Friday, 29 December 2017

"It's the most wonderful time of the year", Christmas is over WOOHOO!

Now i know my headline is negative about Christmas but it was very enjoyable but 24 hours is enough, it doesn't have to last 2 months. As i said in a previous update i heard my first Christmas song 27th Oct, that's just ridiculous.

So my lovely lovely blog followers how was your Christmas Day? I hope you got lots of lovely gifts to re-gift next Christmas. What was my Christmas like? Great, no unwanted gifts, lots of aftershave and smellies (hope its not a hidden message) which is always good with all the travelling i do and my best present of all a Mike MacWilliam ice hockey shirt, AWESOME! and a Depeche Mode colouring book (only use grey or black colours).

So what do i have to tell you, so so much to tell you and to rant about i don't know where to start, OK, i know where to start.

"Its rant time, everybody loves a rant time, its time for us to have a rant tiiiiiiiiiiiiime, its rant time!"
I know you love my rants so this update i have a couple.

1/ When Harry met Megan. So what! He's fifth in line to the thrown, shes a not so major actress and on the breaking news of their engagement the Daily Mail had 27 pages dedicated to them, REALLY? Why? Its 6 months till they are going to get married and its just an engagement after all. Now its 6 months of "Look at her coat", "Look how in love they are", "They're holding hands" , "The Americans now have a princess", "they were seen smiling" , "Both look amazing stood like humans with clothes on"  I don't care, its not going to change my life not one single bit apart from making me angry so its not changing my life for the better.

2/ A Child only friendly Facebook. This is brilliant, just one more thing for your child to become a social outcast by sitting in their room, not seeing the light of day and never have real friends to go out and play with.

3/ Paying for bus fair or showing your ticket. Now call me Mr. Boring but when I'm about to get on a bus or train i have my ticket out ready, WHY, because i know i need to show the bus driver my ticket or i need my train ticket to get through a gate. So this is the question...........WHY OH WHY OH WHY are people so stupid that they wait until on the bus before getting money out or rummaging through their bag to find a ticket that being as its so small and thin it will slip down to the bottom of the bag under all their crap or with ticket passes on phones they start swiping through pages of apps while stood in front of driver to find their ticket. GET YOUR FREAKING TICKET READY BEFORE THE BUS ARRIVES! You know you got to show it so why the hell wait till stood on bus delaying people stood in the rain and letting all the warm air out of bus, IDIOTS!

4/ In this modern technology social media society we live in today people are seriously ridiculous. I was going to check my e-mail when i saw this headline on MSN,  "Eastenders viewers outraged as Stacey makes cup of tea the wrong way"??????????????? Your kidding me right? Are Eastenders viewers lives that dull that the only thing they can do is moan about a cup of tea on a fictional, miserable, depressing soap. I mean the price of a call or text or time taken to write an email to complain about this catastrophic disaster is of course much more important than complaining about the treatment of a disabled person who was told that she couldn't get on a train as there was no room for her type or an elderly person having their heating turned off over Christmas or A & E's being filled with self inflicted drunken injuries when real emergencies have to wait in ambulances for hours.
Come on, its a cup of tea, get a life.

Just 4 rants to get on with for now, i got a few more but don't want to spoil you

And off to Birmingham we go. As you know i missed out on Depeche Mode in Athens due to ferry strike so we made up for it by going to sunny Birmingham, which it actually was, sunny.
It had been a lone long time since i had been to Birmingham and WOW, what a great city.

They have a lovely canal area.

They have a Brummie walk of fame.

And the Birmingham Arena (Not the NEC) is a great venue for gigs.

Now i bet your wondering why i only took one picture of Depeche Mode during the concert. Well, call me Mr. Normal but when i go to a concert i go to watch the band through what i like to call "my own eyes". Why did i buy seated tickets? Well you see, we like to see the concert first hand not through the person in front of me smart phone. What is the point in that? Stood for 2 hours with arms in air watching a concert on a tiny screen zooming in and out. When you buy standing tickets this is what you get and I'm not the tallest of people, I'm not tall at all if I'm being honest so being in tiered seating even if a person stands up in front i still see all the concert clearly. Just to add, best concert that i have ever seen and enjoyed. I've seen loads and some of the biggest artists ever.

On to Toys R Us. So you all know by now Geoffrey the giraffe is not getting put down, well not in Swansea anyway but i could tell something was up before it even all come out weeks later.

As you can see this is the racking in the warehouse which was jam packed full from floor to ceiling which is the norm for Christmas time but...........

when the loading bay is also overloaded with stock with nowhere for it to go, this isn't normal.  Myself and the one and only other night worker i think did an amazing job considering. When i first started at Toys in 2001 there were 6 night staff, now only two of us and just as much stock is having to be sorted if not more what with shipping from store and click and collect. We kept the company afloat, we are saviours, we are gods, we are.............THE NIGHTSHIFT!

Call me Mr. Sensible but when i was a kid we wanted bikes, action figures, good old family board games and lumps of coal for presents. What is up with the games of today.

Firstly, this is a animated pet dog you can walk that poops. Now i guess it teaches your child to pick up after a dog does its business but a real dogs business isn't solid plastic and smells. They'll get a surprise the Christmas after when they get that real puppy.

On to board games.

This one deals with a large nose and snot.

A monkey that farts.

A ogre that craps.

A cow that farts.

A dog that poops.

A dog that wees.

There are more along that line but as you can see all to do with body functions that in reality we would prefer not to see or smell and would steer clear of if we had to clean it up from a person or pet.
Whatever next, Grumpy Grannies bed pan? Incontinence pants poodle? Constipation Frustration?

Now this, this is a cool vehicle. Luke Skywalkers land speeder. It has 6 different sounds (3 sounds sounded the same) runs on electric and cost the same as a second hand small car £499.99 but by the time it was Christmas eve it was £249.99. If i was a kid i would ask for 5 Christmases presents in one to get it.

Now do you remember Only Fools and Horses where they had dolls that didn't speak in English and a porcelain cat that played "how much is that doggy in the window" well we had a Troll that spoke just in French LOL.

So Christmas is over and New Year is on its way.
What will the New Year bring? Well for me every year just gets better and better. Another season in the sun, more adventures and travelling, less and less hair, more and more aches and not forgetting my half century which i think is amazing, 50. I really don't feel it although my balding wasteland gives my time line away.

So its time to get myself ready for New Years and need to get my bag packed but for now i will say "Should auld acquaintance be forgot".

2018 is going to be even better, oh yes, i shall make it so, you know I'm true to my word.

Serve All, Love All, Peace All, Kevlar out!

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Merry Christmas to one and all.

Now as you all know boys and girls i'm not a lover of Christmas but after finding out Santa's greatest secret i may just end up enjoying it.

Kids, Santa is real but watch the video and find out why.

The update i said would be next will be after this one, I've just been way to busy but will explain all in that update.

Ho, Ho, Ho everybody and hope all your presents are ones you can pass on to someone else next year.