Thursday, 21 March 2013

I'm devastated!!!!

My dear readers it is with heavy heart and sad news that i bring to you today the end of Girls Aloud. Hang on, what am i saying, YEEEHAAAA! EVERYBODY PARTY! That's one idea to scratch of my Bucket List "Make girls aloud split up", TICK! Now i have 6 more left:-

1/ Get TOWIE axed
2/ Make 1 Direction self implode.
3/ Get Jeremy Kyle arrested for public bullying on TV
4/ Get Jeremy Kyle's guests tested for traces of brain
5/ Get Alan Partridge Knighted
6/ Become Pope

I got a good chance of 5 out of the 6 but think trying to find traces of brain in a Jeremy Kyle guest is a long shot.

Well I'm keeping an eye on websites for the island and its all looking good for tourism so far with the amount of people researching things for holidays to Zante, seen a few things that make me think things aren't going so good for people on the island. I'm sure they'll get better once it gets closer to the season. Winter on Zakynthos seems like an age so everyone will be glad when the tourists start arriving. Also had some messages from people that tell me of what businesses are closed this season around the resorts but until i see it for myself then i take it with a pinch of salt.

Helen and I went to Llanelli for a couple of hours to have a look round the town centre, it took just 1 hour, talk about Polish city, even the signs outside shops were in Polish not even English let alone in Welsh. We decided before we left to have a coffee in the market and Helen fancied a piece of toast so she ordered a slice. Now when you see this slice you may mistaken it for a pie but look closely it is toast but its the thickest piece of toast i have ever seen, it must have been 1 1/2 inches thick. Even me with my big gob struggled to take a bite.

So whats been going on this week in the world.

The Budget, well it doesn't actually bother me as i lead a simple life but 1p off a pint, OH MY GOD, lets go out to the pub buy 300 pints then the 301st would have paid for itself  LOL.

Comic Relief, sorry i mean Comic Good Grief. It was terrible as always, great that they raised 75 million but do we really need the studio bit? I'd prefer just a load of sketches then a message at the end of each one.  Highlights:- Rowan Atkinson's Archbishop speeches, brilliant and David Brent's Equality Street Video. Low lights:- Everything else, absolute dross.


Of course there was the little matter of Wales beating England, COME ON YOU WALES!

For the rock fans who read my blog Dave Grohl Nearly threw out Lee Ryan from Blue (Who?) for being to drunk at his after show party for Sound City Players. Dave Grohl said "There was this English singer who was with us who was completely wasted. We almost had to throw him out. Have you heard of this band, Blue? The guy kept telling us how many million records he’s sold. I was like, ‘Really? You?” Love it, great sarcastic put down.

On ITV there was the programme "Our Queen" which was a behind closed doors look at what the Queens life is like. After having to sit through 2 hours of this boring rubbish they didn't tell me anything i didn't know already apart from she sits with David Cameron alone and looks bored as he talks. She parties allot, she gets expensive dresses made for her, she travels allot, she's got way to many homes, her Jubilee was a washout and she jumps from helicopters. I knew all that already so it didn't need 2 hours.

A lottery winner has lost all his money and is now broke. After watching him on TV i can see why, he got his uni band back together and tried to become famous. Idiot. Just be happy with the money you got i say. Large house = Large costs, Flash cars = Large costs, Freeloading mates = Large costs. I see the lottery advisers did a good job with him then LOL

Beyonce is the new face of H & M clothes. Bet she won't wear them outside of the photo shoot.

And sadly James Herbert the writer of The Rats and The Fog has died. The Rats was the first book i ever bought and scared the Bjesus out of me. Really great author.

Its video time again my jolly readers. This week I've been trying to find an advert from my youth. From the 70's. My sisters used to have a little blue carry case that when you lifted the lid it was a record player. The lid would come off and that was the speaker. You plug the lid speaker it in to the base and away you go, it was battery operated.  Like this but light blue.

The advert was of some friends using it sat on a fun fair ride as its going round using the portable record player playing 7 inch vinyl. It was so funny thinking back on it. Imagine carrying the case plus then another case for your favourite records, you'd need a whole army of people to carry the records that an MP3 can hold. So I've searched and searched but can't find that advert anywhere but i found this which is about the same. They call it a portable player LOL Imaging keeping that in you top pocket. It reminds me of a Transformer - suitcase in to Record player.

Now its music time. Last week it was from The Sweet as its the first vinyl i ever played. This week is a bit more up to date. After watching Peter Kay's awful sit down for comic relief i saw the video which included James singer Tim Booth singing of course "Sit Down". James are mostly known for this song but the songs in later years were far better and people seem to only remember Sit Down which i think is pretty rubbish. So to show you what your missing here is my favourite James songs. Enjoy.

And this one is my song of the moment on my MP3

And i couldn't leave you without a funny/weird blast from the past. This video is from 1981 and as I've said in a previous post i love obscure one hit wonders and this is no exception. They started off as a UK punk band in the 70's but made it big (well with this one hit) in 81 and got to the dizzy heights of No.5. They did release others but the only other chart record was "My name is Norman Bates" (yes from Psycho) it reached No.40, that truly was an awful song LOL Enjoy.

So that's it for another week. Its so good to remember all these songs, programmes and adverts from my past, i need to keep my brain jogging my memories as the memories of last week fail me LOL

Serve All, Love All, Peace All. Kevlar Out.

Saturday, 16 March 2013


So its 45 mins after Wales crushing victory over England and watching all the post match interviews. Why can't the English be gracious in defeat and stop making excuses. Before the game Clive Woodward (ex England coach) Said "England are to strong and will win" also "England team have more prospective British Lions". Clive Woodard (ex England Coach) at half time "Wales are leading but England have the stronger squad and will still win i think".
Clive Woodward (ex England coach) at full time "This England team aren't as experienced as Wales and aren't a grand slam winning side yet". Now hang on clive, you can't have it both ways buddy LOL. Also if Warran Gatland was to choose players for the British Lions from that England display only Robshaw and the sub Mako Vunipola put any effort in. Lets be honest 30-3 isn't a lucky win is it.

Even on the RBS 6 Nations website the england headline is "Wales stun England to defend RBS 6 Nations Crown". To stun is to surprise which means England weren't expecting Wales to win. Silly Boys!

And these were Stuart Lancasters words "“We are gutted. We got in at half-time and felt we’d had a decent half, We realised we hadn’t got our execution right and we didn’t dominate the breakdown and the set-piece was a problem. But we still felt we were going OK" So not much wrong then LOL

Everyone who was interviewed from the England camp said England would win but it would be close. HELLO! Even Owen "look at my beautiful face before i kick" Farrell couldn't rise up to the occassion due to the 16th the player, the great welsh crowd. Also i think this stat is correct i maybe wrong but i read Wales have not conceded a try the whole championship, is that right? I can't remember last weeks game let alone the others ha ha.

I have to admit between last years 6 nations and this years 6 nations Wales have been awful and should have won 2 of the test matches against Austrailia but couldn't seal the games which was a problem.
England after beating New Zealand were being hailed as a World Champion side but the side note on newspaper articles was tiny and brushed under the carpet that the New Zealand side had been hit with the norovirus the week before the England game and fielded their most fit players. Just saying LOL

No, today Wales came to play and beat England at their own game, Hit Hard, Faught for Everything, Every player used the ball when in hand and didn't give up.
England kicked to much, made to many mistakes, the atmosphere got to them and they got frustrated after the first 10 mins which to be honest isn't the England way.

Also BBC, why the hell did you finish the tournament off with the most boring James Bond theme ever, Skyfall. What a terrible way to end a great weekend of rugby.

So a big big well done Wales but remember boys "Your only as good as your last game" I think thats what i meant to say.

Sorry England this video you may not want to watch LOL.

Serve All, Love All, Peace All, Kevlar Out.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

God damn it! Why always me?

I've missed out on the Pope job, AGAIN!

There i was sat on my swivel throne in my contemplation room waiting for the white smoke. I sat, i stared, i see the white smoke, the phone rings, my heart races. Its O2 asking if I'm happy with the service they're providing, "Get off the line I'm waiting for an important call". The call didn't come.
It seems that they did try but my phone was engaged and they had to change their decision as the masses were getting restless. They decided to go with Jorge Mario Bergoglio or as he will now be known Pope Francis the first and guess what, he's 76. He is also being called "The Pope that never smiles", give him a chance it hasn't even been 24hrs.
I'm Gutted. I was looking forward to being called Pope Blodwyn the first.

Here is me practising my acceptance speech in front of a waiting crowd.

Unfortunately they didn't look that thrilled, may be the welsh accent putting them off LOL.

I have added a new feature to to my blog for you all to use, its a comment section that will be at the bottom of each post from now on. And before anyone thinks of adding swear words or calling me names the comments get moderated before being published LOL.

So what have i been up to this week. Well even less than usual. The weather has got worse so no bike rides, no DIY left to do in the house, there is only so many times you can polish and hoover.

So the last piece of the Oceanic jigsaw is almost complete. The online shop is almost finished, got to sort out paypal for purchases but the main body of work is finished. All orders will be going straight to Spiro at the t-shirt shop on Zante then he will send them out. So here is your preview of the shop, its not live yet as a bit more work needed so you can't make purchases or contact us but you can have a browse. As we come up with more designs for the shop they will be added.

To go along with the App

And the new website, Don't forget on the new website i have my song of the week for you to listen to, its a classic this week.

Whats been going on in the news this week. bugger all, its been even quieter than my days stuck in the house. Whats going on in the world, there is nothing i can take the mickey out of ha ha.

Last weekend we did go to Cardiff to meet our good friends Janice and Phil. Now some of you will know Janice and Phil from Oceanic as Phil is my non-working assistant manager in charge of Amstel tasting. We sat with them having a chat and laugh for 2 1/2 hours over a few coffees. It was lovely to see them without me rushing around making drinks.

Now i won't lie to you it has been difficult not working this winter. Just sitting around for hours on end is killing me. I think this is why i come home during winter time cause here in the UK i have at the least 2 months full on work to keep me occupied. People have asked why i don't stay open during the winter and my reply is Opening Oceanic during winter in the hope someone will pop in at some point would make me go insane. This way by the time the season starts i get a great buzz from getting the bar ready to open and all my ideas are fresh after being away from the bar. If i was there all winter just sat in the bar i think by the time May came around i would be drained of any excitment i may have had for the next season or i'd be an alcoholic LOL.

Think this is going to be a short update LOL

So on to this weeks videos of the week. First up is the TV programme from my childhood.
This is another of those 70's kids lunchtime programmes. Its dinner time, you'd run home in the hour you had, get your food, plonk yourself in front of the TV and watch a acid tripping programme created by some drug crazed hippy for children. I think some of these producers need hauling in for warping kids minds, do you think i could claim LOL. So for your viewing pleasure here is Chorlton & the Wheelies. This had a Dragon wearing a rasta hat and a welsh witch that lived in a teapot, yeah you figure it out.

On to the music blast from the past. I was thinking back to what was my first single i ever bought with my own money was in 1975 and that was Black Sabbath - Paranoid but thats a well known song that is still played these days. So then i was thinking back to the first song that i ever played on a grammaphone (that was the old word for a hifi). We used to have a sideboard unit that had speakers in it with a sliding door that when opened unvieled a record deck with a centre stacking pin that you could load 6 vinyl singles on to and they would play one at a time, it was the first version of an MP3 player only you would look stupid with this in your pocket.
Anywhoo, i can remember this song so well, in fact i can even remember the vinyl, it was on an orange RCA label and on that label was a transfer sticker of a cartoon soldier that my sisters friend had rubbed on to it. Even though my memory is fading fast these days that image has stayed with me since 1973, weird! So, the song is by Sweet who i think were totally underrated and lost the plot. The song is "Papa Joe". This is music video with a minimal budget, no sunny Hawaian beach for these guys more like Margate LOL. Enjoy.

Well once again this update comes to an end for this week. Hopefully next weeks will be a bit longer
Until then.

Serve All, Love All, Peace All. Kevlar Out!

Friday, 8 March 2013

Please check the rogues gallery to see if you can spot yourself!

And here it is, the new Oceanic logo that will be the new signage for the the bar, isn't it lovely. Big thank you to Spiro for sorting it out for me.
I've re-designed the Oceanic website for you all to make it more user friendly, It was to be honest a pain in the ass having to turn all those pages, it looked good but not very practical. All this week I've been working on the new website and the website for the online shop. The online shop still needs some work as its a slow process building it with pics, shopping cart feature etc etc but should be live by April but until then enjoy the new site. Are you on the rogues gallery? If not post your pics of yourself in Oceanic on the facebook page or send them to me and I'll add them.
Also i will be adding my song of the week every week for you to listen to, it may be from a new band it may be an old classic but its just a little bit of fun for me, the mp3 player i had on the old site isn't available any more on the website that i built mine with. 
And yes i know, the drinks aren't on there yet. Thats because i haven't finalized the cocktails for this season.
Lets look at a few things that have caught my attention in the news this week.
Very serious news as the Queen is taken ill. She may not be able to make her public appearance set for August.
Lets say it as it is, she's got the backdoor squits. She may not be able to make a public appearance in August? Give me a break, she hasn't lost a limb.

Kate Middletone almost slipped up that she's having a daughter.
One reporter said "you've got to feel sorry for her", Why? Cause she almost said daughter? You feel sorry for someone with a terminal illness or in difficult circumstances not cause they slipped up on the sex of their baby.

Thomas Cook to axe jobs and close shops after struggling with debts.
Oh dear, Not looking good eh? I say just put it on the market for a buy out to save the misery of people losing their flights and holidays. I'll bid a pound, you got to be in it to win it LOL

Justin Feeble, i mean Bieber was 2 hours late on stage and 1/3 of the audience had to leave as they were that young and it was past their bedtime. Parents were angered.
See, now if i was his manager i would do a matinee show for the under 16's and an evening show for over 16's then this problem wouldn't have happened but then again his evening shows would be empty, hmm tough call.

The Vatican has said they will take their time to choose the next Pope.
You know why that is don't you, they can't find where my house is to interview me. Damn living in the back of beyond ha ha.

People Like Us on BBC3 absolutely brilliant real life TV, TOWIE on ITV2 absolutely terrible, orange, fake, crap TV.

A baby was born on the 18:18 train from central London to Kent, the baby was born on the seat next to her mother.
The conductor said "You can't leave it on the seat next to you people have to sit there, it will have to go up on the luggage rack" Jobsworth! LOL

And thats the highlights of this weeks news.

We actually had a sunny day, don't faint now folks. I was surprised as well but i made the most of it. So out came the bike. The last time you saw my bike it was like this:-

But after a morning of washing and polishing she now looks like this:-
(Say this next bit with a southern American accent) Isn't she preeeeerty!

It was time for an adventure on the bike. Not far from where we live there is a river called Towy (No not like the crap tv show) which stretches from Carmarthen Bay far inland. Along that river were a Castle, forts, towers and an amphitheatre which were built many years ago and some of them still remain. My quest was to find out where they were. These were built along this river to stop the invading armies that landed in Carmarthen Bay. They were built up on high hills so they could see the armies marching from miles away.

I first found Dryslwyn Castle. This castle when it was built in 12th century for the Prince of Wales Rhys ap Gruffyd had a village surrounding it and a fort high up on the hill with a watchtower. Its a great place. Many of the foundations still remain and part of the watchtower but the village and fort have long gone as these were not built to the standard of the main castle.

This next picture was taken from the foundations of whats left of the watchtower looking towards the coast. Even from here which is a lower point than the original tower you can still see for miles on a clear day. If you look just to the right of the main building you can see in the distance a hill and on that hill you can just about see on the top of it another building.

This view is inland from the watchtower, you can see the river running through the valley. The large patch of water is flooding from the week before.

As stated in the previous pic this is the building on the hill you could see opposite it. Its a tower, a tower called Paxton Tower. Its an impressive building but for one i think a bit pointless as it had no importance apart from holding banquets on its first floor. It was built in 1806, that's 400 years after the castle was built. It was built in honour of Lord Nelson's death at Trafalgar. Bit extravagant and what a waste of money but then again Sir William Paxton was a Merchant and Banker so i bet he was loaded LOL

Stood close to it you could see this building featuring in a horror movie, it is very Gothic.

But the view you get from one of the 3 entrances is stunning.

After following the course of the river i couldn't discover any more buildings as most had been destroyed and the earth had grown over them. Where the amphitheatre used to be its now just a grass bank with not even a stone to show where it used to be but i enjoyed the places i had found.
I'm not really in to the whole history thing of who ruled what and married her and all that but i love being in buildings that have stood for hundreds of years and where battles were faught, people were imprisoned or sentenced to death. I think that's why Greece has such an appeal to me due to so many ruins and buildings that are hundreds even thousands of years old.

Even after being on Zakynthos for 13 years i still like to try to find new things out about the island but i think I've read all i can about it and visited 95% of it but while searching on the net i came across a band from the island called "Zante Dilemma". If i'm being honest their very good and enjoyed quite a few of their songs. After listening to their songs i looked at their cd covers and i think they could make quite a bit of money out of them with law suits.

Take this cd cover, its a great design but i think they should take some legal action against the band Marillion. How obvious is it that Marillion have copied them.

Can you spot the similarity?

And again their cd cover has a very moving image but look who's copied them, its only Tears for Fears. I don't know how Roland Orzabal and Curt smith can live with themselves LOL

As you know the other weekend we went to London and i gave you my report with a few pics. I forgot to raid Helens phone for her pics so here are a few more of what we did and where we went.

This pic was taken at a cafe in Spitalfield Market. I was going for a Jim Morrison moody type pic, he liked having pics from outside of himself inside bars and cafes. Don't think i pulled it off LOL

This was at Camden Market of a Scooter Boy with his scooter. I think if he took all those mirrors off he may go allot faster, may even reach 30mph.

This is The Shard. Me in a thick state of mind said to Helen its not finished yet only to realise it was meant to look like that as its meant to be a shard, DUUUUGGHH!

Now this place was amazing. Its in the heart of the financial district and haven't got a clue what its called. It looks like all buildings are original from the Victorian period with a glass roof and cobbled streets. Its near The Gerkin. It was like stepping back in time. Its just a small section of a crossroad in amongst all the high rise buildings, amazing.

Its video time, Hooray!

This weeks tv show blast from the past is again a childrens programme called H R Pufnstuf starring Jack Wild (The artful dodger in Oliver). I loved this show. Every morning during school holidays it was on. Mind you looking back at all thesze 70's shows i do have to ask the question, were these tv makers tripping on LSD.

Now for my song choice of this update. There are thousands i could choose from. Some normal, some weird, some you'd never of heard of but i've chose this one just for the absolute knowledge that its so crap its brilliant. Look out for the boggle eyed guy his name is Dan Hegarty, he used to scare me, freaky guy. At this band were like someone had grabbed a load of various people off the streets and said "Right, your a band" just weird. The band are called Darts with the song Daddy Cool. You may also recognise the presenter, miserable git LOL

Well that's it for this week my dear friends and readers. Hopefully by the next update the online shop will be almost ready to go live but i'm going to say the beginning of April so i got time to get it right.
So until then.

Serve all, Love all, Peace all. Kevlar out!

Friday, 1 March 2013

I'm the new Guvnor of the manor, do one! LOL

Isn't it meant to get warmer as it gets closer to Summer? It's bloody freezing! Every day i wake up and put my motorcycle thermals on under my clothes just in case the sun comes out for a split second so i can just get straight on my bike and go out for a ride. Its ridiculous.

Isn't it great when you find somewhere new to go that you never knew existed and that place is just behind your house LOL.
I think i must have been walking around with my eyes closed since living here. The other day i was out and about and there not far from my house was a country park. It has 5 different walking trails, a wildlife feeding station and the lowest lake of its kind in the UK. Basically the lake is a natural lake which you usually only find on high ground like in the lake and peak districts. The lake is 19,000 years old which they calculated from soil samples taken from deep in the ground. Its a beautiful place, peaceful, secluded and freezing bloody cold even with the sun shining. I can imagine in the summer time it would a nightmare there with kids, dogs, horses and rubbish but at the moment it was great. I walked around the lake with my headphones on singing at the top of my voice "Last of the Famous" by Morrissey (happy chap i know LOL) as i was the only one there apart from frogs, birds and grass snakes. Oh i almost forgot, there was also a pony all alone, it looked very sad so i went and talked to it. Didn't say much be but the pony told me to tell you that she was a happy pony, she said it was better than being a donkey as she didn't like sand or a pony owned by a unemployed mum of 11 who lives on benefit and is having a house built especially for her with tax payers money while other people who have lost their jobs are being made homeless.

Map of the lakes walking trails.

Hello, is there anybody out there?

I guess not.

My little pony, awww!

So as you can see from those pics we did have a sunny day last week, amazing i know.

This weekend myself and Helen went to London for 3 nights, guess what, it was even colder up in London. Got there on the Friday afternoon about 4.30pm and went straight to our hotel which was next to Liverpool Street Station near Whitechapel, home to Jack the Ripper, home to the Blind Beggar Pub, home to Petticoat Lane, home to Spitalfield Market, home to Ripper Street TV show and home to Whitechapel TV show. So as you can see home to allot of interesting things. The first night was just a quiet affair with drinks and food.
For our food we went to a bar called "Woodin Shades" the bar was packed but they had a restaurant upstairs which was nice and warm. I ordered crispy pork belly with root veg and creamy fresh mash with a mustard cream sauce, mmmmmmm. Helen had shepherds pie with horse meat LOL.
Now i like my food and was disappointed when a small plate of food arrived, oh well the taste may make up for it, NOPE! The crisp pork belly wasn't crisp at all, i've had crisper boiled spinach leaves, the fresh creamy mash was instant mash YUK, and the root veg altogether must have amounted the size of a half a small potatoe. Not happy. We paid and headed off to hotel as it had been a long day.

Don't be fooled by the pic, it was a small portion.

Saturday. This is usually the day of shopping but due to all the markets we wanted to visit this was put off till Sunday when they were all open. First we went to visit the pub where it was the beginning of the end for Ronnie & Reggie Kray, The Blind Beggar Pub, Unfortunately because it was 9.30am it was closed but if I'm being honest it was a bit of a let down. I wanted it to be a tiny corner pub on a back street with a gloss tiled front but instead i found a large building with a beer garden on a main road and advertising sky TV shown here . My dreams were shattered LOL.

I'm the Guvnor now, get out of my manor you slaagggg!

From here we went on to Regent Street and Oxford Circus where i was looking for the Cafe Royal as i was invited for lunch there whenever i was in London but i couldn't find it and me being the stubborn me i didn't want to ask someone so we ended up shopping LOL. Well, Helen ended up shopping i went to the pub that i usually go to while Helen shops in Selfridges or wherever. Talking of Selfridges, where were all the ladies wearing hats that i see on the TV show about the store.
The pub is called Marlborough Head, i really like the real ale here but there was one problem, French! Not so much the French themselves just there was lots of them in there due to England playing France at Twikers.
While we're on the subject of rugby why is it that the "national" press praises England so much but makes the other teams sound lucky that they've won. England have been far from impressive but the "National" press said Leigh Halfpenny bailed out Wales against Italy with his boot. Hang on, Didn't we score 2 tries? I can remember a time that if it wasn't for Johnny Wilkinson England wouldn't have won half the matches they did. Already in this 6 nations England beat Ireland only through the boot of Farrell in a game where Ireland were the better team, stats don't lie. How quickly the "national" press forget. So to stop the game becoming boring a penalty should be 2 points, a try 4 points and a try conversion 2 points, that way it would encourage more open running play. Anyway, rant over, back to London LOL.
After a few drinks and couple of shopping bags later we headed back to the room to drop off the shopping and go to Covent Garden to watch the Wales v Italy game, and what a great game it was, i was very proud of the welsh boys who were playing in horrid weather conditions. After the welsh game finished we went to O'Neills in Chinatown to watch the English game. It was so cold outside we decided to start with a coffee but only to be told we couldn't have one even though the coffee machine was on and the bar sold coffee. We were told we couldn't have a coffee cause if someone else saw us with a coffee others would want one. EH? isn't that the point, to make sales? and lets be honest we all know coffee and tea have high profit margins. Jesus, if i rejected to make half the drinks I've been asked for that aren't on my menu I'd only be 1/2 a millionaire LOL.
I turned my nose up, tutted and we left and made our way closer to the hotel as the wind was making the temp -2. Went for a meal at the White Hart Vault, much better here, then after a quick drink off to the hotel as we had a long day on Sunday.

Sunday morning and coffee was calling. Costa's to be exact and in there was Celia Imrie. Whenever in London Helen always wants to spot famous people, when i told here "Celia Imrie is over there" and explained what she had been in, Helen replied "No, i want to see someone really famous", Women! you can't win LOL.

Celia Imrie just in case you don't know her.

Petticoat Lane was our first market of the day, move along, nothing to see here, just tat!
Camden Market next where i was looking for a retro leather jacket. The place was heaving, absolutely crazy and colder than the day before. We had a quick walk around every stall and market shop but due to it being so cold neither of us were happy and just wanted to get warm.

Just a few of the shop fronts in Camden, great place in the sun and warm, miserable in the cold.

I remember reading of a shopping centre called Westfield so i suggested we go there.
Much better, warm, indoors, not as crowded and i could have a sit down with a coffee and read the Sunday paper. It was like the Trafford Centre in Manchester only bigger but without the restaurant & fast food area. Really enjoyed the day here which is amazing for me as i hate shopping.

There was a Dorothy Perkins shop that was decked out outside with just the Kardashians (Who?) These are a family who aren't famous for anything apart from being on a reality show. How sad has society become that people who have done nothing in their life apart from being thick get a show about themselves LOL.
It seems they are also famous for leopard print.

Go back 30 years and you'll find its nothing new folks, i give you Julie Goodyear.

After a few hours of walking around the centre we were a little hungry and walked back to the tube station and directly opposite i saw the building of dreams, The BBC. Took a walk over but didn't look like much was going on, didn't even see a security guard. I can remember so many great programmes showing this building at the beginning of their shows Roy Castles Record Breakers, Swap Shop, Alan Partridge, Children in Need, U2 performing live outside it on Top of the Pops, Noels House Party and Jim'll Fix It.
OK maybe not the last two programmes and definately not the last one.

We were so shattered at the end of Sunday evening. We had been up and out from 9am every morning since Friday and walked miles in the freezing cold and i do mean miles. I can walk and walk but by 7pm Sunday night after walking round London for 10 hours every day my calf muscles were solid and on fire. We had planned to take in a show which we try to do on each visit but it just wasn't happening. We were to cold, to tired and just wanted some comfort food and warmth. KFC it is then. Not just any normal KFC, oh no, 12 chicken fillets, 4 fries, box of chicken popcorn, 2 corn on cob, 1 coleslaw and 8 dips MMMMmmmmm! That was a great finish to another wonderful weekend away Helen.
We did allot more than what I've written but i don't want to bore you all so that was just a quick highlight. So here are a few more pics for you to take a look at of our weekend away.

Most expensive round of the weekend was here at The Merchant of Bishopsgate Pub in Liverpool Street Station, 1 pint of  Green Kings IPA (Cheapest bitter) and 1 bottle of Kopperberg, guess how much? £9.20, OMG! Let me see one complaint on the websites about prices on Zakynthos LOL

The most expensive fish and chips i found in London was next to Liverpool Street Tube Station can't remember the restaurants name. Fish and Chips here £17, fresh battered fish and chips from the chippy across the road from our house in West Wales £4.90, no competition really.

This was the view from the doorway of our hotel, as you can see we were in the heart of the financial district, now which window do you reckon is Lord Sugars LOL.

And this is the view from our hotel room, nice to see a bit of greenery amongst all this concrete.

Before i go i promised you a new member of the Oceanic Family and here it is. I have built all by myself an APP for android phones. Its still a work in progress as its quite complicated but you can watch it grow. At the moment it's downloadable on certain tablets and iphones. I have to pay for it to be live on each platform of phone, so at the moment its not available on iphones, sorry.

I have seen it working on a Samsung Galaxy 3 so have a go and let me know if it works on your phone and what phone you have. Cheers for that.

And here for you is the last in the designs of the Rock Legend T-shirts. So this is the 4th design. This is the "Live" collection, just a few to look over.

Happy St. Davids Day everybody or in welsh "Hapus St Davids Day", Oh, not much difference really LOL.

Question:- Was the Brits award for Global Success made up this year just so One Direction could win something? Come on, Coldplay have had more global success than them but did they get this award, NOOooooo! Queen had global success did they get this award, NOOooooo! Mumford & Sons have had global success they won a grammy, did they get this award NOOooooo! Adele has had massive global success, did she get this award, NOOooooo! (you get my drift) So why the hell make up this award now? I'll tell you why, Simon Cowell lining someones pocket at the Brits LOL.

Now then its video time again. Firstly a TV show from the 70's i was about 5 years old, think it was on in afternoon or early evening when i first saw it, Fred Truemans Indoor League on ITV. It was a sports show for people that weren't that energetic and didn't want to leave the pub. Here are just 2 of the highly skilled sports these olympian athletes competed in. Listen out for Fred going on about "bashing the misses", couldn't say that nowah days lad LOL

Now then its blast from the past time. My music tastes reach high and wide. Its not all rock and punk you have to be very open minded (apart from bubblegum pop and R n B) when it comes to music and i love one hit wonders. Here is the song that got me in to break dancing (many many years ago) me and friends used to take a large square of lino in to Cardiff town centre on a Saturday and dance all day to entertain the shoppers. Some people would drop a few coins for us but we were doing it cause we loved to dance not for money but the odd 50p was also good. The song is by the Rock Steady Crew, now they actually started dancing as a crew in 1977 but this song brought break dancing and the crew to everyones attention. The back flip that Kuriaki does out of the guys hands became my signature move. Enjoy.

Ahhh, don't you just love looking back at music videos. More next week folks. Till then, eat like its your last horse burger, laugh like you've heard X factor and Towie have been axed, sing like you think no one can hear you and love as though the other person is the only one on earth.

Love all. Serve all, Peace all. Kevlar out.