Friday, 29 April 2016

"Han Solo, I'm Captain of the Millennium Falcon"

                           "Chewie tells me you're looking for passage to the Ionian system"

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Step back in time to where it all began.

10 years ago i borrowed money from my family to set up my dream of owning a bar abroad.

Here's is where it all began......... in this never before seen video.

Have a look out for what the bar used to be called. Its after a Egyptian Goddess not the other and there is a cameo appearance from a very famous shop owner.
Look no pavement either.


Friday, 1 April 2016

"Oh i do like to be beside the sea side", well not so much in the UK.

 Ahhh sun, don't we just all love it. Puts a spring in your step and a smile on your face.
So what do we do when we got time to waste, SEASIDE ROAD TRIP!

Not far from from where i live (£5, 3 buses and 1 hour 40 Min's) there is a seaside resort called Porthcawl. Now this is home to the biggest caravan park in Europe and one of the worlds largest Elvis convention weekends, lots of jump suits, burgers, mumbling and everyone finishing off every sentence with "Thank you very much".

Ever since i was a child this was one of the highlights of my summer holiday a trip to "Coney Beach" at Porthcawl. Now some of you may be thinking "I've heard that name before", well you may be getting confused with "Coney Island" in Brooklyn, New York. So just to separate the two here are the comparisons.

The grand entrance to Coney Island was a wondrous thing carved from sand stone, majestic and beautiful. A thing of beauty and grandeur.

The entrance to Coney Beach is two bunnies cut out of sheet metal welded on to a wrought iron frame and transfers stuck on.

Coney Island has the iconic "Wonder Wheel" which has featured in many movies and known all over the world.

Coney Beach has the terrifying "Tea Cups", scream if you wanna go faster. featured in the Porthcawl tourist information video and known by everybody in the borough of Bridgend.

Coney Island is home to The Warriors. Feared by rival gangs in New York and a cult movie classic.

Coney Beach is home to The Elvis's. Feared by every burger stall holder in Porthcawl and cult convention classic for anybody who likes rhinestones, jump suits and Lycra covered beer bellies.

So now you know which is which, don't ever get confused again,

It was a beautiful sunny day yesterday (31/3/16) just walking around the funfair, amusement arcades and along the beach. The problem is when i walk around I'm usually listening to my music through my headphones and when i get on to a beach i start to sing at the top of my voice along to the songs playing making sure I'm far enough away from people close to the seas edge so they can't hear. Then i remembered, when the wind blows it carries the sound further and yesterday it was blowing towards the land, OOPS! Not a good thing, that means every man, woman, child and donkey may have heard some expletives when i was singing "Killing in the name" by Rage against the Machine, the one line is repeated over and over "F**K you i won't do what you tell me". Then again many of the kids down there were saying that to their parents so i doubt anyone took any notice.

Aww look at these lovely creatures, donkeys always look sad but i bet they are jolly inside, i bet their just happy they haven't got sombreros on

I think the white spotted donkey in this picture is truly miserable though, what sick and twisted person puts a saddle on a donkey with a character from the movie "Frozen" on it. Call the RSPCA, I'm disgusted. I will adopt him and call him "Jebus".

Now  i like a bit of a gamble every now and again, not allot (god rest his soul) just a little and i am a sucker for the grabbing machines. There were so many. Then i saw one with my buddy inside "Kevin the Minion" yes folks, i know you've missed him and he's back. I had two pound coins burning a hole in my pocket. I stepped up to the machine, "4 goes for £1" said the sign. I rolled one pound in to the slot. First go, grabs him and leaves him in same place, second grab, picks him up, its looks a solid grip, he drops, GOD DAMN IT!, third grab, just tickles him, forth grab, grabs him solid, moves him, drops him, BUGGER! Its my Charlie Bucket moment (Charlie and the chocolate factory) £1 left, do i walk away and buy 2 doughnuts (mmmmmmmmmmmmm doughnuts) or gamble. I kissed the coin, dropped it in the slot and prayed. I take my time, calm the nerves, first i go forward, then to the side where the grab claw hovers above Kevin, it drops, it grabs, its looking good, the claw is swinging wildly.

YAY! Kevin is free. OK its Kevin the Minion as a banana like in the Minions movie but its still little Kevin. I got him in 5 goes with 3 goes to spare but we all know those three goes would just be feeble attempts to grab.

My day was then finished off with a celebration ginger and lemon tea in Costa's which is where i am now (other coffee shops are available).

That's most probably one of my most exciting days in the 13 months i haven't updated and it was only yesterday. As you can tell i lead a thrilling fun filled life LOL.

So hope that has filled the gap as its been so long but not done much else in all that time so we start new from now.

Serve All, Love All, Peace All, Kevlar Out!