Monday, 10 April 2017

"Forgive me Father........"

I have to start with this "Forgive me father for i have sinned. It has been 2 months since my last blog update and i have left my beloved blog followers waiting, please forgive me".

Thank you so much for all the messages of concern and support and i can tell you all is good in the world of Kev, couldn't be better in fact. Had a nice relaxing winter and spring, a bit to relaxed actually and not known what to do with myself.

I have had just a couple of days work but not much. I have been building a new Toys R Us store in Swansea. Sort of funny, we sell Lego and building a new store, we'll refitting was like building with a huge Lego set.
Firstly the store had to be gutted, painted and new floor laid. Then it was our time. In one day i moved 280 boxes of metal shelves weighing 15 kg each, by hand, one by one, 10 meters off a truck on to a pallet ready to take out on to shop floor. That's over 4 tons i carried. I have to say at the end of that day i was broken, bruised and muscles burning.

Here are those said boxes.

Couple of days later the store was good to go after 2 teams working round the clock and it don't look to shabby at all.

Also i never knew that i had a character named after me on Thomas the Tank Engine and his personality is exactly the same as mine, amazing.

So i hear you ask "What else you been doing?" Bugger all! is the reply.

Well not completely bugger all. I have got back in to watching the Cardiff Devils Ice Hockey team. As you may or may not know i used to have dealings with the Devils between 1996-1998 when they were the first team to win Sky's Ice Hockey Superleague but this team is awesome. This Season they won the Challenge Cup, The Conference Cup and The ultimate cup the Elite League Title. Last weekend they were playing in the Play-off final but it was a Cup to far, they lost on a sudden death goal after 36 mins of overtime, that's almost 2 extra periods of play which i find a bit mad as there would have been another 2 more periods before a penalty shoot-out, the game itself is only 3 periods. I think one period of extra time then penalties is enough. But the boys did Cardiff very proud.
My 2 nephews Kyle and Leighton, well, I'm very proud of them to. They lifted the cups high for the Cardiff Devils in their victories, well done to them both for lifting the cups together.

Oh, did you think they played for the Devils? Good God no, they can both just about get out of bed for work let alone put a shift in on the ice and get battered. I'm just proud of them managing to lift the cup together due to the weight.

My all time favorite player is Mike MacWilliam. He was huge and a one man wrecking machine, even the refs had difficulty pulling him off the other guys. We used to talk quite a bit and he showed me his X-rays of all the surgery he had. Really nice guy and always took time out to speak to me whatever we were doing.
So for your delight here is Mike in action.

I did the announcing on all the games you see below.

The modern game still has its enforcers but the officials have now been told to stop the fight before it starts where as before it was left to go on until one of the players were on their back or both punched themselves out. I liked the good old days better.

Please don't think I've turned in to a train spotter as i haven't but have you seen these new trains yet?

The front can come off so you can add another engine and make the train longer.

That's so cool. Won't make a difference to South West rail though as they are always on strike. Topical news there lol.

So i know you like my rants but to be honest I'm so laid back at the moment i don't really have one but i will try to think of one, Thunk, Thunk, Thunk Thunk!
Fabletic wear worn around the streets as every day wear I've done already, more mature not bothering to cue, done, cyclists on pavement when there is a cycle lane and them going through red lights, done, reality Z list programs, covered, people using facetime or loud speaker conversations in public, tick, bad sign writing, done that, well there seems to be no rants today folks, Sorry!

Now time for the music section of the blog. As you know i love my music, most good, some a bit tacky but hardly anything but today i will give you some music videos that are so poor they need not of been made.

Firstly, Cliff Richard. We can still mention him can't we? Yes. OK so this video is for his hip song "Wired for Sound" it combines the 2 biggest crazes of the time, roller skating and Sony Walkmans.
The reason why i have chosen this video first is that for most of the video Cliff looks like he is being pushed by someone off camera in to shot with the comforting words "There you go!".His spin is off the radar i have to say. Enjoy!

Next we have Survivor - Eye of the Tiger. Great film Rocky 3, love it, song was OK but after so many years of listening to it, i can just about bare it but the video, well what can i say. Firstly the group of men (the band) walking in front of the camera are being led by Citizen Smith (70's sitcom, look it up) and secondly even though they are walking in a menacing way they look like they just walked out of a comic book store or have been playing Warcraft in a model shop. Look out for the expensive backdrop off black bin liners glued together and the band members head toss with water, its a classic.

And finally a band who i think could have been huge, bigger than they were but the grips of rock n roll got to Brian Connolly the lead singer. Now this song has a Caribbean feel to it with steel drums on the track. So what do you a Caribbean promo film right? Well sort of. They got the beach right, well done, but unfortunately i think they filmed in winter, during a storm force gale and among the sand dunes of Eastbourne. Its so bad.

Well its been a long day for me so I'll rap it up there for now but now you all know I'm still alive and i will update once I've done all i have to do so that's in about 3 weeks time. Will have to get the Internet to save having to sit in town in my coffee shop every time i want to do an update but i can sit outside in the sun to do it i guess.

So until the next update with all the news and pics i will say ya su.

Serve All, Love All. Peace All, Kevlar Out!