Sunday, 26 October 2008

End of season review 2008!

Well the post we've all been waiting for, well not all but my 2 readers have been waiting for, its here the end of season review.

What can i say my second season was better than that first kiss i ever had (sorry Belinda), better than peanut butter and jam, even better (dare i say it) than black pudding and fruit & fibre. The customers that came in through my door were as lovely as Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins and they drank as much as George Best (god rest his soul) on a wine tasting trip. The music was changed slightly this year but seemed to give the bar a good vibe and the new sofa's were a hit. I had many many nights where i run out of seats and instead of turning customers away i went to my good friends Veronica and Derek at The Lighthouse restaurant and borrowed more chairs to seat everybody and they stayed even without having a table for their drinks and i thank them for that and also apologies for that but i had no idea i was going to be as busy as i was all season what with the island and resort having its worst season for tourists.

My cocktails were voted the best that my customers had tasted within the resort and all came back for more, as i said in a previous post its all about taking the time to make properly, use the correct ingredients, using the original spirits and using the correct measure for each spirit used in the drink, the pomp and frills that decorate the drink mean nothing if the drink in side tastes like a chemical cocktail.

As i tell all my customers "its just a bar being a bar again taking it back to basics having a chat, a laugh and socialising which is being lost in alot of bars at home and abroad".

But once again without you i couldn't be in the position i am with a healthy business that my customers enjoy for what it is which is "just a bar" as my sign says outside, "No TV's, No Gimmicks, No Hassle, No Stress" and i've been very lucky to have you as my customers and can't thank you enough.

I've worked very hard to get where i am today and sometimes been pushed to the limit with the amount of customers i've had in and also been pushed by some people who have never drank in my bar but i wouldn't change any of it as i thrive on being busy and spiteful silly people push me on to prove them wrong which i think now i have with 2 great seasons under my belt.

Just to be serious for one moment i'd like to say i feel very sorry for the businesses that have gone bust this year and its been alot, some new, some well established for years, i would not wish it on anyone as its the worst thing to see someones dreams and livelyhood close up for good, the pound to the euro didn't help nor did the credit crunch but i'd like to wish these people all the best in whatever they decide to do next and hope maybe some day they can re-live that dream they once had and remain on the island as there is no point in being bitter with the island as its a beautiful place and it hasn't been the islands fault for the business closure.

So where do i go from here? Well we look forward to 2009, Bar is having some new features but the bars heart will still be the same and definately NO TV's! also there are plans for a second business, the business plans are all drawn up, its all been fine tuned so now its just putting my plans in to practice so look out for the update around april.

Please keep reading my blog as it will still be going through the winter with whats going on in my boring life but for now we say to Zakynthos "see you soon" not "goodbye".

P.S Don't forget the Oceanic Awards in January, you never know you may be a winner or even defend your award with success.

What traffic signs and signals mean in Greece!

This means "Go, as long as a policeman isn't around"

This means "if someone has stopped at a red light beep on your horn repeatedly the split second it changes to green as the person hasn't moved off as quick as a formula 1 car"

This means "Park wherever you like, why not double park "

This means "Drive directly up this no entry road at a scooter coming the opposite way"

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Review page for my customers!

For those of you who read my blog with interest and have visited my bar for a relaxing drink you can leave a review good or bad (thats if you'd like to) on this page. Click on the link below to take you to my bars review page.

If you've just walked or driven past or just heard gossip about my bar that doesn't really count as a review (you can't comment until you've tried it you see) so genuine Oceanic customers if you would be so kind LOL

P.S. i'll pay you for the good reviews next season but SSSHHH! don't tell anyone HAHA!

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Voted the best Screaming Orgasm!

Well i'm overwhelmed by the response i get from my screaming orgasms that i produce for my customers. Everyone has said "its the best they've ever had" also other comments such has "mmm thick and creamy, lovely", "i could have them all night" and "wish my partner could give me one like that" a few times through the season i run out of cream but it didn't take me long to replenish my stock and give some more out. In fact only last friday i gave 14 screaming orgasms all at the same time, that was a tall order but i pulled it off, just. By the end of that mammoth task i was out of cream but being the fit person i am it only took me 25 seconds and i was ready for the next orgasm. So just for all you people who are missing your orgasms i thought i'd give one for you to have over and over again until your next here.

You did know i was on about a cocktail didn't you? LOL

Friday, 10 October 2008

2 weeks to go!

Well what can i say! I can say quite alot actually as i am learned in the art of conversation.

Its been a great, no amazing, no mind blowing season for me and i've worked bloody hard by giving the best service i can to table, making the drinks and keeping upbeat to make my customers holiday that little bit more enjoyable.

I get feedback from customers who have drank in other bars so i know whats being said about the season but holidaynakers don't want to hear about "how bad the seasons been" or "my business is dead", people on holiday have their own troubles and worries and come away to enjoy themselves and forget just for 1 or 2 weeks whats going on at home so they don't need to be met with a slapped ass face and moans.

You the customer is what keeps us here with our businesses so you should get the best most pleasant service we can provide, if it wasn't for you we could not survive.

Also this season there has been lots of nasty views and opinions on websites for the island and all i have to say on this matter is, Whats the point? Every business can survive out here if its run properly and what the customer wants, there is somewhere for everyone and not everyone will like the same place, if you've never been in a certain place don't knock it till you can say "i've been there didn't like it", also people who haven't been to the island for years can't really comment as this place has changed so much even within the 2 years i've been in kalamaki and 8 years on the island. So what i'm saying is, talk about what you actually know not what you think you know or have heard, till you've actually been in a certain place you can't make a judgement or comment, and most of all just enjoy your holidays and stop being so childish and petty on these sites, these sites are set up to help tourism and give advice and all i can see is that it may be damaging it when people read the posts and see petty arguements, lets get on and try to help Zakynthos.