Wednesday, 28 May 2008

A normal night at Oceanic!

I said i'd take some pics of the bar when my customers are in so last night i did. A capacity of 40 seats taken 5 of which were for a customers birthday, Les, i felt sorry for him as he had been let down by 10 people from Argassi who had said they would join him thru a zante website for his birthday but they didn't show but none the less my customers sang happy birthday to him and they all enjoyed the buffet i had put on and a good night was had by all, in fact i didn't get out of bar till 4.30am, AGAIN! LOL.

And a quick maths test, thats 1/8 of my customers were off zante websites LOL not all of them like people seem to think.

Anywhoo heres the pics, sorry for quality but its taken on my camera phone:-

I must get a better camera LOL

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