Thursday, 20 March 2008

Day 5 - Testing of cream starts today

up at 6.30am for shower then 8am blood sample, blood pressure and heart monitored.

9am - i'm told to take my top off, lean forward and grab the end of the bed "I thought this was external cream", the doctor looks at me unamused. I see a large syringe appear full of cream, A snap of a rubber glove being put on from behind me, i'm now having visions of the film "Midnight Express". To my relief i feel the cold cream on my back as its being applied to my back, one arm and chest.
From a small bag is pulled a Alton Towers weather cover that is put over my head and taped up close to my body around my waist, arms and neck so no air can get in.
At this point i start to feel faint, blurred vision and lack of breath, i'm sure there should be a hole for my head in this bag LOL (thats a joke)
So now i feel like a small oven ready chicken left on the shelf at Asda.

Some people actually pay to have this pleasure LOL
Disclaimer - (I do not know anyone who does this for pleasure and the pictures of me in the News of the World being wrapped up in cling film were doctored)

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Day 3 in the big brother ward!

Day 3 12pm in the big brother ward, Kevin is finding life quite boring. the Ward has Sky tv, Pool table, free newspapers, wireless net connection, 4 meals a day but can't go outside or exercise which is what Kevin misses the most. The ward is shared with 7 other guys and at the moment not much conversation but Kevins sure this will change over the next 8 days. The testing hasn't started yet at the moment its blood samples, heart monitored, blood pressure and urine samples, from thursday its cream covering the whole top half of my body then covered in plastic for 22 hours. Food is good and beds comfortable just need some exercise and fresh air.