Saturday, 28 July 2007

I'm Willy Wonka!

Hello all you lovely people ( and some not so lovely) I'm becoming the Willy Wonka (I SAID WONKA) of the adult sweet industry. After my success with "vodka gummy bears" and "gin jelly babies" i'm now in the process of making "Bacardi cola bottles". So to set the record straight these are my creations before the others follow suit.
Who knows where this will lead to, my favourite gummy sweets at the moment are "gummy octopuss" but their to big to fit into any bottle, bugger. So it may be a bucket with them being soaked in Vodka North, the experiments continue and the guinea pigs i mean customers are plenty.

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

The troops are gathering!

Ajax my man, bring those colours with you as we'll be wearing them loud and proud. Oh by the way bring some crumpets, Lea & Perrin Tomato sauce and Beef in gravy of your nan LOL.

How tough are we!

Hi blog readers, well the masses are collecting and seem to be enjoying cafe zante which is a good thing so i hope to chat to a few of you online in the chat room if i ever get finshed early which i hope doesn't happen for my business sake not because i don't want to chat to you all HAHAHAHAHAHA!

I would never have believed it but my bar has been voted the second most favourite in Kalamaki on a certain website after Cave Bar which is fair enough as it is a beautiful place, there was a disagreement saying that these people haven't visited my bar but i would argue against that as i have had a very busy season and met loads off the certain site, not bad for a bar that has nothing apart from soft lights, nice furniture and chill out music, oh and a short ass welshman that the customers take the piss out of but thats cool as some people can take life to serious, you know who you are, BOO! Lifes to short to complain and moan so get a grip and get a life, live life for today enjoy it while you can as you may not be here tomorrow.

Where did that come from, i'm now a philosopher, i'm not up to the greeks Socrates standard yet. (Thats Socrates the greek philosopher not Socrates the brazilian football player)

Monday, 23 July 2007

Life is sweet!

"Look ma i'm on top of the world" its all going to plan here even though its hit and miss with nights, one night every seat full the next quiet but still hitting target, all my customers have been so nice and have been great company, i talk to every customer that comes in and its nice to find out about other people, some people have even made out they've been in to my bar but haven't, hey thats up to them but whats the point. so its now time for the pool and to chill before opening. as you can tell i'm in a very chilled out mood typing this, life is sweet.

Friday, 20 July 2007

Its a record!

Wow last night i was as busy as a doughnut seller who had visited weight watchers LOL

The lightning quick pace of my short stumpy legs were put to the test, the best sellers of the night were my cocktails (only original brands used) even with me selling Mythos 1.50 euro a pint. Would have helped being a octopuss last night having 8 arms to shake them all but i survived with just the 2 and everyone had a jolly good night and hit over the 400 euro mark. It may not seem much but if you've seen the size of my bar thats good going.

I don't have any blackboards outside bar or promotions, my customers come in for the look of the bar and to relax also to see me sprint across to the shop when i run out of stuff, My record is 29 seconds which i set last night and was timed by an independent judge. I must buy some go fast stripes for my trainers to make me go quicker or even buy some slippers as when i was a kid i could run faster in my Star Wars slippers, MAY THE FORCE BE WITH ME!

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Free the Zakynthos 1!

Since my ban from a certain site a campaign has been started up to "FREE THE ZAKYNTHOS 1" Sir Bob Geldolf has even started plans for a concert at OCEANIC BAR, yes thats OCEANIC BAR LOL

I've had many e-mails since with support for me and asking why so here is THE TRUTH, behind my ban pending, i'm very lazy so i'll just post it on here instead of e-mailing everyone individually also i wasn't even notified of the ban and the site owner has been on the island but wouldn't come in to see me to talk it through, so they had the chance to sort this but didn't and the owner even drove past my bar.

Anywhooo, I told the owner of the site that 2 leading members of their site ( had been victimising my bar and members could see that, also i told the owner that the site had gone down hill, that 1 of the members was damning the island instead of promoting it which wasn't helping matters with tourism over here and the other member had been spreading rumours about my private life (not the bar) which is none of their business and if i want people to know my private life i will tell them on here. Anyway the rumours weren't true so that shot the certain member down in flames. So folks i then got a ban for telling the owner whats been going on while the 2 members who are doing wrong continue to post. If i'm banned pending an investigation so should the other 2 don't you think?

The reason for me posting this is because of my ban members are only getting one side of the story on the site so on here i can tell the real reason.

I've been hearing positive feed back about my readers support and i'd like to thank you all very much, the revolution starts here, FREE THE ZAKYNTHOS 1.

Friday, 13 July 2007

Well would you believe it!

My world is going to fall apart. I've only ever been naughty once (when i was 10 i stole a mars bar from woolworths) But now i've been banned from a certain website, no not but another site. I say this "YOU WANT THE TRUTH, YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH" LOL.

Some people would prefer to sweep things under the carpet than listen to the truth but pretty soon that carpet will have a big lump in it and its hard to flatten it when it gets to big, oh well my life goes on but some peoples lives may stop as they don't have me to talk about and bad mouth LOL

Anywhoooo life on this wonderful island is going so well i have now started shopping at Lidl twice a week as i can now afford to, Oh am i allowed to mention Lidl? of course i can, i can mention what i want its my blog, Lidl is great its the best supermarket on the island, i went there everyday on my holiday, thats my honest opinion i just hope it doesn't get deleted LOL you know who you are you naughty people.

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

I've created a monster!

Dear diary,
The gummy bear vodka has taken a turn in events it is now "VODKA GUMMY BEARS" 1 week has passed and the gummy bears have drunk all the vodka and are at mutant size, i fear the worse. These once innocent creatures are now drunken vodka filled body mass monsters. "THE BOTTLE CANNY TAKE MUCH MORE CAPTAIN SHE GONNA BLOW" i must free these hostile jelly animals and hope for the best but whoever comes across one, approach with caution and as for the results if you do, DEVISTATION!