. I thought i would show you the live version as this is what "real" music is all about. Even just watching that video as i write this the hairs on my arms are standing up with goosebumps. Listen to it all as the music a vocals build up throughout the whole song to an amazing ending.

"I'm so sorry" by Imagine Dragons

Next up we have a fairly new band who i went to see in concert at the Cardiff  Motorpoint Arena, much prefered it when it was called the C.I.A.. You could say "I'm going to the CIA" sounded very important then. I'm getting side tracked. Anywhoo, this song when they played it made my rib cage feel like it was being punched by a wall of sound from the bass, that's a good feeling when your watching a concert, it was also made better by having V.I.P. seats with a private bar. Here is Imagine Dragons with "I'm so sorry" again the live version.

And finally.............

"Take me home" by Jess Glynne

Now i'm not all about the rock/punk/indie music. I have a very wide spectrum of taste when it comes to music. This song is just a real great vocal, lyrics and melody. Even though its a very gentle song its also very powerful at the same time.

So those are my top 3 songs for my season 2016, all completely different but all give me a that little boost when i'm starting to flag, well i am 48 this year you know but still got a couple of years in me yet to run about so don't worry about that.

So until my next proper update........

Serve All, Love All, Peace All, Kevlar Out!

Monday, 18 July 2016


 Good morning from my mid morning coffee break coming at you live from Drunk Corner.

I still haven't had any adventures at all, its just way to hot. I try to get out on my bike by 8am but by time i finished my chores and running around for bar its midday and riding in that heat is draining.
I so want to get out and about, also having a lovely home i just want to sit indoors in the cool and enjoy my display cabinet.

Yes i have created a monster. After posting a picture on here with my gift from the Taggs in the beautiful display cabinet my landlord left for me one night while in work my friends/customers/now enemies have been adding to my collection.
It wasn't a plea for help to fill it. I am more than capable of filling the display cabinet with tat, sorry, expensive ornaments myself. I have a fine collection of minions, i have a rare collection of blunt knives from the Chinese shop here and lets not forget my unique collection of toenail clippings in the shape of aquatic sea life.
Here for your viewing pleasure is my display cabinet  in all its glory full to the brim and no more objects are needed now, my duster is constantly coming out of the cupboard to clean them all. In fact there are now so many items it has taken over most of my day.

So to start here is the little trinket that started the craze which has become bigger than Pokemon Go.
Its the Taggs (Lee and Emma) glazed turtle. Its shell detaches so you can store inside a single pea, maybe a 1 cent coin or even 3 sesame seeds, the space inside is that vast. Obviously the thought behind this gift is to remind me of the turtles that come to this island which i have never seen in 16 years.

After the shell is detached if you don't enjoy viewing the turtle anymore you can say its Dachshund who has been in a vicious fight and lost its ears. 2 gifts in one, OH JOY!

Next we have an aged piece. The Greek boat with a picture depicting Santorini even though it was bought on Zakynthos, so very rare indeed. This was lovingly supplied by Jeanette and Nigel who have taken great thought as they know i am looking to buy my own boat. In fact 8 years I've been looking to buy a boat. This one unfortunately is to big for me to man alone so it shall stay on the display cabinet.

Now then (only said it once, two or three times is just wrong) we all know that the wonderful people up north are hard working honest folk and whats more honest and hard working than a donkey given to me with great pleasure by Dawn and Paul. They have taken great care to find a donkey that i would like to own and call "Jebus". Yes i now have that donkey I've written about and yearned for all these years through my blog. ALL HAIL JEBUS!

And last but definitely not least over to my dear dear once friends Demi and Tasos. I was given this in a presentation gift bag and had to be filmed unwrapping it. Joy danced across my face as i opened the bag, excitement took over as the wrapping was pealed from around it, dread and fear took hold once i worked out exactly what it was. Its a musical carousel. Now if anything is going to freak me out its a toy that you'd see in a Stephen King movie or read about in a Dean Koontz book. I sit and stare at it for hours, not because its a wondrous looking item, NO, its because i'm expecting it to start turning around and playing its tune at any moment without me winding it up.

Here is the wonderful creepy little ditty it plays. Haven't a clue what the song is but i'm sure in summons up demons and ghouls.

If anyone else is thinking of supplying a ornament for my hugely popular display cabinet, please DON'T, i hate polishing and there is definitely no space left even though it looks like it has.

"Food, glorious food", "Who ate all the pies, who ate the pies" and other food related songs.
Look at what i have found. It was like an Aladdins cave of puff and shortcrust pastry delights. For me this is my downfall. I can hardly ever go past a bakery in the UK or here without resisting a purchase, even if i don't want it, i just got to have it. So now i can buy them and cook them at home its become a nightmare for me. My kitchen looks like the window of Greggs by the time I've bought them. Because i'm so indecisive  of what to eat first i just cook them all. OH, OH, stodge overload. I'm like the tubby little German (no not Angela Merkel), the boy from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (love both those films) who can't stop drinking the chocolate river, well i can't stop eating my pastries. I better get the doorways widened in the house and a rag on a stick ready for wash times.

Now you all know about my kids, the ducks, well i got 7 of them together for a family pic. Yes i do know the difference in them as all their beaks have different markings. Here we have Webley, Lucy, Webster, Pandora, Fois, Quince and Amelia. Jemima is very shy so she was under a tree and Duck has social issues and a bit of a loner. Will have to talk to him at some point.

And finally, a tomato shaped like a....well....a tomato. My landlord is always leaving me veg from the garden, a week ago it was cucumbers, this week tomatoes. All fresh and home grown and taste so good. The only problem is at this rate i will have all the ingredients to make a salad by the end of the season. Why can't they just grow at the same time. Chicken eggs being supplied shortly, please Mr. Landlord no duck eggs.

So that's about it for this thrilling roller coaster of an update, another update next week, that's if the demon carousel hasn't killed me first.

Serve All, love All, Peace All, Kevlar Out!