Wednesday, 24 April 2019

It's a wonderful wonderful life!

Good morning trees, good morning birds, good morning sunshine, good morning grumpy dustbin man who woke me at 6am, isn't life wonderful.

Well my sky taxi is almost ready to fly to the rock. Its been 19 years this year of me being on Zakynthos running a business and 13 years with my own business Oceanic which i built up and worked alone since Oct 2006 as you all know.

Me and walking has been a regular thing for years, i don't even need a destination, i just walk. As long as i have my music with me i just roam. I think the longest non-stop walk i have been on was about 14 miles maybe a little more.

After walking one of my usual marathons along the beach singing loudly while dogs howl at my angelic tones i decided to stop off for a beer at a bar that is 28 storeys up at the top of a apartment block in Swansea which is called "Grape and Olive". When the suns out and its a clear sky the view is amazing.

My version of a selfie that i actually started taking like this in 1986, selfies aren't a new thing folks!

Part of Swansea's 4 mile beach.

Anyone for a dip. If you jump from this height feet first you'll be fine........honest!

Talking of heights, i have been doing my Bear Grylls thing again to get a little fitter ready for the season and decided hike up Craig Llanishen which is 271 metres high. That may not seem much but that's the height directly up from sea level to the top, the walk itself is a 21.9% gradient and 3km from bottom to top.
It wasn't that bad, i thought i was going to be panting and heart thumping out of my chest but it seems I'm allot fitter than i thought. I had a slight sweat on but that was it and that was a spur of the moment walk in jeans and flat trainers so i wasn't even dressed appropriately for such a adventure.
Sian has named me "The Rambling Rev" as before that climb i had already walked 8km in the sun but it was all worth it, the whole 14km (8.5 miles), 1/ For the view and 2/ For the pub at the bottom of the mountain when i came down.

The view out over Cardiff after i had combated the elements, thorn bushes and evil sheep.

So we are days away from returning and to be honest I'm pretty laid back about it, I'd be quite happy to stay in the UK now as loving life here.
Not going to stress over set up, got some nice new cocktails for you to try, added some old creations of mine which i had taken off the menu and the same as last season "if your not in by midnight then you've missed out" and every Saturday last order for drinks is midnight so i can have a little me time out in Zakynthos Town. That worked quite well over the past 2 years so going to stick with it.
Added a load of new but old songs which I've been getting together over the winter and i may move the bar to outside again, not sure yet though.

Trying to find paper straws but they are so expensive, i don't want to use plastic straws if possible, Bought new cocktail shakers for the shaker cocktails on table, buying some new glasses and rearranging the lighting and decor.
To be honest with you this winter the bar has been the furthest from my mind than ever before and have only started thinking it through this week which has been great.

I promise this year Kevin the Minion will go on some adventures and re-visit the mad axe man house to do battle or to find more victims, i hope neither as its me that has to take him there.

Now, i never mention Brexit BUT i don't really care about it and its been delayed so a few more months to be wasted even though they have had 3 years, the only good thing about the delay is Brits may now book to go abroad again which leads up until the end of season 2019.
No football this summer, thank god and the Rugby World cup starts Sept 20th just as the season is slowing down with the Semi Finals being the day after i close and the Final on Nov 2nd after I've got home, great schedule. Shame about the opening game Japan v Russia, not a great spectacle if I'm being honest.

Well, i got few things left to do here, people to see, arrangements to make, days out to have before i head back so i am going to enjoy every day i have left here in the UK with Sian, family and friends.


Sunshine here i come. Talking of sunshine........Extinction Rebellion........climate protesters.

I'm all for saving the planet, totally 100% that's why i want paper straws but......these protesters grind my gears.

1/ I bet 90% use petrol driven cars
2/ I bet 70% use public transport at some point
3/ I bet 100% use electric to watch themselves on TV
4/ All the rubbish they left behind of cups, wrappers and straws isn't environmentally friendly
5/ All had mobile phones which aren't environmentally friendly and what did they power them off.....goat crap and straw?

I rest my case.

So until i arrive back on the rock...............

Serve All, Love All, Peace All, Kevlar out!

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

The dream is over - It's now reality, DEVILS STAND PROUD!

We all dreamt one dream.......
United it became reality...........

This is hockey..............We are Cardiff Devils

Video created by Paul Sullivan

Monday, 1 April 2019

I'm disgusted....some people are so vile!

I can't believe there are such low, vile terrible people about, absolutely disgusting and need to be called out.


Who are these sick individuals? Dear god man why would you? They need to be shot or paraded around the streets being whipped with birches until they apologies for being such lunatics. May as well serve me cyanide in a glass. YOU MONSTERS!

One of these beers is called "Cali American Pale Ale", AH, no wonder, bloody Americans, the land of the weird or is this their idea of a fruit in their diet to help with obesity as its got grapefruit in it?

This isn't the only one though, OH NO, there are more horrible yukky crap tasting grapefruit beers but due to my disgust after tasting it i spat it out in the bar persons face and fled the watering hole screaming "Be gone with you Beelzebub" before i could catch the name of the beer on the pump.

Anywhoooooo, a better music topic now than my last update.

Sian and i have been watching "The Umbrella Academy" on Netflix and i have to say what a weird and wonderful watch it is. Not only that but it has a amazing soundtrack.
So here for your listening and viewing pleasure are our favourites from the series.

Woodkid - "Run boy Run"

Morcheeba - "Blood like lemonade"

Noel Gallagher - "In the heat of the moment"

The Doors - "Soul Kitchen"

There's just a few to get on with but i would advise anyone if you got Netflix give The Umbrella Academy a go. It's a great watch. Also Tin Star on Sky, we're about to have a weekend of watching season 2, YAAAAHOOOOO!

Note: I am back on the ice again, got my new ice hockey boots and going early in morning before any brats, I'm mean wonderful children are on the ice taking up my space with penguin stabiliser's.
Look out Wayne Gretzky, Kevlar is back!

Serve All, Love All, Peace All, Kevlar Out!