Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Woohoo, Yeehaa and all the rest!

Today after using a tank of petrol, miles of walking, hundreds of steps and more money i have all my licences and can now legally open, no more hiding under the counter i can serve a beer with confidence.

Its been a very long and stressful process but i come through it in the end, what don't kill you only makes you stronger GGRRRR!

I'm exhausted at the moment so its a vodka, pizza and to bed to recharge the batteries ready for the grand opening tomorrow 30th may 2007, woohoo. It will be difficult to stay sober on the first night but i'll try LOL

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Surprise Surprise - is Cilla Black on the island?

Well would you believe it, i still can't open yet as more tax stamps needed, Just give me the bloody stamp and i'll do it myself LOL

All inspections passed, licence has the go ahead as now its just changing over owners instead of applying for new one but another tax stamp needed and i have to produce my blue card resident permit to pick up my licence but once again my blue card is delayed, it was going to be ready within 2 days, 16 days later my police report from athens still hasn't come back.

I wonder if they've found out that i stole a mars bar from woolworths when i was 10, OH NO! I'm on interpols most wanted list.

Monday, 21 May 2007

My life so far in zakynthos, its a rollercoaster, good job i like them. LOL

Well lets see, ah yes february i came to this lovely island to start the joys of paperwork, on my final day i needed one signature for the paperwork to progress and the woman had a day off and no one else could sign it, bugger.

Jump forward 2 weeks to my return to zakynthos middle of march, paperwork starts again, work on bar goes well and its ready to open 1st may.

OUCH! Dreaded wisdom tooth gives me so much pain extraction is needed which leaves me with serious side effects and wipes out my immune system. Damn you viruses, fever, headaches, cold, sickness, ill for 5 weeks. Ah the joys of teeth.

2 weeks into season still waiting on paperwork but then a message comes to me, "YOU CAN OPEN" only to be told by my accountant i need another 4 papers to go with the other 20 million i have before i can open. My paperwork has now wiped out half the amazon rain forrest.

Wed 16th may, easy rider almost becomes ghosts rider as i put my bike in a ditch and can't remember a thing, Those aliens are a bugger for wipping your memory clean after medical testing. Bike and rider are fine minor scratches and i'm trying to sue the alien Kodos of the planet Anusprobus16 but no answer on his mobile, bloody signal on that planet is crap.

Friday 18th may, still no sign of my final paper then Lord Lucan shows up (previous english bar owner) who has been off the island 18 months, what a lovely surprise to find out he still owns everything in the bar but all was sorted sunday morning so you won't get piles sitting on the floor now and the word was given to open Tueaday but i like surprises so i bet there will be another one tuesday. I can't wait.

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

"I'm going slightly mad" as queen once sang.

I know i know, what a well kept blog i have, up to the minute reports on my progress with in depth detail LOL

Well I was 5'6" now i'm 5'4" with all the running about from office to office, my little legs carry me as fast as they can "RUN FORREST". I had the go ahead to open om monday only to be told the tax office wanted to inspect the building so my accountant said the building had to be empty and that meant everything had to be stored away and i mean everything. The joys of opening a business in greece LOL. Really this part should have been at the beginning not when i've completed the bar for opening.

On the up side i got a 32" plasma tv for 285 pound, don't know where i'm going to put it in my apartment as it will be like sitting in front seat of cinema but i'll save on batteries for the remote as i'll be sat close enough to use the buttons on tv. Now what film shall i watch first.