Friday, 24 August 2018

Dear Diary.....24th August 2018

Dear Diary.....24th August 2018

Helllloooooo Diary.

Sorry for the extended break but its been visitor after visitor........well 3. First it was my partner which was a amazing 16 days. She does look after me and makes sure that i take time out for myself and get some pool time and not just work, work, work. We also went for a few nights out and some lovely meals in the day but most of all it was just great having her here with me. Not long now till she's back over for another 10 days.
Also along with her was my world watched actor/teacher(Its drama so not a real subject) nephew and his partner for 18 days. They didn't all stay at the house, my nephew stayed in Kalamaki, way to far out for him at the house.

Now then, time to put things straight.
That wonderful lie machine which is Facebook is at it again.
We had all the nonsense flying about back a few years ago which we now know were lies, then last year i wasn't opening this year but as we all know i am open. But why do people still believe whatever they read on that trash social media, I don't get it. If Facebook was compared to a newspaper it would be The Daily Sport (R.I.P.). So Diary, this is the latest gem that a customer told me just last week which is somewhere out there on Facebook, don't know who posted but are you ready for this...........
I'm getting married again. Yep, it must be true cause someone has put it on Facebook. Let me tell you right now, IT IS NOT TRUE, I AM NOT GETTING MARRIED AGAIN, why would i, after all I'd have to buy a new suit as the only suit i had is in the bin and that means spending.
The second story on this brilliant social media is I'm not opening Oceanic next year. Again, IT'S NOT TRUE, I AM BACK HERE AGAIN NEXT YEAR.
So is that clear enough, i think it is. If there is any news to be told then i will let you know personally OK.
Some people just gossip and spread rumours because they and their lives are that boring that no one wants to talk to them but if they got stories to tell people may find them interesting.

Diary, July and August, what can i say, thank god its almost over. I've always hated these months and this season has been no exception, roll on Sept.

Talking of Sept, as we know and i can't hide it, it's my 50th. Its supposedly a special birthday. I'm very surprised i actually made it to 50. So taking in to account this will be 18 birthdays on this island and worked the past 17 i have decided that i am going to close on the 28th Sept and spend it with my partner. I've never closed the bar before (apart from Total Wipeout Audition in Cardiff and Depeche Mode in Athens) It was a hard decision to make but i think i deserve it and to celebrate my impending doom of going past the 50 year mark we are staying in a 1,000,000€ Villa. Yep you read right 1 million euro.

I took the last 6 pics, not to bad off a old smart phone. Obviously the first pic is a drone pic, i can't fly.

I will be the first person to stay in it and even better.............i got it for free, nada, zilch, zero, gratis.
How do you like them eggs eh! Its good to know people. What? Do you think I'd spend money, no chance.
When the Villa is completed it will be able to hold 16 people made up of 3 interconnecting apartments or they can be separated by lockable doors. The top floor is fully finished. It has a fully fitted outdoor kitchen/grill area, outdoor dining area, wifi routers indoors and outdoors (that's of no interest to me), children's play area (definitely of no interest to me), smart TV's in all rooms, a bar (like i need to see another bar) and best of all a infinity pool overlooking St. Nicholas Port. If you so wish you can hire a chef in by the day to cook for you (I'll stick with cheese on toast made by me).
This did have a slight impact on my decision to close for my birthday lol.
So we're travelling up after the bar closes early hours of 28th, staying there then till 5pm on 29th.
So can't wait.
I'd like to thank Makis for his very kind gesture and much appreciated.

It's St. Dennis day today and i went to the Rat-e-tat-e-tat market yesterday and it just gets worse each year. Every year i go in with 100€ and year after year come out with more and more money this year i left with the full 100€ intact. It was crap. Unless you want really badly printed designer gear, camouflage clothing or trainers that were in fashion 20 years ago forget it.

Remember the whole Salad Cream changing to Sandwich Cream well now Thousand Island Dressing is changing to Fish Dressing as the millennial's have been travelling to Thousand Islands region in America to use it, one millennial actually travelled around 1000 islands using it as they didn't understand it was just called Thousand Islands not that its a dressing for fish.

So not much more to tell you as you know i don't venture out in July and August, weathers to hot, roads are to manic and the people in vehicles frustrate me.

So until the nest entry diary.........

Serve All, Love All, Peace All. Kevlar Out!