Wednesday, 24 April 2013

YES,yes, its all true, I have been seen wearing a suit LOL

Well my fine blog followers a rumour has been spreading around the world wide web that I was seen out in public wearing a suit with Helen. I would like to say YES, its true, I did wear a suit. In saying that it was for a good reason, I got married to my lovely Helen. It was a lovely day and both sides of the family enjoyed the occasion. I would like to say a big big thank you to my mum and to Helen's dad. In fact a big thank you to all family members who attended and for our lovely gifts and cards.
Also someone had arranged for some world famous stars to attend or big day. George Michael, Theo Paphitis, Elena Paparizou, Sakis Rouvas, and Stavros Flatley . Due to contract regulations we were not allowed to have our picture taken with the first 4 in the list, so, Stavros Flatley obliged.

We haven't had the proper wedding pics back yet so here are just a couple that family have taken.

This my beautiful Helen before the wedding, she still had time to run at this point LOL

This is "The Family", when the family comes together, you know something's going down ha ha

Note: Leighton, this isn't the official picture, this is one taken by "The Family". Will send you the official one when I get it.

Now that was just a family only affair and dress rehearsal for the main event which is going to be on Zakynthos at Helen's favourite place. Invites are going out slowly via post and Helen's facebook. So that means I have to wear a suit, AGAIN! LOL

On Tuesday I went to Cardiff just to have a pint with the world watched actor nephew Leighton Kyle, my other nephew Head of BUPA organisation skills Kyle Morgan and my brother in-law The welsh ambassador for teaching of rugby skills Colin Morgan. It was a fine evening out with a few pints and a free meal of Bangers & Mash, mmmmmmmmmmmm free meal, we also watched Barcelona get stuffed, OH DEAR! While we were out we came across a reward poster that was on a lamppost outside one of the pubs we visited and this is the poster:-

Now why would someone take a picture of their car key?
Was it a matter of "I better take a picture of my keys in case I lose them" or were they a fortune teller who could see in to the future and knew they were going to lose their keys so took a picture, BUT, If that was the case they would have known if they were going to be found or not.

On Wed morning after my night out I walked in to town for my journey home. I decided to take a walk past all the clubs I used to DJ at in Cardiff city centre. As Alan Partridge would say "Welcome to the places of my life"

First nightclub I ever DJ'd in was a club called "Neros", this was a pretty upmarket club that the well to do people would visit. While DJ'ing here I met the cyberpunk band Sigue Sigue Sputnik who we had booked to play. What a weird band but I loved their No.1 single "Love Missile F1-11".
Where Nero's used to be is now a club called "Glam".

The next club I was the resident DJ in was called "Jacksons" next to the old Cardiff Arms Park (now Millennium Stadium) This club was your run of the mill standard club that played music for every taste in sets of 15 mins, rock, pop, soul, oldies, party, you get the drift. Also while here we did many parties for the Welsh rugby players and I also DJ'd a party for Colin Jackson the World Record Hurdler.
Its now the Welsh Rugby Union Store.

Next on my list was a club that was called "Ritzy" then it was refurbished and opened as "Panama Joes". This was a huge club on 3 levels, entry level, balcony level and then dance floor level. This was more of a dance club. It was here that I met The Prodigy but it was on their promotion of "Charly" which was their first ever single, we thought it was rubbish but after that first song all the others were great. Also my mum in her early working days was a waitress here when it was called "The Top Rank", the club then used to be owned by the cinema company The Rank Organisation, they're the ones with the guy banging a gong.
Its now a Primark superstore.

There used to be a railway office building by Cardiff station that had been empty for years. This was converted in to bar and club called "The Great Western". I moved on to this club as it was the newest place in town and started there from the opening night. I used to do a general disco night on a Friday and Saturday and a Rock/Punk/Indie night on a Tuesday, can you guess which night I preferred.
All these years later its still open but only the bar section.

And here we have the last club I DJ'd at in Cardiff, it was called Coco Savanna's. This was the first super club in Cardiff, it was huge, 2 levels, the most modern lighting and sound system, high end seating and décor. was a lovely looking place. Here I met many famous music artists but the one I remember the most was Go West, they were promoting the song "King of wishful thinking" from Pretty Woman. I got slightly drunk and went to meet up with Go West for a drink. We sat down and chatted then I said "I love your new song from Pretty in Pink, its really great". At that point Peter Cox gets up and says "Its Pretty Woman" and storms off leaving me with Richard Drummie, we just sat there in silence looking at the table till Richard said "I better go". Fun times LOL.
Coco Savanna's is now called Icehouse part of Oceana complex.

It was great to look back at all the clubs I've played in but there is a sad side to Cardiff clubs, this picture is of the top end of St. Mary Street opposite the world famous Caroline Street or as its famously known "Chip Alley". Here were some of the busiest bars and clubs in the city centre, The Philharmonic, The Square and Life. Now all those clubs which you can see in this picture are closed, every building is empty. Such a shame and a waste.

After working at all those clubs in Cardiff I started on my DJ travels around Europe, Ibiza, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Corfu, Crete also did a little tour all over the place playing in clubs then retired from the DJ world at the ripe old age of 28 but came out of retirement to DJ on the Millennium New Year. I have DJ'd a few more times but in rock bars and rock clubs, no way I could DJ dance music now, its all crap LOL.

When I went to Swansea last Thursday I spotted a sign above a toilet that I've never seen before.
The sign shows that the facilities are for the disabled but it also seems they are for Magicians and people who have fallen through ceilings.

What's been in the news this week:-

Mo Farah is allowed to run the first 10,000 metres of the London Marathon for some training.
I applied to the London Marathon but they wouldn't allow me to run the last 20 metres to prepare for my supermarket dash, So unfair.

Olympics opening & closing ceremony have been nominated for a Bafta and there is an athletics event to celebrate the first anniversary of the Olympics.
How long can they keep dragging out this Olympics? I believe Seb Coe is posting daily on his twitter account how many sleeps since the Olympics.

England rugby teams summer test series has been confirmed against Argentina.
They're hoping that choosing an easier side will make them look better than they actually are.

The Welsh female cast members of MTV show "The Valleys" Apologies in advance to the people of Wales for their behaviour in the up and coming new series.
The 3 people who watch this crap have accepted their apology.

The Valleys female cast at Aintree for the Grand National, Aren't you glad your not Welsh LOL

It was said this week that 100,000 Romanian and Bulgarians could be heading to Britain this year.
One TV news report asked a Romanian woman why she wanted to come to Britain, her answer was "I love the UK after reading Harry Potter Books".
She's gonna be well gutted when she turns up and no one has a wand and she can't watch a quidditch match.

"Its video time with video kev, video kev, video kev, its video time with video kev so lets all take a look"

Well this weeks are pretty simple choices, just 2 music videos this week.

The first one is from the band that I met in Nero's. Sigue Sigue Sputnik. I thought I would post this video just in case you can't remember the band or the song, or maybe you wanted to forget them LOL. Here is "Love Missile F1-11".

My next choice is from the band I am going to see in Athens on May 10th, yes I'm actually having a night off during the season, but just the one. The band are Depeche Mode. I've waited years to see them, I had tickets for myself and Leighton to see them about 5-6 years ago in Manchester but we couldn't make the journey up there so I was gutted. But this winter I noticed they were touring again but it started in May but they were playing Athens so I bought my ticket and thought sod it, I may never get to see them ever if I don't go now. This track if it comes on my MP3 player makes my heart race faster and gives me a kick in my step as I'm walking. Can't wait to see them live and i'm in V.I.P. area, oh yeah baby!

Well you lovely lovely people, its time for this update to finish and for me to pack my laptop away to come with me to Zakynthos. I fly Friday and land on the rock 11.30am, start work at 12.30pm LOL. Well get my paperwork done first as soon as I land before they close for the weekend then get to work on our new home and then sort out the bar.
Next update will be from our beautiful island, Zakynthos.

Serve All, Love All, Peace All. Kevlar Out!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

9 days and counting, now its getting exciting!

Is it really only 9 days till we're back on Zakynthos, wow! The winter has dragged and that's with working two jobs. Seems like ages ago since I was in the warmth of the Zakynthian sun enjoying time with friends and customers. Well its not long now. Got a night at Gatwick next Thursday then an early morning flight on the Friday. Wonder what changes I'll meet once on the island.

Not really done much this week as the weather has been shock awful here and been waiting in on deliveries for stuff for bar so I've been extremely bored but one good thing to come out of it was I changed my TV lead from my Xbox to a HDMI lead, oh my god, what a difference. The picture now is so clear, now I can't stop playing Rugby World Cup 2011, of course in this tournament Wales have won the world cup, maybe I should be their coach LOL.

Really looking forward to seeing all my lovely repeat offenders, I mean customers and friends this season. Along with the usual suspects there are quite a few returning that haven't been for a few years so will be nice to see them again.
Don't forget this season the all new unique cocktails Black Jack, Palma Violet, Sour Apple, Cola Kubes, Strawberry Shortcake and Rhubarb and Custard. I hope they hit the mark, fingers crossed.

So what's been happening this week:-

Cardiff City are now promoted to the premiership.
Come on you reds! There are only 6 welsh teams in the whole of the English league (Not including the welsh league) and for 2 of those 6 to be in the premiership is an amazing achievement. Ok the players aren't Welsh but then again most of the English teams aren't English.

Margaret Thatcher's funeral is on TV.
Bet the Jeremy Kyle viewers are torn between what to watch. Do they watch horrible people being buried under their own lies or just a horrible person being buried LOL.
What a waste of money. I'm watching it in the same way I watch formula 1, I watch that just to see the crashes. In this case I'm just watching it for the riots, come you rioters. One thing I did notice, Carol Thatcher was having a good old laugh before the coffin arrived. When's the will being read?

Justin Bieber signed the guestbook at the Ann Frank Museum saying "Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber."
So a young girl who kept a diary while in hiding for 2 years during the war,  avoided the gas chamber only to die of shock from a fall after contracting a virus from the typhus epidemic would follow a egotistical, uneducated, talentless idiot like Bieber? Give me a break and to say "Anne was a great girl" as though he's met her, CRAZY FOOL! STAY IN YANK LAND AND DON'T BOTHER ANYONE ELSE!

Britain's Got Talent is back.
Here's the annual event for all the "looney on the bus" to be humiliated on a large stage by judges who are talentless themselves.

North Korea have not launched any missiles yet but South Korea are still on alert.
Mr. Kim Jong-un must have read my blog, thank you ha ha

"Its video time with video Kev, video Kev, video Kev, its video time with video Kev so lets all take a look"

It is amazing how much good this section is doing for my memory. As I've said before I'm forgetting lately the easiest thing to remember so In doing these blasts from the past it is helping, slightly.

On to my first video of this update. I remember this children's programme from my summer holidays, they used to show it early in the morning about 9am which was usually the start of the kids programmes in the summer. I think the same person who animated this went on to produce that classic welsh culture programme "Ivor the Engine" LOL. Its Noggin the Nog, Noggin was a Viking king who had many adventures while he was trying to find a queen to help him rule his kingdom. Used to always watch this while eating freshly baked ring doughnuts and milk that my father would bring home with him after his early morning shift.

For this weeks music videos I've gone for songs from some of my favourite films. The first song from a film is a film I remember going to see in The Globe Cinema in Cardiff or as it was lovingly known "The Flea Pit". It was the only cinema that would allow any age in for any film. It used to be ratings of:- U=Suitable for children, A=5 and over but not suitable for under 14, AA=Suitable for 14 and over, and X=18 and over. The film was X Rated from 1979 so I was 11 when I saw it, it was called "The Warriors" about street gangs. It was awesome. It was ultra cool violence with a great soundtrack, acting may have been a bit cheesy from the Warrior members Swan and Ajax but it didn't matter. Baseball Furies are the best and coolest gang without a doubt. The song from the film was originally recorded by Martha Reeves and the Vandellas but the film version is by Arnold Mcculler.

Next song up is a real big slice of cheese but the film is now a cult classic like The Warriors. The Lost Boys, one of my all time favourite lines is in this film From Sam to Michael "My own brother, a goddamn, shit-sucking vampire. You wait 'till mom finds out, buddy!", brilliant! Now I was going to show you "Cry little sister" by Gerrard McCann from this movie but there is no video for that song, so that is the song of the week on my website. This song is when all the Lost Boys are at the fun fair and there is a guy live on stage. That guy is in fact Tina Turners saxophone player with her band and his name is Tim Capello. Many a night out with my world watched actor nephew Leighton Kyle have we laughed at the way this guy dances in the video. So cheese-tastic.

Well I know this update was short but at least I do update it on a regular basis and try to keep it funny as life can be to serious and there is no need for it to be. "Laugh for today as tomorrow we may die". I'm not saying we are going to die but you never know when an albatross may be carrying a grizzly bear and lose its grip and that grizzly bear falls on you. Anything can happen LOL

So until my last update from the UK next week I shall bid you farewell.

Serve All, Love All, Peace All, Kevlar Out!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

UK, countdown has begun, 14 days and counting!

Well, haven't we had some nice warm sunny days this past week. Oh the joy of sun on my face as I'm out on my bike. It's been so nice to get out and about, sitting outside coffee shops enjoying my Caramel Latte and reading the daily papers. while i was walking around Carmarthen centre I passed a house with a sign on it. I had to walk back and read it again just in case I was seeing things and this is the sign.

The sign says "NO VISITORS! If you want to come over CALL!" Isn't that just a great sign to put on your front door. I would love that sign LOL.

We're on countdown folks, 14 days today and we'll be on our way to Gatwick. Usually i'm all of a panic about getting the bar ready but this year its nice and easy, a good scrub, a lick of paint and it's ready for the season. I've got a new sign, new lighting, new rock memorabilia, new cocktails and new coverings for sofas in June. I've had great support already for this season and that's before I've even opened so I'd like to thank in advance everybody old and new who have said they will be visiting Oceanic this season and if the responses are anything to go by this could be my best season yet.
Who would have believed it, 13 years on Zakynthos and now my 7th year with Oceanic. Considering so many people said it would fail, wanted it to fail and worked against me I'm still here and Oceanic gets stronger every season. Not bad for a bar that has nothing apart from music, drinks, comfortable surroundings and great customers.

There has been a big sandstorm on the island in case you didn't know and my landlord sent me this picture to my mobile:-

Looking at that I think I better buy a bucket and spade to clear up the bar and my house. Bugger, just remembered the windows of the house were left chained open all winter, god damn it, there's nothing worse than sand in your bed lol

Been in contact with friends from the island and it seems everything is looking good at the moment and no new big laws or taxes I have to pay out when I arrive back, PHEW! It is good not having staff, it saves a hell of a lot of paperwork and worry and of course wages. I may call in my world watched actor nephew Leighton Kyle to work if it gets busier than last year but he works for beer so its a win win situation for me ha ha.

So lets look at what's caught my eye on the net, TV and in the news:-

Maggie Thatcher has died. Hours and pages of news dedicated to her, parliament called back from holidays to pay respect, her death is covered world wide by the media, almost a state funeral for her burial. One paper said "When she died her friends were with her".
Isn't it funny that we've seen more TV air time and tabloid pages of Katie Price (Jordan) than Maggie Thatcher between when Maggie left No.10 until she died but now she's dead its 5 pages every day since. Its cost a fortune to call parliament back to Westminster to pay respect, I'm sure most MP's use twitter now, that's much cheaper. She is so well known in some countries, one country showed a picture of the Queen saying Maggie was dead and another country used a picture of Meryl Streep LOL. Thousands lost their jobs and family life due to Maggie and now they are paying for here funeral. "When she died her friends were with her", didn't she die in The Ritz? So that's the chamber maid, room service waiter and Aleksy the polish window cleaner. She won't be missed in this household.

North Korea are planning to launch a missile test on South Korea.
Dear Kim Jong-un, Please wait till I'm on Zakynthos before you start a war, should be safe there.

Food Glorious Food and Great British Sewing Bee. What do these two talent shows have in common?
They're crap. Come on, is someone playing a prank? Really? TV producers are coming up with x factor style shows for everything that's typically British. So I've got a few ideas for them:-

Queue Britain - this is to find who is the most patient person in Britain who can queue without fidgeting, tutting, shaking their head, sighing loudly or looking at their watch or shoes.

Strictly Opinionated - this is a show where an expert in their field goes face to face with someone who hasn't got a clue but the clueless person still thinks their right.

Moan if your British - This is to find which person can moan about absolutely anything and just moan for the sake of making conversation.

Knit for Britain - this is a hobby talent show, Starts off with auditions of who can knit mittens the quickest, we then move on to Scarf knitting boot camp where best patterns go through without a drop stitch, Live elimination rounds Cardigan Carnage and the big finale the one on one Knitted Sofa Throw. I can feel the excitement and tension already.

I think these are viewer rating winners LOL

I was watching TV the other night about 11pm and a add break came on and I'm not lying now if god should strike me down as I type this, these were the adverts in this order:-

Vagisil - For feminine itching
Dulcolax - for constipation
Dentu Grip - For dentures
NHS Choices - For erectile dysfunction and bladder problems
Grecian 2000 - For men's grey hair

DEAR LORD, give me a gun now. Talk about making us mature watchers feel great about ourselves LOL

There is a new film coming out in September called "Rush" about the rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda. I met James Hunt when I was little boy and was in awe of him, I sat on his lap while he signed my Marlborough baseball cap. Keep an eye out for this film it looks amazing and Chris Hemsworth who plays James Hunt looks so much like him.

The news mainly has been Maggie and those evil horrible Philpotts so not much there to have fun with, fingers crossed this week will be a bit more uplifting.

"Its video time with video Kev, video Kev, video Kev, its video time with video Kev so lets all take a look".
That's the new theme song to my show, if I was to have a video clips show LOL

Going back to my school days again with another lunchtime kids show. This time its Mr. Benn. This was a guy who wore a suit and bowler hat so I'm guessing he was a executive. He would visit a fancy dress shop that was owned by a gent who wore a Tommy Cooper Fez hat (don't know why as he was British). Mr. Benn would try on a fancy dress outfit and step through a back door (heard about places like this). He would then have an adventure and return with a memento from his journey. My question is how did Mr.Benn get so much time off from his high executive job to visit this shop? For years there has been talk of a real person movie being made of it but nothing yet.

Its now time for one hit wonder awareness video. This comes from a band that when they released their first song I thought it was brilliant but this song is the only one that ever charted. This is the Lotus Eaters  with "The first picture of you", its got a nice summer feel to it.

Now this song is up there with one of my all time greats. It has amazing lyrics, great music and lots of power, Still even now when I hear it the hair stands up on the back of my neck especially when the choir sound kicks in towards the end. My world watched actor nephew Leighton Kyle had the chance for his band to support them when they toured Cardiff and they turned it down. He now kicks himself at what he did and I can't believe he chose not to support them. Leighton Kyle is now looking for work LOL. So here is Spear of Destiny with "Never take me alive".

The reason why I like to show these videos, show you my vast knowledge of music and useless information is so that some of you may say "God yeah I remember that, I haven't heard that for years". Whenever I hear a song that I haven't heard in ages it gives me a warm glow and takes me back to that time, some are bad times but 90% are good times, fun times and it jogs my memory so that's what I try to do in showing these on my blog.

Is it that time already folks, well for another week that's my update done. Really looking forward to seeing you all again this season, winter is a very long time of grey, dull, boringness LOL

Serve All, Love All, Peace All, Kevlar Out.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Hysteria! Calm down dear, I'm not closing LOL

OK,OK,OK, everybody just grab a piece of seat, sit down and calm down. I'll explain again.

Right then, so you've heard it from me and not rumour or speculation, here goes.

Oceanic is not closing. Oceanic is up for sale at end of season 2013. I will be staying with Oceanic until someone wants to take the business on. I have been looking at new premises all last season to move in to in Kalamaki so I can create a new bar. I need somewhere that is half the size again or at the most double the size. I can't make the bar I've got in mind in the size I've got at Oceanic. Also it has to be in the right location.
I'm trying to look to the future for myself and Helen and I know what the bar is going to be like and it will be big enough for both of us to work there as I can handle Oceanic by myself.
The sale of Oceanic will release the funds to set the bar up exactly how I want the lighting, décor and furniture.

Now then, is all that clear LOL.

This isn't a proper update its just to try to put my position more clear.

I've decided to add a few videos to bulk it out and for you to enjoy.

This video I found while getting new music for this season. It's horrendous . It's most probably the worst cover ever. Just look at the audience even they haven't got a clue, only 2 clapping at the front while he's singing. The singer is Paul Anka and its a murderous version of Nirvana's "Smells like teen spirit". Why is it that old crooners try to be hip by covering modern classics. 19 years ago today Kurt Cobain took his own life, if he had been alive today and watched this he would have blown his head off anyway, GOD HELP ME! LOL Switch off whenever you want, I'll understand LOL

I was thinking of British music, the Brit awards and how bad they've become, then I started to think of one year I remember the best female category had only one singer who had been in the charts that year and Kate Bush was nominated and she hadn't released a song for years. If this is the case why hasn't Siouxsie Sioux ever been nominated? She kicks ass compared to people like Duffy, Adele, Annie Lennox, Randy Crawford and Shola Ama (Who?) So lets bow down to the queen of British music, here's Siousxsie.

And to finish off with a blast from the past. In 1977 when I was 9 I had my ear pierced (ouch) and long straight blond hair that touched my shoulder. Punk came along and I decided to have my head shaved. Off I went to the barbers and off came the hair. The barber shaved half my head and walked away saying "There you go son, I'm not doing anymore" of course he was joking (GIT!) Go forward 4 years and Human League are in the charts with "Sound of the Crowd" Looking at this video do you think Phil Oakey was in my barbers at the time and copied me when he became famous? This song brings back memories of the Community Centre Disco on a Friday night and of the hairstyle I created years ahead of its time ha ha.

So I hope we're all clear on everything and now we can all go back to our normal lives.

Roll on 25th April when we hit the island. I need some warmth in the sun, yeeeehaaaa!

Serve All, Love All, Peace All, Kevlar Out!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

I have some news that may shock some of you!

Hello my lovely followers and how was your bank holiday? Well it was sunny here in crappy South West Wales which I was amazed at. On the Friday we went to Cardiff just for a bit of therapeutic shopping. For Helen that's great, for me after 2 shops I've had enough and would prefer to be wandering around a desert lost than walking around a shopping centre with screaming kids, people stopping in mid step bumping in to you, women with kids in buggies tutting as they run in to you and people walking slowly in front of you as they update their facebook status saying "I'm shopping, woohoo!LOL". God I hate shopping centres ha ha. On the plus side when we arrived we noticed some filming being done outside Cardiff Crown Court (ahh, memories) Helen of course being a woman had to know what was going on so she went and asked a guy who seemed to be the director what was going on. The filming was in fact the new series of Sherlock Holmes so now you now know for sure he didn't die at the end of the last series, oops! Did I just give something away?
Saturday was motorbike day. The sun was out, sky was blue, thermals & motorbike suit on and off I went. Even with all the proper gear on there is always somewhere that the cold wind gets in and boy was that area bloody freezing, I won't tell you where LOL. I don't bother with the main roads I keep to the back roads as they are always quieter. Everyone wants to get to where their going in a rush so they use the main roads but because they all want this they end up being stuck in traffic jams for hours at a time while I happily get to my destination without one queue or tail back. I get to my destination, have a coffee, read the paper then head back and still they're stuck in the tail backs. Ahh, bliss!
Sunday we headed out to Tenby, a little coastal resort which is lovely. Again Sun was out, sky was blue, air was -1deg. We got to Tenby, walked to a pub, had a drink, walked around for 5 Min's then decided to go back to car as hands and face had become numb. While we were walking around I spotted a number of British people in shorts and t-shirts. Give me a break! What is it with some Brits, as soon as they see the sun it triggers something in their brain that says "Sun = Warm = Shorts". NO! its not bloody warm and you look ridiculous.
Monday was to cold for anything so stayed in and watched Man Utd lose another part of their definite treble they were talking about before they lost in the champions league.
So that's the bank holiday over and back to normal. No more Easter eggs please. And not one Jesus film. What's going on?
Well the 2013 season is almost here and everything is ready, Menus - check, New Cocktails - check, New pictures - check, New t-shirts - check. All that needs to be done is a bit of a clean in the bar, fresh coat of paint, put up the lights and we're ready to open. We'll soon be back on the rock (Zakynthos not the wrestler).
Now then ladies and gents I've been thinking long and hard over the winter and I think its time to give myself a new challenge. Oceanic is working so well but I can't take it any further, I can't expand, I can't get any busier than I am as last season I was full almost all season and I've taken it to No1 on Tripadvisor for the past 3 years. So it may come as a shock to you that after this season whether its been good or bad I am going to sell Oceanic. Now before people think "Oh no, what will we do now?" Its OK, I'm not going to just close it and leave, no, I'll be opening another bar in Kalamaki or at least on Zakynthos. If after this season no one comes in with an offer I will keep Oceanic myself. So to anyone reading this thinking to themselves "I'll wait till he closes then just walk in and open it up again" That isn't going to happen. I'm staying till it sells. I'm still making good money from the bar but for me its not about the money its the challenge that I need, also I'd like a new bar that myself and Helen can work at in the future. We both love the island and like the way we lead our life on the island, socialising with our Greek friends, relaxing at our home, going out for little tours and just basically being away from Britain. So now you may be asking "How much is it selling for?", well lets put it this way, I'm not greedy and I've known of bars which have been closed and are asking for stupid money when there is no business to buy. With Oceanic your getting a ready made profitable business with takings improving every season since it opened with its own website, app and customer base. All I'm asking is for the initial amount I put in to open the business in 2006 which is great price for a business. But as I said its not up for sale till the end of this season. Sad news to some, happy news for others but I feel stuck in a rut and need a new business challenge in Kalamaki.
Its my weekly news round up:-
After the horsemeat scare in burgers it is now found that some cod products in the freezers at supermarkets are believed to be a type of catfish called "Cobbler".
I had cod in breadcrumbs the other week and it tasted purrrrfect, get it, catfish, Purrr-fect. Oh please yourselves.
The Boat Race, a true British tradition. As British as Fish & Chips, Full Monty Breakfast, Sunday Roast and the Royal Family. 18 men from two of the best universities in the world, Leeds and Cardiff, I mean Oxford and Cambridge.
Hang on, this true British tradition has only 6 British team members all the others are American, Australian, a Czech and a Colombian. Hope they dope tested the team with the Colombian.
Katie Price (Jordan) has got married. This time she says "No more weddings" and "saved the best till last".
Maybe it's because she can't fit any more wedding rings on her wedding ring finger. Oh yeah, she's also pregnant, wouldn't look good if she had the child out of wedlock again would it?
The Voice is back on BBC1 with the Beeb saying "This will be the best series yet".
So out of the 2 series (including the present) this will be the best, that's a big statement to make BBC, does this mean that this series winner will actually become known?
Michael Jackson's children are taking AEG to court for $26 billion in lost earnings.
Seen his children on TV. Didn't know Michael was Hispanic (ref- look at kids) LOL
PJ & Duncan (Ant & Dec) are officially number 1 in the UK charts.
And its still better than half the crap released these days, bet the bands from The Big Reunion are cheesed off ha ha.
The Nintendo Wii games console will be used in a study to examine whether computer games can help to cut child obesity rates. Traditionally, computer games have been blamed for the growing obesity crisis
Here's a thought, maybe its the food that's making them obese. How about stop giving them fast food and microwave meals, make them try fresh food for once not give them a games console.
Iain Duncan Smith has said he could live off £53 a week like someone gets on benefits.
He most probably could as he gets all his expenses paid but if he had to pay for everything himself that amount wouldn't even fuel his Rolls Royce.
And that's my little look at the news.
Its that time of the blog again. ITS VIDEO TIME!
I love this section as I get to go over my past and think back to programmes and songs I had long forgotten.
We start with a children's lunchtime programme that again was a bit strange and looking back at it I still have no idea why I used to watch it as the puppets are all grubby and scary looking. This weeks gem is Pipkins. It was a puppet shop but the puppets were alive (Spooky already). There was Hartley the Hare, Topov the Monkey, Octavia the Ostrich, Pig and Tortoise, There were others but can't remember them all. It tackled everyday issues like moving, divorce and death but in a way for children to understand. Great, we all grew up manic depressives LOL.
My blast from the past was most probably the best super group ever put together but they didn't get the recognition they deserved and their songs were great. The band was called "Electronic" and it was made up of Bernard Sumner (Joy Division, New Order), Johnny Marr (The Smiths) and Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe (Pet Shop Boys). Their most well known song I would say is "Getting away with it" but here is "Get the Message" that actually charted higher than "Getting away with it"
And now for my fun video and one hit wonder. I'm not sure whether the band was called "Jimmy the Hoover" or if it was just the lead singer. This track only reached No18 in 1983 but I always remember it cause of two things. 1/ It was such a summer sound feel good song and 2/ The band wore boxing head guards. As history shows this fashion trend didn't take off but in present days it doesn't seem like a bad idea the way society is going LOL. So here is the man himself Jimmy the Hoover, Enjoy.

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Well my beloved followers and blog readers, the sun is out and its time to go out for a ride. Until next week, keep booking those holidays and saving your pennies.

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