Tuesday, 27 February 2018

I've sang with Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift.

Well its another update time and why not, after all what else have i got to do..........nothing.

We're on countdown, just over a month till i get on that big metal bird back to the rock, my 18th year. That has flown by and i only went out originally for one season in 2001. OK, i only spent 1 month in 2015 but that wasn't down to me as you know but its still been 18 years, wow. I am amazed, so roll on season 12 with Oceanic.

So, whats in store for you lovely people this update.

IT'S SNOWING. EVERYBODY STOP! Come on folks seriously. Its not the first time ever its snowed. It's snowed for hundreds of years that we know of. So why is it in this modern day and age where you can alter your face to look like a pig singing on your phone (why you'd want to i don't know) everybody goes in to panic mode when we get a few flakes.
We've had over a hundred years of advancement in machinery and engineering but travel still grinds to a halt cause its slightly colder than yesterday, REALLY?
Parents won't send their children to school in case they hurt themselves on the way or in the playground BUT its fine to let their children out chucking compacted hard snow balls at each other. One headmaster has a no snow touching policy in school in case of injuries and law suits. This is the society we live in today folks.
Snow used to mean Fun, now snow means law suits and blame game. Absolutely ridiculous.

Wales Rugby - 6 Nations.
I'm not going to harp on about TMO decision on the try disallowed as even if given that still wouldn't have meant we would have won the game, it would have just changed the course but what a game. England's defence in the last 30 Min's was brilliant and they had a great opening 20 Min's and that was it, so to defend so well for 60 Min's is a amazing achievement as Wales tried everything but just couldn't get that break which was needed. Also for England not to score one single point in 60 Min's of play shows Wales defence was just as good. Well done both teams but we won't mention Scotland to loud................SCOTLAND, SCOTLAND, SCOTLAND!

Cardiff Devils famous supporters club.
In the last update i showed you that Hollywood actor Vince Vaughan was a Devils supporter and he had his GQ magazine shoot in his Devils jersey.
Here is this updates famous supporter.

Yes its the rock legend and icon himself Mr. Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden. Firstly with Taz the Devils mascot, then showing his sideline in men's hairdressing on a Devils player.

The Devils have got a huge support base and have this year already got to the Challenge Cup final on March 4th and are top of the league, so, LETS GO DEVILS, LETS GO!

I come across this one day. Its an article about what you should leave behind as a man once you hit 40 years old.


I will list a few off that 50 which seem ridiculous.

Tracksuit - Perfect attire for over gym wear or sports kit, you wouldn't wear a suit to a Sunday morning parks football match would you?

Hoodies - Why not? Practical if rains, warm if cold, light weight to carry and easy to store. They're not just for yuffs and thugs.

Unstamped passport - Your lucky if you even get your passport looked at by a human these days let alone stamped.

Skinny Jeans - Again, why not? Not everybody over 40 has a beer gut, kebab meat thighs and saggy ass, if they fit well and look good, wear them.

Band T-shirts - I wear them allot. Yuffs wear them allot. The difference is i know who the band is, they think its a designer brand. I asked a girl in my bar who was wearing a Ramones t-shirt "Do you like them?" to which she replied, "Yeah they make great clothes". Unbelievable.

Baseball Caps - Now i don't wear them but allot of guys over 40 need them, how else would we keep our little bald patches warm and they are about the only head gear that suits everyone.

Having a Tattoo - Many people in later life have them. They see it as liberating and given them a new lease of life, for it to be a change or a "new you" moment.

That's just a few i picked out but who is anyone to tell someone else what they should or shouldn't wear, what they should or shouldn't do. We're all individual. We are unique. I was brought up in the Punk era when it was about being yourself and being individual. So why follow trends or fashion and be a blind brainless sheep being lead with the masses.

And do you know who wrote this article.....................

This guy, Mr. Eric Spitznagel,  he's 48

Call me Mr. Sarcastic but this........coming from a man who wears shorts with a suit jacket and i believe it looks like a Smiths t-shirt under his jacket. Idiot! By the way, he writes for New York Times Magazine, i rest my case.

Ladies, you don't get away with it that easily either.


One that made me laugh on yours ladies is "Alcohol in plastic bottles", hilarious. I know of many women over 40 who take take plastic bottles of alcohol in their handbags on a night out in town.

And the woman that wrote this............
Rachel Jacoby Zolan, age unknown but looks under 40 and here she is...........

Both ridiculous articles.

As the heading states i have sung with the two biggest singing artists in the world.
Well, not exactly. I have sang in the exact spot that they will be singing from in the summer.
It has been announced they will be playing Singleton Park in Swansea. This park is just across the road from the back of my house. They will be playing there the 26th and 27th of May.
Oh damn and blast, what a terrible shame, bugger, I'm going to miss it, oh poor me, boo hoo, I'm so upset......................I DON'T THINK SO.
Thank god I'm not there.
I decided to go and check out the acoustics of where the stage will be set. I stood at the spot and decided to sing two songs.
My first little ditty i composed and sang is called "Just cause you can string two words together and play an old guitar doesn't make you a genius". This song was just the warm up song which the crowd seemed to enjoy.
My second song took me just 30 seconds to write, that's 25 seconds longer than Taylor Swift takes, its called "Your just a failed poor mans Dolly Parton". This was my closing song and the fans went wild for it.

Here's me on the exact spot where the stage will be.

Here is the view they both will have, can you see the wave of fans i had.........well two, you can just about see them sat on the grass but they enjoyed it.

And this is the road between the back of my house and Singleton Park, so glad I'm away.

Its been quite a glorious week for sunshine so i took myself off down the beach as its just 5 Min's walk from my house. It is so nice to walk on the sand, sun on my face, headphones on and singing at the top of my voice thinking no one can hear me. Then i remember, the gale force winds that burn my face off carries sound further so all the people walking along the promenade are getting a free concert from me.
Its my pleasure, no need to thank me.

Valentines Day.
How many of you men bought flowers from the garage? Does this mean you forgot gents? How many of you women bought a toiletries set? Does this mean you think your men are stinky ladies? That's fine. Its not about the present its about the love, a day to show love.
Our day of love was spent stuffing our faces. Our night was spent in my favourite Greek eatery outside of Greece, The Hellenic. I booked a nice little table for two and off we went.
When it comes to Greek food i could eat it all, there is nothing i won't eat so it was a difficult task.
We started with a bottle of Mythos and a bottle of Fix to help us decide. Sod it, lets just order a load and have it all together.
Tzatziki with pita, grilled Halloumi, dolmades with yogurt, bifteki and gyros merida.
It was amazing. The company wasn't that bad either LOL.
I've eaten all over Greece and in the UK, many, many tavernas and restaurants and The Hellenic is almost my best place for Greek food. The first is El Greco in Hersonisos on Crete but that's only because it made Lamb Kleftiko properly just lamb and potatoes with herbs which they cook to order 24 hours in advance.
If you visit Cardiff and looking for Greek food you won't find better than here but it is full most nights so you may need to book.


And finally.............
Now then people, i found something a little disturbing.
As we all know i love to go to Costa's and just sit and enjoy a Caramel Cappuccino, in fact i have gained £13.50 on my club card i drink there that much. Hang on........I've just worked it out........I've spent £270 on coffee to get back £13.50. That's not a good deal. Anywhooooo, on entering the other day i was met by a poster with something that i can only call a obscenity. I won't point it out as I'm sure you can see it for yourself.

So that's it for another short but brief update. We are heading ever closer to season 2018 and as you know the updates become more interesting and a bit longer once on the island, until the next time .........

Serve All, Love All, Peace All, Kevlar Out!