Friday, 23 August 2013

Mmmmmmm, What wonderful memories!

I know, I know, don't shout, I'm late with my update, its not my fault, I've just been shattered and not been in the right frame of mind to write it and I have to write it in the bar before I open but today I'm as fresh as a daisy and ready to give you another thrilling instalment of the welsh idiot abroad blog LOL.
Again this week not done much at all as its still stupid hot and can't wait for the temps to drop a bit so I can get back out on my bike and get to the beach and pool, I miss my doggy paddle up and down the pool but at least by the time I get back out to the pool most of the school children will be back in school, who knows what they are doing in the pool EEEeeewwww! I said pool quite a lot in that section didn't I?
Been walking the streets of Zakynthos town looking for a car for Helen (Given up now). Everybody who is selling a car is asking for stupid money, way over priced for what the cars are. There isn't a second hand car showroom over here or if there is its a very well kept secret. So what they do is put little "for sale" yellow notices in their car windows with their telephone number on but no price. How stupid is that? How many calls do you think they get, then when they tell the price the person just hangs up.
RING-RING, RING-RING (phone ringing)
"You have a car for sale"
"Yes that's right"
"How much?"
"5000 Euro"
Brrrrrrrrrrr! (phone hung up)
Imagine getting 10 calls a day like that, it would drive you crazy. Why don't they just add the price to the for sale sign then people who will actually pay that price will be the only ones to call, its simple really when you think about it.
Here is a perfect example of a car for sale, but no price shown. Why?
Sometimes you get something that jogs a certain memory in your life, a wonderful memory that makes you feel good. What am I talking about? Well i was talking with a customer about drinks I wish I could get out here like American cream soda and Dandelion and Burdock and that brought memories flooding back of a little place that used to be in Cardiff in an arcade called David Morgans Arcade and in that arcade was a  Sarsaparilla Bar that did those flavours I mentioned along with many others and they were poured out of beer type taps, then you could add ice cream floats. It was an amazing place with sweets in jars behind the counter, it reminded me of the sweet shop in the original version of Charlie and the Chocolate factory. Wish I was there now, loved it. Happy days.
Now, I don't really like having my pic taken but I will when asked but I am now the third most photographed thing in my bar, my X-ray is second and Dog is first. Dog is also now more famous than me (not that I was ever famous of course), first thing most people say now who have read my blog is "Where's Dog?" Now I will explain again, Dog isn't mine, I've just adopted her for the season, she belongs to an elderly Greek lady 2 doors up from Oceanic but Dog comes in for her chews and to sleep at night. She is a little cutey though and would dognap her if they didn't x-ray your suitcase LOL.
The most famous part of Oceanic, Dog!

Now I used to think Strada Marina hotel roof top pool was the best place in town, not anymore. That place is now pretty rubbish compared to this new hotel I've found and its right next to our house, cool. It only opened last week and has an amazing infinity pool that looks out over town, Argassi and Skopos, whats the name of the hotel? Do you really think I'm gonna tell yah, NAH! Its my little haven, so you will have to search for it yourself LOL.

Its my pool, all mine , yahahahahahahahahaa! (evil laugh)

I posted a few weeks back about some tribute acts I had on my agency books, well it looks like the Greeks are getting in on the act. "A tribute to The Legends Tour". Is this a rat pack tribute? Il Divo tribute? Westlife tribute? or 4 Michael Bubbles tribute? Ahh, I think its a tribute to 4 Greek singers but I may be wrong.
Oh yeah, talking of Westlife, when did Stephen Gately from Boyzone kick the bucket? I was talking about my t-shirts with a customer and they said "What about Stephen Gately", firstly I told them he definitely isn't a rock legend and then I said "Is he dead?" What planet have I been living on? Just goes to show I live in my own little bubble. What's that you say, the conservatives are running the country with the lib dems, blimey, next you'll be telling me Prince Harry is a Nazi LOL.

A tribute to which legends I don't know.

As you know I like my pot noodles either by themselves or in bread rolls (its the future, trust me) but I came across some new pot noodles. On the pot it says "Authentic Asia", now I don't know about you but I don't think many Asian people put noodles in a cardboard pot, boil a kettle and add hot water. In fact I think they most probably add some veg and meat of some sort, not just a tiny sprinkle of herbs, sachet of flavouring and 2 tiny tiny shrimps. It only cost me 97 cents but if I'm being honest it didn't taste of shrimp and noodles were so so, in fact the flavouring added was just chili oil and it just killed any taste it may have had. Back to good old proper Pot Noodle for me.
It must be authentic it says on the cardboard pot it is LOL

Being as they tasted so bad I decided to add another crumpet creation to my menu, this time its toasted hot crumpets with salted lurpack, cold sliced frankfurters topped off with authentic Asian shrimp noodles, not the best of combinations but I think that was down to the crap pot noodle, don't they look like Jeremy Clarkson LOL.

 Wifi, wifi, bloody wifi, I don't even have a TV in the bar so why would I have wifi? Its crazy the amount of people that ask for it, JUST TALK TO PEOPLE NEXT TO YOU! LOL. I will never ever have wifi in my bar. Friends of mine who own bars in different resorts have all said its killed the atmosphere in their bar since they had wifi, people just sit on phones and ipads now all night instead of talking with other customers creating an atmosphere. Also their takings have gone down cause people just go in, buy 1 maybe 2 drinks and sit there all night just using the wifi. The problem with that then is if proper drinking customers come in and the bars full with wifi users they're losing out. So no thank you, the other bars can keep their wifi, I'd prefer to be full with drinkers and socializers than wifi users. Nothings that important you need to log on in every business you enter.
August is almost over (thank god) but its been a very good month considering I thought it was going to be rubbish, having a really busy full early 2 hours before 10.30pm then just steady after that and most gone by 12,30am, only had 1 bad night 2 nights ago but even then I hit my target so can't complain at all. T-shirt sales are going to blitz last seasons 268 as we have already hit 237 and 2 months to go. Now I have to start to think of new designs for next season.
I've been told I must take pics of my cocktails but to be honest with it being busy I haven't got time to take pics of them once made as I need them out to the customers but i'll try this week.
Well once again I've run out of steam for this week, don't forget to look for your picture on the website.
I have been a bit slow adding them but keep checking, if I've taken your photo you will be on there.
Till next week my sooper dooper blog followers,
Serve All, Love All, Peace All, Kevlar Out!

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

To much sun is as bad as to much rain, stupid heat!

Hello folks, now don't get me started as its to bloody hot LOL.

So what's been happening, well Helen came over for a week, last minute flight, in fact if it was any last minute she would have been getting on with the pilot. She deserved a break from the UK and work but unfortunately I'm a moody grumpy git at the moment due this stupid heat so its a good job her friend Cassy came with her. Always when the temps get above 34 deg I can't cope, same every season. People say "You must be used to the heat by now", NOPE! You never get used to the heat as your body can only handle certain temps. When your cold its easy to get warm but its more difficult to keep cool when its boiling, also the bar has been manic since beginning of August so rushing around and the heat takes it out of you. I just stay indoors during July and August as I conserve my energy for the bar, always have done, so I wasn't good company for Helen I'm afraid to say, so a big apology goes out to Helen for me being such an ass, Roll on Sept when its cooler and I'll be happier.

Our house is starting to look like a jungle outside again but there is no way I'm doing gardening in this heat, in fact there is no way I'm doing gardening full stop, hate gardening, always have done. I say patio slab everything and have just cactus, simple and easy, bloody flowers and grapes, whats the point? LOL

On the way home every night I've seen this little café bar called "Zantino" its on the hill leading up to our house in Bochali. It doesn't open during the day as its a late night place staying open till 7am serving pizza and pasta dishes. I was told by a zakynthian friend that at one time it was the most famous place on the island, how long ago that was I don't know. So one night as myself and Helen were riding home I decided to stop off for a quick drink, a nightcap shall we say LOL. What a lovely place. Now I'm not just saying its lovely cause it looks similar to Oceanic, its lovely as they have loads of little quirky items scattered all around the seating areas. Everywhere you looked there was something unusual which was so nice. Chilled out Greek music playing the background and just somewhere that made you feel relaxed, which to be honest in this heat and after a crazy night in bar it was just what I needed also it was nice to have just a quiet drink with Helen as its always just in Oceanic with other customers and friends.

Zantino Café Bar

So where does it say on the outside of my bar "FREE SHOTS" or "FREE BEER"? Well for the first time ever in 7 years at Oceanic a group of 9 people were asking for those things before even 4 of them had stepped inside. As they walked in I asked as I do "How many of you are there?" At this point in time I only had 3 chairs free so had to get emergency chairs out. The reply came from a woman of about 50 "Do we get free shots?" this wasn't said in a joking manner but very rude manner. I answered politely "Sorry folks, nothing for free in this bar". I asked again "Right, how many are you?", a gent replied "Us", i asked again "How many are you as I need to get you seats", same gent said "another 30 coming" of course this was a lie he was just being funny. I counted 9 and got 6 emergency chairs out and made space for them to sit down. Another gent said "Do we get free beer?" I replied again "Nothings for free is this bar I'm afraid". He came back with "What if we all have a drink?" again my answer "Nothing for free in this bar" At this point, the heat was starting to make my calm self start to boil and in my head I was screaming but outside I was as cool as Cool Hand Luke LOL.
I said to the group "Sit yourselves down and I'll be with you in a minute just got one order to finish off". The oldest gent stood at bar and said " 2 beers", I smiled and said " take a seat and I will come and get your order now". He continued to stand and said louder "2 BEERS", no please or thank you which bugs me big time but not only that the way he said it was very rude. I smiled again and said " just one moment and I'll take your order, sit down, its all table service". The group of 9 all used the toilets then got up and left. Not a problem for me, my loss (if it was a loss) is another bars gain.

Well we're past the half way point and this season is looking very good up till today but I still take each day as it comes as I always do. I am really looking forward to getting back to UK though, strange to say I know but got so much to look forward to after a hectic season, Toys R Us (love my job there), going to Bath for new year ( not as in bath with water but Bath the place), learning to drive (Christmas present off Helen) and Depeche Mode in Birmingham in Jan with my world watched actor nephew Leighton Kyle, maybe a medical trial thrown in for good measure. Now in saying all that I think October is going to be very very quiet, most of the eastern European tour companies finish the end of Sept and 4 UK airports with certain tour companies are not flying out to the island for the whole of Oct so tourism is going to be way down but for me Oct is a bonus, even if I get 30€ its mine in my pocket, after tax of course.

My blog readers have to be the kindest and best customers any bar can get. I have had an overload of crumpets, black and white pudding and even a haggis, really looking forward to trying that. I've had so much brought out that my freezer is packed just with the food parcels I've been given, so thank you so so much for all the food parcels I am so grateful and your all very generous. I never knew there was so many different kinds of Crumpet, flat ones, normal ones, square toasting ones and even soldier ones for dipping in your boiled egg, mmmmmmm soft runny yolk.

Those pics remind me of Nothing To Declare on TV, looks like a customs seizure photos LOL.

Another Kevlar crumpet creation, Hot crumpet with salted lurpak, topped with grilled black pudding and cold beans, yess, cold beans. Lovely.

Well my lovely lovely blog followers its time to open the bar, yes I'm in bar writing this as connection is so crap at house, stupid dongle connection. Will try to get out and about for some pics for nest update but I'm not promising anything as its way to hot.

Serve All, Love All, Peace All, Kevlar out!

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Here comes the heat, GOOD GOD, thats all we need!

Well hello and welcome to another rip roaring, thrilling, roller coaster of an update.
July is over, HOORAY. Now we have August, BOOOooooo! Now in saying that July ended up not being to bad at the beginning and was very happy with the end, the middle was a bit hit and miss but overall very good. Now the dreaded August, temps sky high, bar usually quiet during early opening hours and its just all round a horrid month and has been every season past but we take each day as it comes.
While I was out and about I went to have a look how the first bar I ever drank in on the island was doing and its closed. I stayed in Tsilivi in 2000 for 6 weeks and used to drink in a bar that was then called "Tizzy's". It was only a little bar but cosy and friendly. I see from the sign someone else must have taken it over at some point and called it "Rondavue", now the spelling for "to meet" is "Rendezvous" so I'm guessing it was 2 guys named Ron and Dave that had it by the name or the owners just couldn't spell LOL. Shame to see it empty and in such a mess.

 When I passed through Tsilivi I was on my way to one of my fave pools at the hotel Tsamis in Kipseli. I arrived, got my ice tea and a sweet frappe with milk and proceeded to my sun lounger. Now this hotel must have about just 2% British that stay there and what do I see when I look over down to the lower pool, the best looking flag in the world, the Welsh flag. Well, its a towel but with the welsh flag on it. You have to agree it is an impressive flag and I haven't seen one better. Maybe there is one out there somewhere that's better but I haven't seen it, yet.
Also on the point of towels which are flags, what is it with the Brits that seem to be the only nation that has towels with the flags on? All the pools I've ever been to in 13 years I've never, and I mean never seen another nations flag as a towel, just us Brits. It almost seems like "I'm claiming this sunbed for Britain", its about all we have got at the moment LOL.
A proud sight indeed.

And here is a holiday pic of me at the Tsamis infinity pool.

Well the amphitheatre in town seems to have something on every night over the past month and I saw this poster. its "The Full Spiros". Its a play about 5 guys who work in the feta industry that have fallen on hard times due to the economic crisis in Greece so the start up a strip act. Ladies this one could be just what your looking for on holiday.

Now I love my food as you all know, so I was very intrigued when I saw a packet of snacks named after a fictional TV character from the 70's/80's who was a rocker/biker from the 50's. Fonzies. What the .....? Does Fonzies mean something different it Greece? Wasn't it strange that Fonzie was a biker/rocker but never had a beer or bourbon, just a soda pop. Also I never saw him eat a flavoured wheat snack just a burger at Al's. OOOooohh, and weren't we all in shock when Fonzie did that motorcycle jump out side Al's and crashed, OH MY GOD HE'S DEAD! No, he's OK, we'll carry on for another 10 years until Fonzie turns off the light at Al's for the very last time.
Anyway, sorry, I was rambling there. These snacks basically are Nik Naks, that's it, nothing new but they did taste rather good, so, put a Fonzie in your mouth, HEY! COOL-A-MONDO!

After my distress signal for Black/White pudding and crumpets I was brought a new supply from Ireland by a lovely lady called Donna. She didn't want money for them either but I couldn't accept them without giving Donna something for her kindness so they had a Lemon Cheesecake and a Banoffee Pie cocktail. Thank you so much your a star.
By the way I ate them all within 2 days of arrival.
Black and white pudding needed. STOP. Also crumpets. STOPS. LOL

In my house I get many little creatures due to my garden being a national park. On this one occasion I had to reach for the fly/ant/mozzie spray. After killing an insect that sort of looked like a small scorpion only with 10 legs each side I noticed the name of the spray "Mr. Fist". I think it may need a bit of a tweak and re-branding.

I think I may have said before that when pulling up to my house I've seen, mice, rats, snakes, cats, dogs, owls and even a huge rabbit but look at this fatty of a lizard. This lizard stays around my nightlight outside and must feed so well. I can only explain the size of him by his stomach being the width of one of those large commemorative coins you could get for the queens jubilee. Fat greedy bugger indeed.

So each update now I will be adding my favourite tavernas that I eat in. I did this last season but thought I would update it for the new followers and for the people who are due out here soon. This first one is called "Amoroza" its off the main Alexander Roma shopping street, near Filion Café close to St. Marcos Square. Best lamb kleftiko I've had since 1995 in Crete. The place isn't much to look at but the food is so good. The owner is Zakynthian but had been in America for 30 years and came back to the island 2 years ago. Try it and try the village sausage, lovely.

Well my little followers that's all for this week, I know its a little late but its just been way to hot and I'm absolutely shattered at the moment, roll on the cooler days and nights, and I'm ashamed to say it, maybe a bit of rain, but not much.
So until next week folks,
Serve All, Love All, Peace All. Kevlar Out!