Thursday, 22 October 2009

Gone fishing!

Well i haven't actually gone fishing but in the old films when a shop or store closed they used to put up the sign "gone fishing" so thats what i did, sign says "Gone fishing, see you in 2010".
Well its a sad day when i close up which i did at the end of monday night, i was still doing my target even up till the last night but its been such a busy season i decided to have 5 days holiday on this beautiful island before i go home to my winter job which i have also had for 9 years.
Had a nice little flurry towards the end of the season thanks to holidaymakers reading an old topic about my bar on a website being brought back to light, so people decided to drop by after reading it and said they were glad they saw it as they enjoyed Oceanic so i have to say a big thank you to Chris for resurrecting the topic and promoting my bar on the site when he didn't have to, thanks buddy next time your in Kalamaki come and have a popular lemon cheesecake cocktail in my bar, i'll pay, it was nice to have new customers so near the end of the season.
Well almost time to head home and when i get there i will add another topic of places to visit as i did another tour of the island yesterday and then my final honest review of the season, keep reading and be lucky folks!

Saturday, 10 October 2009

All good things must come to an end!

Well 2 more weeks and thats season 2009 over with which is a shame as its been a amazing season for Oceanic, it is alot quieter now but then again it is mid october and no one is busy anymore in the resort including myself and businesses are closing every major change over day. Saying that i'm still hitting my target every night and sometimes double it so i count myself very lucky, as long as i'm reaching my target i'm very happy and can now just relax and enjoy the rest of the season with everybody paid up full since end of sept and can leave this beautiful island not owing a single cent to anyone plus a bit of winter pocket money for myself and 2 new motorbikes. There will be a full in depth honest review of my season as always after i get home but until then i'm off to the pool to top up my tan as its been lovely and hot here the last week. YEEHAA!

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Places to visit when on Zakynthos part 2.

Well my partner Helen has been here for 2 weeks so it was a good excuse to get myself out around the island and show some more of the beautiful places this wonderful island has to offer.

First of all we'll start in Zakynthos town on the "Alexander Roma" strip with a coffee shop called "Prosa" it has seats oytside but up a narrow staircase you then enter a cafe bar with a lovely balcony with a great view to sit and watch the world go by.

On to the port road in Zakynthos town and up to the rooftop of the Strada Marina Hotel where you can have a coffee or ice cold beverage and look out across the port and coastline of Argassi, the rooftop is only open for drinks June-Sept but you can still get up to the roof outside these months.

So now we head out of town towards Keri and on to Agalas where you will find the Andronis wells or Venetian wells as they're better known. The picture doesn't do them justice but when your there it is in a lovely location with 10 wells and one you can get water from with a bucket and try for yourself.

Heading back along the cliff edge road from the wells if you look over to your left you will see in the mountain side "Damianous Caves" which people refer to as the diamond caves.

There are 4 caves in all but only 2 are accessable to get in to without a climb

Up above the caves there is a little snack bar where there are some stunning views of the coastline towards Keri.

From Agalas head up the west side of the island which in my opinion is beautifol and the best part of Zakynthos where you will come across Kampi which is the ideal place to watch the sunset, here you will also find the memorial cross for the lives that were lost during the civil war.

This is the view from Kampi out across the centre of the island.
Continue on to Exo Hora where you will find the oldest olive tree on the island which is estimated to be over 2000 years old also it is said that if you kiss the tree it will bring you good luck.

Towards the very north of the island you will come to Porto Vromi which is a little coved beach where you can pay to get a small boat around to the shipwreck without having to go on an island tour.
Now we head to the most famous picture that you see on all the postcards, The Shipwreck, the viewing platform can get pretty busy during the day so its best to get there before 10am so you got some tiome to yourself to take in the amazing view.

From the viewing platform we now go for lunch at St. Nicholas port in a little taverna that is on the sea edge where they have charcoal grill alight all day to cook fersh meat and fish, very relaxing and a great little port.