Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Isn't it October yet! I need a body transplant.

Hello, hello and hello. So i thought i would fill you in on the why i haven't updated for so long.

Well firstly I've just been manic busy all season long so 4 to 5 hours of the morning is taken up running around getting stuff for the bar. Secondly due to stupid security with this blog it was saying that the device i was trying to connect from was not known even though I've used it all season to update so i couldn't log in to my blog account although today it has allowed me, good grief. Thirdly i think the updates would have been boring and same old same old as all i've done is work, work, work and no adventures. So this update was my duty to let you know what was going on.

Everybody sing along "It's rant time, everybody loves a rant time, everybody needs a rant tiiiiiime, it's RANT TIME!"
Well again i don't really have anything major to rant about but a few things have made me think "IDIOTS!".
For instance, in the UK if some random guy you never knew came up to you and said "Sir here is a vehicle that is meant for off road use mainly for farming for you to use with the added bonus of letting your 2 year old child cling for dear life to the petrol tank as you take off at high speed" would you accept it? NO. Cause in the UK you know its wrong. Here on Zakynthos it seems to be fine to put your youngest born in danger without any thought at all, Marvelous.

I think that's it, see told you not much to rant about these days.

Many customers are asking me about the All Inclusive killing the resort, i have to say i disagree.
Lets look at this logically. 
If you own a hotel that's AI your best interest is to get your customers out of your hotel in to the resort to eat and drink and this is why. If your hotel holds say 60 people and all of them stayed in all day and night eating and drinking for the full serving duration of the day your profit margins get less and less but if you can get them out of the hotel and you halve the consumption of the customers then your profit margins are higher. 
I can honestly say that this season about a third of my customer base has been from AI hotels, that's more than ever before and why.........because the drinks in the AI hotel are cheap local brands. I've had more customers from Cavo Doro and Kelelia Hotels since they went AI than when they were self catering and half board. 

Well the season is almost coming to an end but don't worry i'm already booked my flight to come back for 2018 and season number 12. Still even now people think someone else is having the bar. This is false. I have been here all season this year even though customers had told me this person and that person were having the bar for 2017, HELLO! Its still me serving drinks and name on the licence. Told you many times before never listen to rumours, always go to the source if you want the facts.
Talking of rumours, last season (2016) there was a rumour being spread that Veronica from The Lighthouse Restaurant had died. When i was told this i instantly said unless its come direct from a family member then i wouldn't take much notice of it and guess what............i was right. She was alive and well in December 2016 as one of my customers who came in this season had spoken to her on the phone. She told Veronica that she was dead and in her typical dry wit Veronica way she said "That's nice to know i'm dead thank you for telling me". And the moral of this tale is "Never tell anyone something unless you have proof or the full facts".

My eldest sister Fran and brother in-law Colin came for a surprise visit and what a surprise it was. I was talking to customers early evening and looked across the road and thought "I know that couple" so i waved and shouted "Hi" then realized it was them and said "Oh shit it's my family". Great to see them both on the island, only taken them 17 years but they made it and loved it and think we may have 2 new converts to Kalamaki.

So the bar is still very very busy so late on in season which is amazing and now i have to leave you to do my bar chores for the day.

I will sign off with a few pictures for those of you who don't like reading.

This sign was in Argassi, brilliant!

The sunrise as i leave my house for my morning coffee.

Bollards, do not park here.

Banoffee Biscuits, mmmmmmmmmmm

A great stocking filler for Christmas, the Oceanic 2018 calendar, sorry, SOLD OUT!

And for next years beer lovers i have spoken with the Levante Beer company rep Niko this week and will be stocking four of their micro brewery beers next season, they are so so good. I drink them when i have my early finish Saturdays and go in to Zakynthos town. You are in for a real treat. I will be stocking a Unfiltered Pale Lager, .Unfiltered Dark Lager, Bavarian Wheat Beer (My fav) and a Strong Bok Beer.
Here is their website http://s466958426.online.de/levantebeersenglish/

So time to head off now, not long left, the finish post is in sight, until the next update.......

Serve All, Love All, Peace All, Kevlar Out!

Monday, 18 September 2017

I am alive, just manic busy, HELLLLOOOOOOOOOOO!

Proper update coming very very soon i promise. Been locked out of account for nearly a month due to e-mail address i used to open this blog 11 years ago doesn't exist anymore. 11 years of drivvle and waffling ramblings, my my, how time flies.

Anywhooooo here is me diving in to a pool on one of my 7 days i've attended a pool since arriving on the island.

Still crazy manic here and a big big sorry for anyone who hasn't been able to get in to the bar over the season, only had 12 nights since i opened that bar hasn't been full at some point during the night, i can only apologies but i am looking forward to the end now, my poor stumpy legs are ready to fail me. "Keep goin' Kev your on the home stretch".

So its ta ta for now.

Serve All, Love All, Peace All, Kevlar Out!