Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Seasons moanings to you all.

Well boo boo boo and very miserable Christmas to you all, hope you all got gifts you didn't want but were to polite to say anything. BAH HUMBUG!

Now i have passed on the joy and reality of Christmas to you all, how are we my lovely blog followers?

Only kidding. I do have to say though Christmas could be a bit shorter. WHO SAID "What, like you?". HOW DARE YOU! I heard the first Christmas song in a shop on 30th Oct. Really? 5 days would be plenty 23rd Dec till 27th Dec. That's all it needs to be, not 2 whole months.
I myself have been Santa's little helper once again this winter but it was a bit weird this year. The toy store i work in is closing in January for a complete refit so we had to get the store ready over night for the next shopping day but we couldn't put to much stock out but had to put stock out, does that make sense? They didn't want us to ram the store full as it all has to be packed away for refit but the store had to have stock on shelves to sell, along with that we were also starting to collapse down the store and this winter there was only 2 of us working through the night. In years gone by there were 6 of us on nights, now only 2 and still the same amount of product having to be replaced so i am a physically and mentally drained, so I'm glad its all over for another year.

Just a little rant about things I've seen over Christmas:-

"Black Friday Sale - finishes Tuesday" - How? How, how, how? How can a sale called "Black Friday" finish Tuesday, Ridiculous.

"January Sale Now On" - This was advertised on 22nd Dec. How can a January sale be in December? Idiots.

"Christmas happy hour all day" - It's not a bloody happy hour then is it if its all bloody day. Moron.

The best part of Christmas are the adverts and hands down the best this year was Lidl (other supermarkets are available) with Kevin the Carrot. Kevin has become a very popular name in recent years. So here is a history of famous Kevin's.

Kevin the Gerbil. Classy, sophisticated TV presenter who was always the better presenter compared to Roland Rat.

Kevin the Bird from Pixar's "UP". Colourful, outgoing Kevin stole every scene he was in.

Kevin the Minion, YAY! My twin. Handsome, funny, Glass wearer of the year, short, tuft of hair and looks mighty fine in a pair of dungarees

Kevin the Carrot, a plucky little adventurer whole stole the show over Christmas.

Kevin Costner.....................Kevin Costner.

Here is a little Quiz. Who is the odd one out.
Kevin the Gerbil, Kevin the Bird, Kevin the Minion, Kevin the Carrot or Kevin Costner?

Kevin Costner. He's had more failures than success where the others have never had any failures.

So we are almost at the end of 2016 and 2017 is almost here. Another year another season in the sun and another year older. I have some new ideas for Oceanic but not got it down to fine details yet as not all will fit in so need to tweak and fine tune it. Flights are sorted both ways already and do you remember this little adventure:-

Well guess what.........I'm doing it all again on May 17th when Depeche Mode are playing in Athens at the same place but this time i got Gold VIP tickets which i have had sent to me this time so i don't have to go through the hassle of collection and i'm surprised that they have already arrived, woooooooOOOOOOOOO! I am hoping not to be harassed, chased by dogs or sleep rough on metal stairs in 2 deg temps over night but you never know. I put myself in testing situations but i always come through them. Well.......lets see shall we.

So i haven't got much more to tell you as its just been work, sleep, work, sleep oh and eat but i needed to let you all know I'm still alive and now can have some time to myself after all i haven't really had any time to do things for myself since April and since being home had maybe 10 days off, so that's 10 days off out of 224 working days, i must be mad. Think i need a break don't you? Lets see where shall i go???????

In my next thrilling update i will be exhibiting my selfies as i have read up on how to take the perfect selfie and i have been taking some wherever i am so that will be a joy for you to behold.

So until my next update after new year..........

Serve All, Love All, Peace All, Kevlar Out!