Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Season 2008 - Good or Bad?

Well its time to look ahead to season 2008 and my 8th year on the island.

I read across about 6 websites for the island and all i've seen is negative posts about the season going to be quiet, how do these people know this? The tour companies are the only people who know how many rooms are sold on the island.

The island has alot of repeat tourists who wouldn't go anywhere else but for new tourists wanting to find information about the island and come across these negative posts of speculation that the season is going to be quiet they may decide to opt for somewhere else due to these posts that aren't based on any facts just hearsay and rumour. We need sites about zakynthos to be positive for the island to help with tourism which is the islands main income but it seems some like to start rumours and be negative towards the island before the first flight of the season has landed, WHY?

Just because one hotel has had less rooms taken on by a british tour operator doesn't mean they've taken less in the rest of its hotels, they may have taken on more rooms in a more popular hotel.

Just because there are less flights coming in doesn't mean there wil be less people it just means you got less choice of flight days, last season some flights were half full, so if there were 2 flights half full within the week cut one flight to give less choice and then have just one full flight. Its plain business sense it doesn't mean they're cutting flights cause of low bookings also companies have also been known to add flights if the demands are high so it works both ways.

Any business owner on the island would agree with me that tourism needs a healthy boost, so who are these people who are so negative? It wouldn't be someone who owns a business as you have to be positive about seasons for your business to survive. It doesn't help, so can they just wait till the 1st of May before they start condeming the island.

Saturday, 26 January 2008

About bloody time!

Yes, Yes, Yes i know i've been a lazy git and should keep my blog updated but now i've started to get things together for my bar its time to be looking forward to another great season, with fun and laughs with dear friends who visit my bar and also new friends i'll make over season 2008.

So i hear you mumble with little enthusiasm "what you been up to kev?" well i did my usual 7 weeks at Toys R Us over christmas which i've been doing for the 7 years that i've also been in zakynthos and now my body has been given up to medical research in london and south wales.

I've had my medicals with 2 companies to see if i'm healthy enough for medical research and i'm pleased to announce i'm 100% fit in all areas, i did question my height as i'm sure i'm meant to be taller but they assure me i'm just a short ass and no medical help will make me taller, bugger.

So what made me decide to put myself forward for medical research? I wanted to give something back to society which doesn't mean me putting my hand in my pocket and donating money. I've put myself forward for advance medicine research which means they try out the drugs on me first (first human subject) before me these drugs would have been tested on animals so really not much of a step up trying them on me next (no funny comments please). Just think one day my name may be linked to a cure or wonder drug for something, instead of taking a "asprin" you could be putting a "kevlar" in your mouth. ooh eer misses. Anyway time will tell and will keep you informed when my research begins and how it goes.

By the way i am serious about the medical research i have signed up with medical centres in London and South Wales and have passed the medical screening as 100% fit.

As for the bar i've got some good ideas and bought new decor for outside but this i'm keeping a secret as i know spys read my blog and copy so you will see all when your on your hols in 2008.

So here's to a good 2008 and the start of my blog updates, hoorah, hoorah!