Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Work, Eat, Sleep, Repeat, Collapse!

Well, well, well, well if it isn't my lovely blog readers. How the devil are you today? I'm sure your all wonderful.

So we're now in to June, BLIMEY! May has flown by in a blink of an eye.
Bar news first. WOW! Since 2nd of May there has only been 5 nights where Oceanic hasn't been full. At this point i will apologies to many who have walked past unable to get seats or come in and i haven't been able to seat you, i am truly truly sorry but this season has been manic so far.
I never take anything for granted though, i take each day as it comes and i am totally realistic that this can't continue all season. The one thing i can say is that every single customer that has stepped foot in Oceanic has come back for a second visit which is so good and i thank you all who have visited so far.
This season a majority of the customers have been new to the bar through word of mouth of people talking round the pool or hotel bar or even balcony to balcony. Its amazing what people talk about balcony to balcony. As you know i give every customer who enters the bar a bit of my time no matter how busy it is so i get all the feedback personally.
Age ranges again have been so mixed, quite a few couples in their early 20's up to a couple in their 80's. It seems that many are now looking for a more laid back bar and like the fact that i don't have WIFI and TV's, that's why they keep coming back just to have a chill and a chat with new people.
The new changes to bar have been accepted really well and the general feel is its even more relaxing now, just a shame i haven't got enough seats to fit everyone in comfortably.

At this point a huge huge thank you to Puzzle Restaurant for the emergency chairs that I'm dragging out of there every night, they are such a great family and always very helpful to me and they deserve all the success they're having this season and i myself can honestly say the food i have from there to take home is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD! Thanks guys! You must give it a try when in Kalamaki, you will not be disappointed.

As the heading to this rambling dribble states Work, Eat, Sleep, Repeat. That's all its been but no way am i complaining. When i tell people that i have only had 4 holidays in 19 years the first answer that comes back is "Well this is a holiday". AHEMMMMM! No i don't think it is.
My daily routine at the moment is this:-
I wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed (That's just a saying, i don't have a bushy tail) throw open the curtains and sing in a Disney like manner to the swifts, doves, chickens and rabbits. Make sure Kylo Bear has had a good sleep. A quick wash of bits, strands of hair and teeth and leave the house at 8.30am, oooops! forgot to get dressed, back in to house, dress and leave the house 8.35am. Then its, this shop, that shop, coffee break, this shop and that shop again getting supplies for the night ahead. Back and forth from one side of town to other trying not to get knocked off my bike by idiots jumping red lights, no indicating or just being, excuse the scientific term here, ASS HOLES in their cars.
Then to my supplier to get my delivery.
On to bar where i then clean and mop throughout, stack all the glasses back away in their home and make sure the toilets are smelling all clean and fresh, MMMMMMMMMMM, Pine and bleach!
After all this is done the time is 1.30pm. So that's 5 hours of the day dedicated to bar. Back in to bar for 6pm to set up ready for 7pm opening. Rush around like a mad man for 8-9 hours but making it look like I'm a swan, graceful above the water but paddling like mad underneath. Again, my bar isn't in water its just a metaphor and i don't have webbed feet.
Close up bar with a quick clean through, home, eat, sleep for at the most 4 hours then repeat.
What a great holiday i have eh!
That's every day for 170 days don't forget. I've been to the beach just 3 times since 25th April and not been to pool at all yet but will have to at some point, with the little hair i have left and how pale I'm becoming people are mistaking me for Gollum (Ref. Lord of the Rings) My Precioussssssssss.

Now then, Depeche Mode in Athens, I can sum this up in one word "Morons", No not Depeche Mode The ferry companies. Of all the times to go on strike for a week it was the week i had to get to Athens. I tried flights but they left the island to late, i even tried to hire a private boat to go over but wanted €150 each way, I like Depeche Mode but not enough to spend €300 to sit along side freshly caught fish for an hour each way and lose a nights takings. So i have a cunning plan. I have got tickets to see them in the UK in November and as a special treat to myself next March i may go to Argentina for my 50th birthday next year as i have wanted to go back ever since i went there to film Total Wipeout but at the same time i would be there on holiday Depeche Mode are playing in Argentina. But lets not get ahead of ourselves, its a long way off and still got a season and winter to go yet, who knows what may crop up within that time.

Where is Kevin the Minion your all asking. He's very ticked off with me as he's still sat on the bar and wants to get out. I promise you all i shall take him out before the next blog update but business first, Kevin's adventures second but i will take him out and about before the Italians get here, then the roads are crazy.

So short but sweet i know but what can i do, its all work, work, work.

And to finish the update off here is a picture of the sky above Oceanic 3 nights ago, the photo has not been doctored in any way.

Everything was coloured in a red glow, weird!

Until my next brain numbing update

Serve All, Love All, Peace All, Kevlar Out!