Saturday, 13 September 2008

The bar has been raised!

No i don't mean i've put my bar up on stilts but on Sept 1st 2008 i had hit the target that i had made for the whole of last season, so i am over the moon and still with 2 months trading to go. I had a quiet week up until thursday but this is the norm as its the period between school holidays finishing and couples coming on holiday after the kids have gone back but from thursday i've been packed out again everynight, also due to the nights getting darker earlier people are coming out earlier and going home earlier which is great news as i'm closing earlier but still making my target every night. Lots of earliers in that part don't you think LOL!

So now i'm getting some me time and also getting to pool at around 9.30am, i'm already starting to wind my season down so its a really nice feeling to have knowing that this season i have worked damn hard with a full bar almost everfy night but not struggled with the season where as others are saying its their worst season ever.

Again i couldn't have done it without all my lovely customers who have been so nice and pleasant, also a big thank you to all the negative people who have been against my bar from day one in 07 but have never visited as you have spurred me on to prove you wrong which i think now i can say i have.

As for next season nothing can be taken for granted what with prices of holidays, pound to euro and personal circumstances but until i haven't got life in my body i will continue the best i can and not let my standards drop or let my customers down.

So here's to you all your all great, Yammas!

P.S. The negative people are always welcome in my bar i don't hold grudges thats if they can swallow their pride long enough LOL you never know you may enjoy the bar even though you think i'm a short arsed welsh git.

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