Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Who lives in a house like this, lets go Through The Keyhole!

Well another week has passed us by and all is still going swimmingly. Bit exhausted already as its been manic in the bar but have now joined the gym to build up my fitness levels. That's if I can pull myself away from my sofa on the patio LOL.
I was talking with some customers the other night and i was chatting about when I opened in 2007 that there wasn't one empty building from the top end of the new road right around and down to Crystal Beach Hotel. So I thought I would take a trip down memory lane and see what businesses that used to be in the resort only 7 years ago when I first opened but are now laid empty. So we'll start from the new road and work our way around.
When I first opened in 2007 Melon bar was also just opening with Cyrus and Paddy as the owners they had it for 2 years, then Tony and Illeas took it over and last year it was run by Illeas cousin, closed 2012.

Therapia also opened in 2007 and before that it was called Absolute. Therapia lasted 2 years, closed 2009.

Panorama Restaurant had a stunning view out to sea and the Zakynthos legend Lambros used to be a waiter here, Closed 2009.

This was a children's playground next to Panorama Restaurant, never saw anyone using it and also closed in 2009.

Explorer internet café is below the playground, this was a nice little place but for some reason it didn't take off, Closed 2010.

Tesoro tourist shop used to have great range of board shorts in here where I used to buy mine from, it was a very clean uncluttered shop but now lays empty. Closed 2012.

The supermarket across the road from Explorer Internet café. They seemed to have a good selection of stock but was never busy. Closed 2010.

This building used to be Sugar Reef bar, this was a very popular bar at one stage but tourism dropped off, one day it was open, the next all shut up. Closed 2009.

Now the reason for showing this unit is because this is where Traffic rental used to be but it has now moved across the road to the area that used to be Ruby's Indian Restaurant when I opened, then it changed to Temple Restaurant which closed 2009.

If I remember correctly this used to be part of the Chinese restaurant The Hong Kong which sadly burnt down in 2008. It then opened as a little tourist shop which closed in 2009.

Safari bar was owned by an English family, lovely looking place and a nice size. Did the full entertainment thing. Closed 2009.

This used to Mustang Bar in 2007 and closed in 2009, then opened as Tabiyas in 2010 which closed in 2012.

Merlis supermarket, closed in 2010, re-opened in 2012 but now closed again.

This used to be a supermarket in 2007 but has laid empty since it closed in 2009.

Vakhos Restaurant was very popular and always busy but again one day it was open the next closed, closed 2009, it re-opened as Syrtaki restaurant in 2012 but only stayed open for 6 weeks.

This used to be called The Savoy and was once owned by the Zakynthos legend Lambros, many of his customers are now mine but I will never replace him.

And finally The Lighthouse Restaurant. Run by Derek and Veronica, their breakfast and English grub couldn't be matched by anyone in the resort. Closed 2010.

17 businesses that were open when I started in 2007 are now closed but its not all doom and gloom as we also have new businesses opening every season, also along that area I covered there are still 23 businesses open and that's only along a small stretch of road that's without the new roads businesses and the resort still looks better than most of the cities and towns in the UK and with so much scope for new businesses here the resort could be due for a surge in new openings each season. Every resort abroad will have its peaks and troughs and Kalamaki is no different and I do believe that the next peak is just around the corner.

And talking of change but not for the better I think there is now a fun park here. Ok its great for families with kids but kids were going on holiday years and years before fun parks started popping up abroad and parents still seemed to have great holidays back then without the waterparks, fun parks, internet and game consoles. The reason why I started going to Greece was because of its laid back un-commercial feel but this just screams of Benidorm or Canaries and Balearics. People used to always come to Greece for the simplicity of the country and its islands and for me I think its being spoilt. Definitely not in keeping with such a small resort as Kalamaki. It should be just amusements like the Go-Karts and Crazy golf, simple entertainment.

The monster is growing!

Lets go Through the Keyhole. So I have shown you the outside of our new home and after giving it a clean today I took some pictures for you to have a look around our house. Its not a huge house but for the 250€ (£219) a month i'm paying its a lot of space. So to go with the large patio and national park garden here is the interior.

A spacious fully fitted kitchen for me to beat Gordon Ramsey at his own game.

The master bedroom or as us normal people say big bedroom.

The guest suite or as us normal people say the spare room.

The living room with log burner which is open plan to the kitchen.

And finally the view for whoever does the washing up, oh yeah, that's me LOL.

Did I tell you about how much running around it takes just to get a music licence? Bloody hell, wish I had a pedometer on me must have been at least a marathon LOL. From accountant, to tax office, to accountant, to tax office, to water board, to tax office, to accountant, to tax office, to municiple office of Kalmaki that is actually situated 4km outside of Kalamaki. It took 3 hours just for one paper. I can't imagine how long it would take now to get a new business open with all the paperwork. If you got a spare 12 months you may be able to do it LOL.

May has been a surprise to me as most of my custom is new, i'd say 70%, not many repeat offenders this May. well not as many as usual. I just hope they are all fit and well and ok and have just chose not to go on holiday this year or gone somewhere else and hope to see them in the future.

Well its just been all work, work, work this week and had no time for sight seeing so will hopefully have more for you to read next week, so until then, keep clicking those mice and looking for that Zakynthos bargain.

Serve All, Love All, Peace All, Kevlar Out!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

You've read the story, now buy the t-shirt! Film to be released 2015 LOL!

Well folks another week has passed, boy, May has flown by. Think it helps that I'm busy.
So many of you have enjoyed my epic adventure to see Depeche Mode, glad you all found it highly amusing. I've even got new customers coming in and asking me about it as they had read my blog before they came out to Zakynthos. Nice to know that many new visitors to Oceanic are reading my blog, so thank you very much for that.
To go along with the epic story there is now an epic t-shirt and an original rock legend t-shirt designed to commemorate this memorable journey. These were designed for me to wear in the bar but are also available along with the normal Oceanic Rock Legend Collection.
My epic adventure design.

And the original rock legend design.

The t-shirt sales have been going very well already, I only got the album for people to look at the designs this week and already 11 t-shirts have been sold. I think Spiro my t-shirt printer may be in for a busy season ha ha.

My world watched actor nephew Leighton Kyle has been having a play about with our pic that many of you liked and came up with a few designs that he sent me so I thought I would show you the one I prefer out of the 4 he did. Now we do have some professional ones done by the photographer of the wedding but not seen them yet or the wedding pics but will post a few on here when I see them. This pic hides my bald patch well LOL.

Well the season is in full swing and Oceanic has started exactly where it left off last season, Still full every night at some point but I'm not getting ahead of myself, I'm taking each night as it comes. I did say at the end of last season that 2012 will never be beaten as it was an exceptional season, way above and beyond what I ever expected so I knew this season could never match that but in saying that I am still doing better than the past 5 seasons before 2012 which isn't bad at all so I'm extremely happy with the start. Seen a lot of my regular customers this season already and along with them many new ones, I'd say its about 50/50 which is great news as you can't just rely on your regular custom, you have to keep generating new custom and many have come from reading my blog. They come in and all know my name, what I've done, where I work in winter, ask about the medical trials. In a way its a bit strange but also good to know people who have never visited the bar before are finding this blog on the Internet. Lets hope I don't get any stalkers ha ha.

Kalamaki the resort itself is looking pretty quiet at the moment, on the odd occasion I have had to race down to Dennis Supermarket by Drunk Corner around 11pm to get something the restaurants have obviously had their customers in but the bars are empty apart from 1 or 2 of the well established bars but that's it. Very sad to see, also the Roof Garden restaurant opposite me has closed already due to lack of trade but it didn't help them when the Cavo Doro went All Inclusive this season. I feel so sorry for the family that had the Roof Garden but what can the hotelier do if the tour company wants them to change or they'll pull out. Its a worrying thing when the tour companies can dictate what someone will do with their own business. If they can do that to 2 or 3 hotels, what will happen in the future if they dictate that their other hotels must also go All Inclusive, will the last person leaving the island please turn off the light. Its to small an island to take anymore hotels change over. I'm very lucky that a small minority of my customers come from the Old Road hotels, most of them come from the other end of the resort so I'm very thankful for that.

It seems that backing track singers and tribute artist are the flavour of this season, there was a growing trend for them last season but this year already we have a few doing the rounds, Michael Bubble, Showaddywaddy, Elvis, I think I even saw in one resort Tom Jones (not the person, the tribute act). Me myself I prefer a good acoustic singer or a real band, no backing tracks, why aren't their any tribute bands around like Cradle of Filth, Chimaira, Hate Breed, Impending Doom or maybe even something a little bit more easy listening like Sex Pistols, Joy Division or Southern Death Cult for the more mature generation LOL.

Another full night at Oceanic.

Not been out and about much at all yet as I've been enjoying our new home. I'm still not really settled in yet, not fully comfortable sleeping at night as there are lots of sounds that I'm not familiar with and can here things or maybe its just my imagination. So I'm slowly getting used to it. There are pros and cons to living in Bochali.

1/ Beautiful view through "Gods Window"
2/ Peaceful, no cars and bikes racing along, no screaming kids outside and no drunken singing or couples arguing at stupid o'clock in the morning.
3/ Private, I can now hang my pants out on the line.
4/ Relaxing, just being able to lay outside on the patio with just the birds singing.
5/ A proper fully fitted kitchen for me to make a mess of.
6/ Feels like a proper home not an apartment in a resort, 12 years of that, don't know how I stuck it for so long after being here.
7/ No one can bother me unexpectedly as no one can find it LOL.
8/ Bochali café bars are just across the road

1/ Can't nip back when bars open if I've forgotten something
2/ As my good friend Tasos said "You have a national park not a garden" hate gardening.
3/ I share my patio and garden with every animal and insect under the sun, I think David Attenborough would find some new species of insect if he came here.
4/ Its bloody dark when I arrive home if I forget to turn the outside light on, could tread on a snake or hedgehog.
5/ No pools to use near, must invest in a paddling pool LOL
6/ No wifi connection I can hack in to, have to use a Vodafone dongle, takes bloody ages, its like going back to dial-up connection.
7/ I have to check my bed every night just in case something has decided to share it with me, so far no little bed mates.

To sum up, the Pros are far more major than the Cons and as long as I close the windows and doors before I head off to work I won't come home to mini squatters crawling and flying around.

Well that's it for this week I'm afraid but I promise I will try to get out and about this week and give you a full update on all resorts and the island. Need to do my usual start of season tour at some point. so until next week my lovely readers.

Serve All, Love All, Peace All, Kevlar Out!

Monday, 13 May 2013

Mad dogs and Welsh man!

So the season is in full swing but before I tell you about my start, "I WANT TO TELL YOU A STORY" as Max Bygraves used to say.
Just as a little side story before I tell you the proper story when I used to work in London I had to refurbish some air conditioning in a luxury block of apartments in Victoria. One of the apartments was owned by Max. We were refurbishing every apartment so I had to go in to Max's. In there he had a complete jet black bathroom with gold fittings and the most disturbing thing was in his bedroom the ceiling was mirrored, I felt quite queezy at the visions that ran through my head, do you think while he was in there with his female friends he'd be singing to them "You need hands" LOL.

Anywhoo on with the real story.

What you are about to read is a true and accurate account of an epic journey I made to watch Depeche Mode in concert in Athens.

It all began Friday morning at 4.30am, since Thursday morning 8.30am up until Friday morning 4.30am I had only slept for 1 hour. Set off at 5am to the bus station to catch the coach to Athens. Coach left the station at 5.30am to make its way to the ferry. 6am the ferry leaves and arrives at Kylini on mainland at 7.30am. Back on the coach and then a 5 hour journey to Athens bus station where I arrive at 12.30pm. Now up until I arrived at Athens bus station it was all going smoothly then it all got stressful with heavy rain, great, just what I needed for an outdoor concert.

I ask at the information desk how I get to Terra Vibe Park in Malakasa. The young lady was very helpful and said "Ahh, your going to see BOOM, BOOM, BOOM" What she meant by "boom, boom, boom" I don't know but I figured out that was her way of saying Depeche Mode. She explained to me to catch the 420 bus to Athens minor bus station and ask the driver to tell me when to get off.
I Make my way to the bus stop and hop on the bus, I explained to the driver where i needed to go and could he tell me when I had to get off he said "yes". The bus went on for about 20 mins , I was the last person left on the bus. We then stopped in the middle of a housing estate. This was definitely not a bus station. I ask "Is this bus station" he said "Yes". I wasn't convinced. There were 2 other buses there with its drivers so I asked one of them. It wasn't the bus station as I had thought it was just where the buses terminated before they started the return journey. BUGGER!
The other bus driver told me to catch the bus back across the road and ask the driver to tell me when to get off. Bit of Deja Vu going on here. So off I go to catch the bus back the way I came. 15 mins in to the journey the driver tells me where to go from the bus stop and I find the minor bus station. It was only 5 mins from the first station, I could have walked it.
At the minor station I tell the ticket office I need to get to Terra Vibe Park. I'm told I can catch a bus to Serio then I have to catch a taxi to the park. This I already knew so that was fine. The bus sets off and the driver tells me when we're at Serio.
As I step off the bus I see that Serio isn't a place its a service station on the motorway, GREAT! I look around for a taxi and not one in sight. I decide to have a look around service station and have a coffee. There was not one car or person anywhere near the service station, just me. I walk across the car park and was then greeted by 3 male gypsies walking towards me who had appeared from behind bushes. (Excuse my language in the next part). I sized them up and thought to myself  "If kick one of them in the gentleman vegetables and elbow the other in the nose I should be able to take out the third" they were about my height and skinny LOL. As they got closer I pointed my fingers like guns and aggressively said "you better F#*k off right now". at this point they stopped and dipped their hands in to their pockets and pulled out boxed iphone 5's. They weren't going to mug me they wanted to sell me a phone LOL. I apologised and said "No thanks" and they walked off.
After my coffee there was still no sign of a taxi so I walked to a small police station across the road and asked them for a taxi, they replied "Why don't you walk there?" in my usual sarcastic manner I said "oh i guess its over those hills and through that Forrest?" The policeman replied " No just follow this road for 8km in takes you straight to the park". The sun had just come out so decided a 5 mile walk wasn't so bad.

A 5 mile walk is that bad if you haven't got any water to drink and the sun becomes blazing and about 28deg with me wearing a fleece hoody and waterproof jacket. The road seemed endless. To my left was an army base with gunfire going off and to my right a load of road kill. There was so much road kill I could have eaten for a year ha ha. Signs everywhere saying "no photography" due to the army base.

A finger impression of me walking along the 5 mile road, forgot about the no photography signs lol.

I'm sure it was further than 5 miles but I finally saw signs for Terra Vibe Park. The park itself is huge and fenced off all the way around, i'd say from one side to the other its about 2 miles wide. I walk around it and find the ticket box office where I have to collect my VIP ticket. I ask the steward where I can collect my ticket, he tells me its at the other side of the park, 2 miles away. So I walk back the way I came. I find the box office and they tell me its not open yet, this was 4.30pm. So I wait. An hour later I ask again about my ticket, again the woman says it will be about another hour till they open, so I wait. 6.30pm the window opens and I go to collect my ticket, this time I'm told its not that box office my ticket is at, its at the first one I went to, 2 miles away. I flipped, why did she tell me to wait there for my ticket? Why didn't she tell me 2 hours ago it was the other box office? AAGGGGHHH! I walk back to the first box office and by this time there is a huge line of people waiting for tickets, not happy at all.
I wait and eventually I get my VIP pass.

Now I'm a happy bunny!

As I walk in there is a stage in front of me with a Greek band playing. They were pretty good, a sort of Greek version of The Killers, didn't catch the name. As I looked at the stage I thought, this is a bit small but also saw I could be right at the front. It was still early and I needed a drink. As I was walking I see a sign for VIP's. I go in and get a wrist band added to my pass, then it all becomes clear. The little stage is a pre-concert stage, the real stage was in an area behind the small stage.

The small stage as you enter.

Now this is real stage.

I get my drink and a cold hot dog, it wasn't meant to be cold it was meant to be hot as the name states "Hot Dog" but at this point I was starving and needed food and a beer. I settle down in the VIP area where I want to watch the concert from and wait. The support band was called Fox The Band, they were quite good with a female singer who was very much like Hazel O'Connor from the 80's.
Just as it became dark Depeche Mode walk on to stage to a Synth fan fair. The noise from the crowd was deafening. The gig was a sell out and must of easily been about 50,000 - 60,000 there.
From start to finish the concert was like one big adrenalin rush, Dave Gahan never stopped for the whole time he was on stage which isn't bad going for a 51 year old. I thought I had energy but I got nothing on him, running, dancing, spinning, he just kept on and on and the crowd were swept away by him. I've seen more concerts than I can remember and this was the best, when a band sounds better live than on CD that is saying something and the whole show just made me so emotional through the rush I was getting I almost cried, was a real weird feeling.
Low points of the concert, well none to do with band but Greeks do need to get some rhythm, their dancing is awful, and I don't mean traditional Greek dancing as that's great I mean dancing at concerts, it was like watching a load of dads dancing at a wedding LOL.
High points of the concert, all of it, the hairs stood up on the back of my arms and neck for the whole show and "Never Let me Down" at the end was a perfect song to finish on. Have a look on You Tube for "Depeche Mode, Malakasa, Athens 2013" and see if you can find some good footage. If so watch "Question of Time", "I feel You", "Personal Jesus", "Soothe My Soul" and "Never let me down". I still get shivers now when I tell customers about it.
As I walked out I took a pic of the crowd as the band gave their final bow. It was rammed packed.

A sea of very happy people.

The concert was over and time to get a room. Now being as I had walked to the concert in the daylight, I didn't know where to go in the night. I saw that most people were walking in the same direction so I followed them until I reached a road I remembered near a village. There was no rooms anywhere, I asked in 2 tavernas and nothing in the area, DOUBLE BUGGER! I ask a taxi driver at an area where there was maybe 30 taxis how much to Athens, the driver replied "25€", great! I asked to go, he answered "When taxi is full we'll go" I asked if the fare was then split 5 ways and he said "No, its 25€ each", there is no way that I was going to pay 25€ with 4 others when it should be 25€ on my own. I can feel a long walk coming on.
I start to walk back along the 5 mile road I had walked earlier, this time it was pitch black with no street lights on and only the light from the screen of my mobile phone to guide me. Eventually after dodging rats and snakes I arrive back at Serio service station around midnight. Again no rooms near here and my bus back to Athens bus station was at 6.30am. Time to find somewhere to sleep rough. The petrol station is a 24hr unmanned one but they had let 2 dogs off their chains to patrol the petrol station at night also the service station had let 2 dogs off to patrol that. These dogs weren't of any breed but were the build of a Rottweiler. Along with those 4 dogs were 3 strays. Now my sleeping options become difficult due to the dogs. There was nowhere to hide inside or empty buildings, the only place I could find was a metal staircase at the side of the service station that had a gate that the dogs couldn't get over. I ran to these stairs and jumped over the gates as the dogs started to bark at me. Made it! Good job I watched a few episodes of Bear Grylls over the winter, but i refuse to drink my own wee LOL
By this time I was boiling due to the long walk and the run to escape the dogs. I laid down my carrier bag which my concert t-shirts were in to use as a pillow and fell straight to sleep. One hour later when my body temp had dropped I woke up freezing. I was shaking and shivering and just couldn't get comfortable. The metal stairs had become like ice due to the night time temp and the dogs down below I could hear fighting with each other. I maybe had 2 hours sleep in all until 5.30am when the sun started to rise.

My bed for the night, its no Hilton Hotel I can tell you LOL.

At 6am the managers of the petrol station and service station arrive and chain the dogs up, its now safe to cross the motorway to catch my bus.
I arrive at the other side and search everywhere for the bus stop but can't see one. In my great scheme of thinking I can see where the slip road off the motorway is and follow it in to the coach park. So i find myself a place where the bus can see me in plenty of time and wait to flag it down. The bus arrives and I motion to flag it down, the driver points ahead, I start to flag it down furiously, he continues to point forward as he's driving and drives past me. Now with only 4 hours sleep since Thurs 8.30am and its now Sat 6.30am and after a freezing night laid on metal steps I have to find the energy run after a bus. I run as fast as I can to follow it to the bus stop, it stops, 2 people get off, I get close, it drives off, YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! I then go to the petrol station to ask where the bus stop actually is, he points to an area at the side of the road. I had passed this earlier in the morning but how was I to know it was a bus stop.

Of course, this is a bus stop, stupid me!

After an hour another bus comes and I get on. This takes me to the minor bus station. From here I walk to the major bus station and wait 3 hours for my coach to Zakynthos. I've never been so happy to be on a coach for 5 hours. Outside the bus station there is a little church. This church must have been built many years ago before the bus station was there as they had built a whole area of buildings around and over it. I prayed for myself here after the previous day I had had.

Nice little church to visit.

As we were heading along the motorway home I noticed that there seems to be no road rules, over taking on blind corners, 3 rows of traffic with only 2 lanes and the hard shoulder over here isn't for breakdowns or emergencies its actually used as another lane, absolute madness.

This lorry stayed in the hard shoulder for about 10 miles.

Half way to the ferry we stop for a food, water and toilet break. Now I don't know what it is about me and toilet signs but I must just be in the right place at the right time, this is the real sign at the service station we stopped at. The gent is obviously busting to use the little boys room, the lady is in a more serious state of wanting to go as she is crossing her legs and the disabled person is like their in the 100m's at the para-olympics.

Why aren't signs like this in Britain.

Finally I'm on the ferry and can see home, Zakynthos, Thank god!

I arrive back on the island at 6.30pm, quick dash to house, a quick splash and dash then was at bar for 7pm to open.
And to top it all off the bar was packed out that night, used my 10 emergency chairs and had to borrow 2 from restaurant across the road. Also at one point had to turn custom of another 8 people away as couldn't physically fit any more people in.

To sum up, I travelled 774km ( 480 miles round trip) within 44 hours, was left stranded, approached by gypsies, walked miles, escaped dogs, slept rough and only had about 4 hours sleep in 44 hours but saw the most amazing concert I've ever been too. Would I do it again, Yes to see Depeche Mode as they were that good but No if it was anyone else.

And out of all that i have designed two t-shirts for my bars t-shirt range which are available now.

So my lovely lovely readers that's it for this week, hope you enjoyed my tale of adventure and can't wait to see you all at the Oceanic.

Serve All, Love All, Peace All, Kevlar Out!

Friday, 3 May 2013

Ok. We're here, its bloody hot and this is a super quick update

OK so this is a super speedy update as now on a contract net dongle and only got 10GB to use before I pay extra, is 10GB allot? Crap with stuff like that.
So left Carmarthen on 25/4/13, It was low fog, rain, grey and cold. got to Gatwick at 3pm and it was glorious sunshine and t-shirt weather. Went to Travelodge Gatwick Central to stay the night, found out I had booked Travelodge Gatwick North by mistake, DOH! Got to North and went for a walk. Glad I had booked that by mistake as found a lovely pub very close built inside a really old manor house it was called "Gatwick Manor". Sat in beer garden, ate a fresh fish platter with a pint and couldn't have wished for a better start to our travels.
The Gatwick Manor, you got to try it, loved it.

4am and got to Gatwick just in time for VIP lounge to open, WOW! It was the best VIP lounge I've been in so far. Pool table on entrance, modern décor, a cinema plus the added bonus of free grub and booze. Helen had a bowl of fruit and a Bacardi and coke for breakfast, I was very British and had Muesli with a cup of tea.

The entrance to lounge.
The main Lounge area. 

Ah, Mr. Bond, I've been expecting you! LOL

 Landed on Zakynthos at 11.20am on Friday, phew, SCORCHIO! Thasos picked us up and dropped us at our new home. Spent all day there cleaning, painting and cutting the jungle of a garden back. Its almost finished but much better than it was.
Across the way from where we live is Bochali so walked across and sat having our first Mythos of the year and looking out over town in 27deg heat. Bliss! Think living so close to here could turn me in to a coffeeholic ha ha.

The next 2 days were spent cleaning and painting the bar but no electric so we did as much as we could until Monday when electric was put back on.

Monday was a bit crazy, music licence, tax returns for the year, electric office, stock supplier, DIY store, shopping, AAGGGHH! I need more hours and hands. Helen has been an absolute star, she has worked wonders getting the bar ready. Usually I'm in there from 7.30am till midnight till I open but she has done so much. Then again so she should, she's the wife now so she does as I say LOL.

Got home that night and were just in time to watch our first sunset through "Gods Window", didn't get the peace and quiet or views when I was in Kalamaki. So nice here I don't want to go to work ha ha.

The view of the sunset from our patio area, think I may start a bus tour here with a free coffee, who needs Kampi.

Popped up to see my good friend George and to make sure he was OK after the tornado that hit his taverna called "Kanalos". I'm am pleased to say all his family are well and the tavern is back in fully working order after it rolling down the hill through the tornado, well done George.

So that's about it for now, Opened on time, bar fully stocked and everything working fine, Helen has a moped (watch out Zakynthos roads), highest temp so far 27deg, lowest 22deg, night times are quite pleasant also, Island resorts not fully open yet as think they are all waiting till after Easter to open up, looking forward to the season and this year just kicking back and enjoying it, as always LOL.

See you all soon my lovely blog followers, until next week.

Serve All, Love All, Peace All. Kevlar Out!