Monday, 16 April 2007

FIRE! FIRE! Where?

On friday the lovely bar was waiting for a fire officer to inspect her between 12-2pm, 11am i arrived all bright eyed and nervous hoping the greek insulation tape connections wouldn't be found, 7 hours later still no inspection only to be told at 7pm that due to a fire there would be no inspection till monday, DAMN! another wasted day when i could have been washing my smalls.

Today at 10am i had my fire inspection and the bar passed, woohoo. Oh how we rejoyced at the words "pick up your certificate wednesday". The bar isn't that big inside and i have 2 fire extinguishers but needed to install a fire hose, you never know when the fire department may need another hose for a forest fire as my bar definately doesn't need it.

Now all i need is a firemans uniform and i'm part of the team.

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen rang he wants me on 'changing rooms'

What a hectic past few days. I've been running around like a woman in a car without a 'sat nav' (joke ladies). yesterday my beautiful bike had jet propultion added to it, well i was carrying fire extinguishers in either saddle bag and looked like i had red jet packs on either side, the reason for this was for my fire certificate for the bar the extinguishers had to be filled and checked.

I've now painted the bar in a white shade of white with a magnolia border. To be honest i didn't have a ladder to paint top half of wall so i painted white half way up the wall and left the top half magnolia, also i have re-furbished my chairs, my spray graffiti days came in handy at this point when spraying frames. I now have re-covering seats down to a fine art and only takes me 2 minutes a seat. I have my version of "Handy Andy" its a stray dog that i dip in paint and let it rub against walls to dry itself off but he's only the height of a corgi so good for skirting boards, better get a great dane.

Word of this got to lawrence and the phone call did come but i said sorry my welsh comrade i'm not into frilly shirts even though you do look rather dandy, my friends who visit the island of zakynthos need me and i will not fail them but i am open to doing a serious in the winter and the working title is "Bodge it with Kevlar' The no brainers guide to DIY. My moto is 'super glue everything then paint over it'

Pictures of the transformation will follow once i figure out how to fix my camera, i know, super glue it and paint over it.