Monday, 15 September 2014


Oh my god, i am so sorry. I've been so slack with not updating my blog but Helen was here for 2 weeks and the bar has been manic and just been so drained that i couldn't even think to write the blog, my poor little Welsh brain has been frazzled.

So let us begin, bar talk as always first.

August was looking like it had gone down the tubes with 9 nights just about making target but then from out of nowhere the last four nights turned it all around and August was on par with last August which was my best August but to be honest that's better than i expected, so nothing more and nothing less, I'll take that.

Sept so far, BOOM, BOOM, SHAKE THE ROOM. Manic, crazy, relentless, headless chicken, BRILLIANT!

Someone commented to me " Its not like work though is it really" EXCUSE ME? I slightly flipped. Within a 2 1/2 half hour period i serve on average 200 drinks, that's 1 every 45 seconds, that's taking the order at the table, making it and serving it to table and i still have to clean up and wash the glasses. Its definitely work trust me, just ask my body and brain.

Now when the world cup was on there was a question on Tripadvisor asking "Places to watch football", within that topic someone asked is there anywhere not showing it and i replied "yeah me" and to which one member asked "Are you Gay?". First of all what a stupid thing to say, not everyone likes football, not everyone likes sport full stop. It doesn't mean your gay cause your not showing football and to be honest football isn't the most manly of games anyway, coiffured hair, designer pastel coloured boots and if you breath to hard next to another player they go down like they've been shot and need to leave the field only to run back on fine 10 seconds later.

So for that brainless idiot on Tripadvisor this is why i didn't show the world cup.

England v Switzerland, Euro 2016 qualifier, No football, No TV's = Full Bar, i rest my case LOL.

Helen was here for another 2 week break which she thoroughly enjoyed with her little car and also with Rob, Richard, Trudy, Jackie and little Kel, such a happy little child and looks great in an Oceanic t-shirt LOL.
Once again due to me being so tired and the bar being so busy we didn't get to do much together but we did get to go out on the odd occasion for some lovely food which is always nice but she enjoyed her holiday.

STOP THE PRESS! There is a new food scandal, First there was horse meat burgers, then catfish being passed off as cod, now we have whale meat being passed on as chicken and i have the proof.

The evidence is clear for all to see, this chicken dipper is made from whale meat.

I love my honey Jack Daniels and Helen said she had me a bottle, GREAT! What the hell is that? Is that a real bottle? what is the point in a bottle the size of a small water bottle? It didn't even last 5 drinks, mind you, my measures as you know are rather large.

Another t-shirt from next years collection, quite proud of this one.

Little Kevin is almost fully recovered so i will take him on a road trip Sunday. He has had many get well messages and also a few presents. Georgia made him a mini Kevin out of those craze elastic bands for him to cuddle up to in bed and Brian and Penny bought him some Minion Haribos. Kevin says thank you for both the presents but he thinks eating the Haribos would feel like canabalism so i obliged him in polishing them off, NOM!

Few days buddy and we're on the road again.

On one of our days out for food we went to a beach called Marathia. To get to it it was a bit of a trek down a steep, rough terrain slope, a bit dodgy really, had to be real careful. At the bottom of the slope i spotted something. I think Steve Mcqueen must have been down here at some point, LOOK! its his bike from The Great Escape. Must have been his last attempt of escape. The Germans definitely wouldn't find him down here.

Marathia Beach, what a great find.

This is where we ate at Marathia Beach and i have to say the food was amazing. 15 Min's after this pic it chucked it down with a thunder storm just for good measure. The taverna is called "Votsalo", its No.1 on Tripadvisor.

Allot of you i will not see now till next season as your holidays have been and gone so just to keep you going here are a few pics of this seasons cocktails.

Here is Highway To Hell, this has been very popular indeed, maybe cause its one of the stronger cocktails but not the strongest. 

The classic Blue Lagoon, notice how it fades from light blue at the top to darker blue at the bottom, just like a lagoon, that's why its called, Blue Lagoon.

We have Whiskey in the Jar, here's Baileys in a bucket, For those who prefer a much much larger measure.

One of the biggest selling cocktails, the Screaming Orgasm, not just for ladies don't you know LOL.

New for this season the Strawberry Cheesecake, not really good on a diet.

And to finish off with, the world famous Banoffee Pie cocktail, this definitely is an after dinner cocktail.

Now you may think i don't dress them up that much with sparkly bits and hanging monkeys but as i always say "Its all about whats in the glass, not whats on it". You can dress a cocktail up to look amazing but if the drink inside that glass tastes like dish water it doesn't matter.
"You can dress a donkey up to look like a stallion but underneath its still a donkey"

On a coffee break i use many of the coffee shops in town. One of which is Bliss Art Cafe. On this particular day they had an artists exhibition of some of his paintings. Very good indeed but he seems to have a very keen interest in one aspect of art can you guess what it is? (That was definitely not a reference to you know who)

Yep, you guessed it, shading LOL.

On one of our lunchtimes out we went to a little taverna 5 Min's past Tsilivi down a little side street on the coast, it was called "Ambula Taverna". What a great location and lovely food, Lamb chops, Mixed salad and a fish platter, mmmmmmmmmmmm i can taste it now.

On the day of taking Helen to the airport i studied the departures board and bloody hell, where are these destinations, never heard of them, It used to be just UK airports, Athens, the Greek islands and Amsterdam, now i can't even pronounce them let alone know where they are:-

Timisoara, Domodedova, Charleroi, Iasi, Neapel, Katowice, and last but not least Ljubljana.

Now i like Pizza and this is a Pizza, but no ordinary Pizza, this is a meaty Buon Amici Pizza, mmmmmm.
Sorry about the piece missing but i just couldn't wait.

And just to make sure they are all just as a good, for research purposes of course i had the vegetarian pizza...........with meat. And as before i can confirm they are the best pizza's I've had on the island so far in my 14 years. Well done for earning the Kevlar "2 thumbs award".

I'm not allowing Kevin to read this update as i think he may go in to shock but on a restaurants menu i noticed that they were actually serving minions filleted. Poor Kevin, i think he would be devastated. They've even got hold of one of his Mexican relatives.

Now as you know, i love cereal, any time of day cereal is a good option for food. And i was talking with my good friends Ian and Lisa about a cereal that i hadn't seen for years, Golden Nuggets. Last night who should arrive back on the island, Ian and Lisa but this time they left their boys at home (they are old enough) and brought me a giant box of Golden nuggets in their place, i did reimburse them for the plane seat that the cereal took up.

And due to all my lovely customers bringing me out my king of cereal "Frosted Shreddies" i now have enough to keep me going through a nuclear war until the radioactivity dies down. mmmmmmmmmmmm
soggy frosted shreddies, HEAVEN! Notice the healthy option next to them, olive oil and balsamic vinegar, hmmm that's given me a food creation idea.

Well that's another 2 1/2 hours of sat in front of this laptop but i did have allot to catch up on and its for a good cause, to give you my loyal customers and friends something to read and hopefully a little chuckle on the way to brighten up your day.

So next week there will most definitely be another update after mine and Kevin's Sunday road Trip

So until then folks,

Serve All, Love all, Peace All, Kevlar Out!