Thursday, 10 November 2016

Kevlar for Mayor, Kevlar for Mayor!

Hello to one and and all. This is your future Mayor of Zakynthos reaching out to you.
With the help of you the local Zakynthians, Greeks, Albanians, ex-pats and tourists we can make Zakynthos great again. MAKE ZAKYNTHOS GREAT AGAIN!
I have a 10 point plan that will bring the glory years back to the island:-

1/ We will build a wall around Laganas, we won't be paying, Laganas and the 18-30 tour companies will be paying
2/ We will send the illegal 18-30's back to Laganas if they end up in the hotels of other resorts.
3/ Eastern European tourists will be banned from wearing budgie smugglers, crocs and bum bags as an outfit around the resort unless on the beach or by the pool, NOT ON OUR STREETS!
4/ Football tops will only be allowed to be worn when there is actually football being shown, this is not an everyday attire, other clothes do exist. 
5/ Tourist will be sent back to their respective countries if they say "Its boiling", "isn't it hot" , "can't believe on how hot it is" or "I like the heat but this is to hot" when they are holidaying in the months of July and August.
6/ The beaches where turtles lay their eggs will be fitted with travelators so the baby turtles will get to the sea quicker and more will survive.
7/ Bitters other than John Smiths shall be readily available in every shop and from every supplier.
8/ Live music will have to be exactly that, instruments and a singer, not a backing track and mic with so much reverb that even a cat being dragged through a bush by its tail backwards would sound good.
9/ Toilets will be allowed to accept toilet paper, bins will be a thing of the past, THESE ARE MODERN TIMES!
10/ People will not be allowed to say "I speak Greek" when all they know is Malaka and Skata. 

This is my 10 point plan to put Zakynthos at the forefront of tourism. WE WILL become a great island again, WE WILL see the island flourish again and WE WILL see a new Mayor for a new Zakytnhos in 2017. LET'S MAKE ZAKYNTHOS GREAT AGAIN!

Its not the craziest of ideas when you come to think of it these days. Brexit wasn't going to happen, it did. Donald trump was a joke and would never be President, he did. Sam Bailey was a frumpy housewife who would never win X factor, she did. Jedward were just eejits who couldn't sing or dance and would never have success, they did. 
Look at what could also happen now. Ed Balls could win strictly, Honey G (who?) could win X Factor, England could win the world cup, Prince Harry will have a DNA test and show he's Charles son. So why can't i become Mayor of Zakynthos. Miracles do happen if you wish hard enough, look at Trump. He must have wished long and real hard along with lining peoples pockets.

Thought I'd start off topical lol.

Well there you are, where you been? Oh yes, its me that's not updated in weeks, sorry my fault.
I would have updated allot more this season but when you have to go to a bar or coffee shop to use the net with music and chatter around me it makes it difficult to get my creative juices flowing. Even though i do enjoy not having the Internet at home and having to go out to use it it is a pain when i have to do my blog.

Well that's it, 10th anniversary year over, i opened with a whisper, no big party and closed with a sigh. I'm not one for bringing attention to the bar as the bar speaks for itself.

All the lovely comments I've had from customers this season who missed me last year, through no fault of my own i have to add, and this year more new customers than ever before given me very kind words of appreciation i can only thank you all for making this season so enjoyable and keeping me going through a very tough season. 
It has been for myself  a very difficult season. Sometimes i thought "Is it worth it? Is it worth all the stress?" and do you know what, when i see all the hundreds of customers enjoying themselves in Oceanic the answer is yes. There was also factors outside of the bar that were trying to make it very difficult for me this season but again i kept going and will keep on going. So here's to another 10 years of Oceanic Chill Out Bar.
Well, maybe not 10 years, my legs are getting shorter every season with all the running around LOL. 

Oceanic before I opened it in 2007

Oceanic in all its glory 10 years on.

What can i say about this season. Hard work, very hard work but thoroughly enjoyed it, i am very tired now, more tired than any season before and its just the right time to go back and see family and friends and a couple of Welsh rugby games. I have packed all the bar away for the winter and taken some things to my house as last year at some point during the season or in winter it looked like someone had tried to break in so this year all the electrical items, light fittings from outside and anything that may be of some value to someone are locked away safely in my house, not really much left inside just the furniture so any thief will be wasting their time. Through the winter my landlord will also be replacing the doors so its more secure which will also help.

Now then, who likes puppies? Just read that back and that sounded a bit creepy but believe me its not in that way, Just close to where i have my beautiful house is a piece of land with ducks, geese, turkey's, chickens, goats and 5 yes, 5 puppies. Oh my god i want them all. I visit them everyday and they are so clumsy and cute. The day i went to take pics 2 of them were being mischievous chasing the chickens but the other 3 came a posed for their pics.

Firstly we have Smudge and Smooch. They are so fluffy and like little teddy bears even though they are dogs and not bears but you get what i mean right?

This is Harvey , he is so calm and chilled but if you talk to him he gets all excited and does that dog thing of crouching down and then pouncing, aww such a pretty dog.

So its the end of another season and the resort was almost completely closed when i left even though there are still tourists here and half term holidays but its mainly all inclusive hotels open so you never see anyone in the resort, no wonder the businesses have decided to close, shame for anyone not going all inclusive.

Now that's the end of season bit out the way lets get on to a little rant shall we. As you know i like a little rant on here now and again just about things in general.

Lets start with women, well not women in general but women who wear athletic training outfits like Fabletics just to walk around town centres. Now if they were going to gym the that's fine but i see them in Costa's in these outfits having large coffees and eating cake or toast.
Now if they have been to the gym and come in for a sit down coffee that's filthy, you been sweating in the gym and i doubt they've come in before the gym as they are stuffing their faces so that says to me their just wearing it for everyday wear, NO! ITS GYM WEAR FOR THE GYM!
What would you think if i walked around a town centre just wearing Speedos going in to Costa sat on a comfy sofa sipping my caramel cappuccino. Why would that be wrong? I may be going for a swim from Costa's, you never know. See, do you get where I'm coming from.
Next, I feel ashamed even answering my phone in a public place so why do people think its OK to talk out loud with phone on speaker or even skype/face time etc. Do i really want to know about your sexual conquest of the night before or your yeast infection, NO! Its not that I'm listening in you just can not help but hear what their both saying as its so loud.

There are more rants but have so many will save them for next update.

So here's to a good winter to you all. Blog updates will be more frequent in winter as i think i will have lots of time on my hands this winter but lets not get to down that its winter time (said winter allot then didn't i) and lets all look forward to season 2017 and more fun in Kalamaki, 2017 is going to be better than ever.

So until the next update.........

Serve All, Love All, Peace All, Kevlar Out!