Friday, 10 October 2008

2 weeks to go!

Well what can i say! I can say quite alot actually as i am learned in the art of conversation.

Its been a great, no amazing, no mind blowing season for me and i've worked bloody hard by giving the best service i can to table, making the drinks and keeping upbeat to make my customers holiday that little bit more enjoyable.

I get feedback from customers who have drank in other bars so i know whats being said about the season but holidaynakers don't want to hear about "how bad the seasons been" or "my business is dead", people on holiday have their own troubles and worries and come away to enjoy themselves and forget just for 1 or 2 weeks whats going on at home so they don't need to be met with a slapped ass face and moans.

You the customer is what keeps us here with our businesses so you should get the best most pleasant service we can provide, if it wasn't for you we could not survive.

Also this season there has been lots of nasty views and opinions on websites for the island and all i have to say on this matter is, Whats the point? Every business can survive out here if its run properly and what the customer wants, there is somewhere for everyone and not everyone will like the same place, if you've never been in a certain place don't knock it till you can say "i've been there didn't like it", also people who haven't been to the island for years can't really comment as this place has changed so much even within the 2 years i've been in kalamaki and 8 years on the island. So what i'm saying is, talk about what you actually know not what you think you know or have heard, till you've actually been in a certain place you can't make a judgement or comment, and most of all just enjoy your holidays and stop being so childish and petty on these sites, these sites are set up to help tourism and give advice and all i can see is that it may be damaging it when people read the posts and see petty arguements, lets get on and try to help Zakynthos.


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