Wednesday, 20 August 2008

The story has to be told!

As i've been sat under my air conditioning with a nice bowl of fruit & fibre I've been thinking back over my life and realised that i have had some crazy, exciting, funny and obscure things happen from when i have worked abroad so i have started writting my autobiography, the working title is "A simple mans life", may have to rethink that as simple means plain/basic or it can mean thick, doppy, idiot (the latter of the 2 may be more appropriate) LOL.

As i am a intellectual in the fine art of reading autobiographies i thought i'd give it a go. Its going very well as you have already been told i have the title and i have written a thank you to my mum as all good writers do at the beginning of the book and thats it so far, not bad for a months writting, i think i've hit that wall called "writers block" but i'm sure it will start flowing through my fingertips very shortly and i will have the name of the first chapter in no time.

Watch out Gordon Ramsey, Gazza and Slash (guns n' roses axe man) i'm heading for number 1 in the best sellers list and the biggest prize of all Richard & Judy's book club award LOL.

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