Friday, 13 June 2008

So far so good!

Well coming up till the middle of june and the bar is still going strong, still reaching my target which is a good thing and still nearly the last bar to close apart from 1 0r 2 on the main road.

There is a change in drinking trends now, its gone from pre meal drinks then after meal drinks till 5am to just after meal drinks then home by 3am, maybe it has to do with the holidays being more expensive now and less money in spending budget and the Pound to Euro won't help either. Also you can see on the streets that the age is dropping to a more younger crowd who prefer to drink in rooms before they head out.

This season i can definately see alot more nationalities here than last year at least 50% more and also groups of guys and girls between 20-25, lets hope this isn't a trend that will continue as it is bad for businesses in the resort less people in restaurants eating out and that knocks on to the bars. My friends in the resort who have bars are saying between 30-50% down on last season already. as for myself i find myself very lucky that im doing better than last year and i'm not taking anything for granted as i know from years of running bars abroad things can change just within one change over day, so here's good luck to all the bars and restaurants on the island that seems to be already a difficult season for most.

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