Monday, 27 June 2016

"Probably the best British team in the Euro's"

OH, we're the only British team left in the Euro's, ha ha!

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Nice weather for ducks!

Here is the nice weather today on Zakynthos (25/06/16) 7.05pm.

And here are my ducks at home, got 6 in all, Webley, Lucy, Quince, Foie, Pandora and Duck. Here are Webley and Duck.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

I may need a bigger catalogue.

I know i know its been a while but been so hectic what with making t-shirts, moving furniture in bar, in, out, in. out as not sure what weather is doing and i am no longer living in a travel tavern i now live at "Oceanic Abbey". Yes i have a home.

So lets start with t-shirts. I was running out of dead rock star legends so we have diversified on to just bands in general. So many people have bought the Rock Legend collection t-shirts over the years that we needed to add some new designs and couldn't wait for any more singers to pop their clogs, so here we have the latest additions.

Some have been submitted by customers wanting certain designs and the others are my additions.

Now then, we have a new range which we've only just started which is our classic "Gig Flyer" collection. I am starting to search the net for original gig flyers from concerts of years gone by and converting them in to t-shirts. We have done 4 so far but more will be added when i have time to sit and look for more.

And the last 2 are just experiments which are a range of work in progress but available to purchase.

Now then the exciting news you've all been waiting for, yes you 5 people. "Oceanic Abbey". I was starting to give up hope. I had wandered lonely as a cloud up streets and dirt tracks and nothing to be found but then..............HALLELUJAH! IT'S A MIRACLE! I had a sign.....literally it was a sign on the side of electric gate post. I was riding from Aghios Sostis one day, through Laganas, through Agrilia and then there it was a vision of beauty, a "To Rent" sign. Now i thought this house can't be the one for rent surely but after a short call to a lovely greek guy who spoke very good english i took the plunge and said "YES" like the man from Del Monte, is Del Monte still going?

So here in all its glory is a tour of "Oceanic Abbey" from outside to inside.

My front balcony.

My side balcony.

My back balcony.

The Guest wing.

The Guest wings wardrobe.

The Laundry service.

The Oceanic Suite (New mattress awaiting delivery)

The Oceanic suite storage

The oceanic suite en-suite

The master bathroom

The serving kitchen with dining area

And the main Parlor.

The view from the Pavilion.

A selfie of me watching the Queens 90th Birthday, BORING!

So there we have it. "How much?" i hear you say. Well if i said 500€ that wouldn't be to bad for all that would it? Nope. 450€ would be real good wouldn't it? Nope. 400 is a great deal right? Nope. 350€ now that would be amazing, Nope. All that i showed you is all mine for....wait for it.......300€ excluding electric. How crazy is that? and it is within its own secure grounds. I could not believe my luck, so now i'm settled in and relaxed after nearly 7 weeks of living out of my holdall.

So just a little more to tell you but not much more. Been for my favourite meal at my good friend Georges Kanalos Taverna. Egg and chips. OH MY GOD, something so basic tastes so good. George gave me the biggest hug ever and said his heart was sad that i wasn't here last year but now he is very happy. He is such a nice guy, known him since 2005 when Kanalos was 3 tables, 11 seats, gravel floor, no roof and cooked on 2 rings from the little shack building. How Kanalos has changed over those years.

So that's it as not done much else, business is steady, health is good and ready to start on my adventures again to keep you entertained. So till next time.

Serve All, Love All, Peace All,  Kevlar Out!