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Dear Diary.....26th June 2018

Dear Diary.....26th June 2018

Got to bed at 3.30am after a crazy hectic night in the bar. Even with a power cut in the resort for an hour and monsoon rain the bar was full to bursting due to losing outside seating space because of the bad weather. Thanks to my mega super roof all chairs were still available.

I awoke at 4.30am to the sound of metal grinding. Bleary eyed i walked to fan to see what the noise was. That's a electrical fan not a crazy stalker fan sat in the corner of my bedroom rocking back and forth. I had a stalker for 10 years but that's another story. Turned the fan off thinking the motor was grinding. The sound continued which confused me. Then i realised it was crazy big old fat rain hitting my metal roof on my balcony, turned fan back on and crawled back in to bed, stupid rain.

Rise and shine at 6.30am, this is madness my sleeping pattern.

Big black cloud is everywhere with thunder and lightning, it looks like a U2 video. What to do today, can't go out as running out of dry trainers, don't want to be sat in a coffee shop still wearing my all in one weather proof motorcycle suit as it takes ages to get out of it then ages to get back in to it, people may think i have a serious bladder problem if i stayed sat in it.

I'll watch a film. 15 Min's and I'm bored, turn it off. I'll watch a TV series, Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, classic. 2 episodes and lose concentration, turn it off. Look out from house, rain and black skies, bugger. Time to clean the house. That took all of 10 Min's as always keep the house clean, good grief, whats the time? 9.30am. This is going to be a long day.

I try to go back to sleep. Half an hours sleep and awake again. 10am. I have a reoccurring dream of running a bar in a old church. It is all dark carved polished wood with filament bulbs for low lighting, looks great. Had about 7 dreams of same bar but each dream is a different night but bar always the same, weird. Had a dream of the bar again in my short slumber and this time it had a returning customer i had banned him in a previous dream but he wanted to come back in on a different night as it was his mates birthday, i told him no. The cheek of it, when your banned your banned. Some people.

Watch the rain from the balcony for half an hour and stood out in it just in a pair of shorts, feels quite nice, don't know what all the tourists are moaning about, its still warm.

Think I'll try to sleep on the sofa. Not happening. constantly feel like i have itchy skin. I look for ants. Can't find them. I now think the are super mutant ants using mind games so i can't settle. I will wipe you out, do not think you will win this war.

Go back to bed. Can hear the rain outside. I close the windows. Can still hear the rain outside. I close all the doors. Can still hear the rain outside. I open all the windows and doors and have a shower. Rain outside shower inside, water water everywhere, not going to win today am i?
Still only 1pm aaaaggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!

Flick between, TV and films all afternoon. 5pm, may as well go to bar. Guess what? Its still raining.

Bar is all nice and dry in under roof, brilliant.

Open at 7pm and bar full by 8.30pm, customers turning up in taxis, that's dedication for you. I'm amazed.

Great night considering its been horrible all day and night but still raining as i make my way home.
Please no more rain as only got one pair of trainers left, 4 are on the line drying. Maybe i should ride barefoot, OUCH!, i think not but then again i could file my toenails down on the tarmac as i go.

Whats for supper? Cold hot dogs and smooth Branston pickle on toast with a mini chocolate croissant for dessert. I know how to live, life of luxury.

Serve All, Love All, Peace All, Kevlar Out!

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