Sunday, 21 October 2007

first pics after last nights storm

The little shop at top of main road has been ripped apart

This has been washed down from the mountain fire and covers the road from cave bar entrance to merlis supermarket

The guttering has been ripped off the building from down under to P & P crepe house
The very heavy Venue sign has been ripped out of the ground

I only got from the old road to venue then a storm came in again
But there was a rainbow over the Oceanic and no damage to it either.

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Take the virtual Oceanic tour!

For those people who missed out, couldn't find me, just to shy to pop in, drove by a few times or just didn't want to meet that "nasty, selfish, ignorant,arrogant little man" heres a tour of my bar LOL

Sorry for the quality but it was taken on my phone as i don't do camcorders or cameras, next year Martin Scorsese has said he will direct it, he's not sure what to call it yet, either "Welshfella" or "Raging Dragon".¤t=MOV00004.flv

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Theres a new story going around!

oh golly gosh would you believe it, because my bar has been busy for nearly most of the season there has to be a reason other than people just like it and that reason going around is all my customers are all off zante websites, so i will now show that rumour to be untrue but i will type it in the words of a open university maths professor.

If you took the size of the patio area which would be 5m x 7m it would take 315 zante website members to fill it, add to the said area 50 seats when empty then times that by 95 days of the season which is the amount of days i've had a full bar, 4750 customers. Out of these customers at the most 100 would be zante members. take in to the fact that there are repeat customers most nights so in all 1200 customers have passed through the door over 95 days. so the percentage customers that are zante website members is 8% who have visited me. Now due to the savoy bar closing i had around 22% of my customers from there which leaves 70% as new customers. So if zante website customers are 8%, old savoy customers are 22% this leaves oceanic with 70%, so to sum up that story is a load of B****CKS LOL YAMMAS

Saturday, 6 October 2007

Join the Kevlar fan club.

I've been informed i have a fan club so to any readers this is how you join.

1/ Visit me in my bar and have a drink with me

2/ Fan club members fee black pudding or crumpets given to myself of course

3/ Post a topic on a zante website to say you liked my bar ( be prepared for some backlash as your not allowed to)

4/ Sit with me and other members of the Oceanic/kevlar fan club and just enjoy a good old chat and a laugh till its difficult to walk back to your hotel.

There its most easy fan club to join but again as i post in the past on this blog this fan club is news to me like other things that haven't been going on in my life LOL

The masked zero strikes again!

Well, well, well, even though i have been banned from a certain website (wimples with I see i'm still getting the blame for the site suffering. I guess its got nothing to do with having a poor admin (not Forum Admin) at the helm for a while. So the masked zero decided to rear its ugly head again and spoil an innocent topic, well spoil a few innocent topics actually over the past few days. Get over it, i'm banned, end of story, you got what you wanted so let the other members post freely.