Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Dear Diary.....13th November 2018

Dear Diary.....13th November 2018

just logged on to do the update on my blog in Costas and the Christmas songs are relentless in here so I'm going to now, on the spot come up with a poem, it may take some time and be rubbish.

"November means Christmas all over Wales
  Storms and rain being battered by gales
  that special time is 42 days away
  when father Christmas comes out to play

  But why so early with the crappy songs
  the festivities for Christmas last far to long
  we all must be jolly and become excited
  within side me anger and annoyance is ignited

  Christmas adverts make peoples tears drip
  I want to shout at them loudly "Get a F**king grip"
  Its just a advert to make you spend cash
  customers go crazy for that Black Friday dash

  One day is enough maybe a few hours at most
  just to eat turkey with a Christmas hat host
  Kids don't care about old St. Nick
  they just want that most expensive selfie stick

  So lets all forget the real meaning of this day
  as your credit cards get max'd at the prices you pay
  for presents you buy that aren't really needed
  just because little Johnny and Julie begged and pleaded

  Aren't you glad its only once a year
  but for 2 months "CHRISTMAS" is all you hear
  roll on Jan for a happy new year
  when Easter will start, oh joy, all cheer"

  BAH HUMBUG TO YOU ALL! Best thing about Christmas is Kevin the Carrot.

So what ya think Diary? I know I'm not in the league of Dylan Thomas, more like Pam Ayres at her worst but not bad for 15 Min's in a coffee shop eh?

Back on with the update.


Swansea was nice but there's no place like home. When i was living in Cardiff i didn't think much of it but now I've moved back i appreciate it more. 

Great to be back in the capital to watch Wales beat Australia at the Principality, to watch Cardiff Devils in action at the IAW, go out for some lovely food with my partner and just generally enjoy my life being happy with the one i love and my family.

Unfortunately since I've been back and been to Cardiff Devils games they haven't won, up until then they hadn't lost. I do apologies Cardiff Devils fans I'm sure it's not my fault.

The Cardiff Devils team and management have been very generous and given me a players ice hockey stick that has been signed by this seasons team so i can put it on display in the bar next year.

The players stick is Josh Batch.

 Signed by the whole 2018/19 team.

The ice hockey stick at the moment is on display in my reading room that my partner has decorated for me and above my reading throne she has displayed one of my all time music idols, Mr Dave Gahan.

A rainbow. Not sure what else to say about this pic but we did walk to where it hit the land and there was no pot of gold. I did however get a sack thrown over my head and was asked for my lucky charms. Yes i am short but i ain't no leprechaun to be sure.

It does feel weird this winter not working at Toys R Us and playing with toys, after all i had been with them 17 years every winter and didn't have any time to myself.
This year now i have loads of time to myself and its been great. I'm going to lots of events, having a few nights out at our local and just having a laugh.
On Saturday we went to see Rock of Ages at the New Theatre in Cardiff after the Wales rugby game. That was a busy day i can tell you.
I have seen the show before in London and enjoyed it then but it was nowhere near as good as this version, just a shame the New Theatre stage is a bit small but the performance was amazing. 
The company was great as we both like that sort of music with seats smack bang at the front and centre, the audience were more involved than the London audience and Curly Watts from Coronation street played the bar owner Dennis (yes i know his real name is Kevin Kennedy but if i said that you'd be going "Who?") where as in London Dennis was played by verbal abuser/stalker Justin Lee Collins who isn't a actor and to be honest wasn't very good.
In all Saturday was a great day and night out.

Well apart from walking miles, drinking coffees, enjoying my weekends and loving life back in Cardiff there isn't much else to say. I do have a few rants that i need to get out when I'm not in a happy mood so i will leave that for another day when its wet and miserable outside but today its sunny and I'm hap-hap-hap-hap-happy.

So until the next rant filled update......

Serve All, Love All, Peace All Kevlar Out.