Sunday, 14 December 2008

Come on in, the foods great!

Well i'm still having research done and my bed now has the shape of my body imprinted on it from laying on it for so long like Homers bum groove on his sofa, i'll be glad to get back to the gym, training and my wii fit.

After visiting a few people in hospital to take them grapes, flowers and lucozade, i always seem to visit at meal time, so being the kind friend i am i always offer to try the food before them in case of poison and all i got to say is that Oliver Twist was lucky that he had gruel. Saying that the food here has been so good with a choice of chips, boiled, mashed or jacket potatoe with your meal.

No breakfast due to having to take tablets first thing in morning, lunch is the same every day 2 filled rolls which you have a choice of 8 fillings i chose 1 tuna and 1 ham salad with a packet of crisps, cup-a-soup and piece of fruit, supper at 9pm is again a nice choice of 5 cereals, pie, pasty, scone, fruit or toasted tea cake but the icing on the cake is dinner at 5pm which is a main meal with dessert.

My meals so far have been homemade steak pie, homemade mince beef pie, pork chop with apple & cheese, lamb burger, roast pork dinner, sweet thai chilli tortilla wrap, Chicken Korma and peppered fillet steak. Dessert have been sticky toffee pudding, pineapple turnover, jam sponge, Mixed fruit and ice cream, rhubarb tart, and all served with custard if wanted.

So what does this mean for me, well i'm having a great time as i love my food but its not good for the waist band all this eating then laying down, if i had to do this for much longer than i am you may end up seeing me on Jerry Springer show "I can't get through my research room doors, help me jerry!"

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

The Pants Factor!

Now i haven't been following The Pants Factor, sorry X Factor but from the songs i've seen Alex is by far the best and does have a voice, as for the other karaoke rejects i must be watching different singers as non i would pay to see live apart from alex maybe, all the others seem to be out of key, bad pitch and basically pub acts in a few months time. These programmes have become more about the judges and the quick mega bucks the judges make from the short term sale of the winner,

Lets look back over legends of pop that have won these shows:-

Pop Idol winner Will Young,first winner of singing talent show and the boys done well.

Popstars winners Hearsay, Did well with first CD and singles released but now as a band are no more.

Pop idol 2 winner Michelle Mcmanus, No 1 with show's winning song then back to the check out girl, someone needs the price for a cabbage in the vegetable aisle.

Popstars The Rivals winners Girls Aloud, still going strong due to the different styles of songs they release, not all bubblegum pop or ballads and doing a few cover versions of popular songs helps, as for the boy band winners One True Voice they didn't even get a number 1 and lasted about 2 months, they were that memorable i had to be reminded by Fran (a facebook friend & regular customer) that they even existed.

X factor 1 winner Steve Brookstein, hit with first song then playing at a pub near you.

X factor 2 winner Shane Ward had a few hits and was touted as the british Justin Timberlake, i think they were misheard, that should have been touted as will be selling Justin Timberlake in HMV in a year.

X factor 3 Leona Lewis i myself am not a fan but credit where credits due she has a amazing voice and a good PR team backing her that helps alot,her songs all sound very much alike and when she went up tempo it was her lowest charting song, i think her live concert would be a bit depressing with all those ballads.

X factor 4 Leon Jackson again No1 with show winners song but was beaten by a micky take of the show sung by Geraldine (aka Peter Kay) when he released his second single.

So far Only 3 out of 8 winners have been succesful and i don't think the winner of this years X factor will be long term success but if you look back over the winners the 5 that never made it weren't given as much backing as the other 3 with PR and managment, just look at Leona Lewis Simon Cowell has pushed her so much and got her all the best song writers and backing in the music business if the others had been given the same attention i'm sure they would have lasted longer than they did.

But its the real artists i feel sorry for, the ones who write their own songs and music, that travel around the uk playing bars and clubs all year to get seen, that travel and sleep in clapped out transit vans, these people work hard to become famous and these circus of shows on TV hand it to these wedding singer wannabes on a plate,

Keep music live and loud, get rid of these crap talent singing shows.

Friday, 5 December 2008

And so the medical research begins!

Well i'm in for my medical research and only a day in to it and i've had more needles than a porcupine and more blood extracted than Dracula after a hunger strike. Saying that its all cool, can have my mobile on, got my laptop here with wifi, sky, 3 meals a day but no breakfast.

Down side, can drink water only, sticky pads left on me all day for constant heart and blood pressure monitoring, plastic cover under my sheet on mattress which makes so much noise its like i'm wearing a carrier bag (i'm 40 not 5), And i have to pee in to a bottle every time i go apart from first thing in the morning which is a good job as my aim ain't that good at 7am.

I suppose its like a holiday camp but with needles, blood, pee and nurses in blue tunics instead of red coats. So more like the holiday camp in "friday the 13th"

Update on day 7.