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Dear Diary.....19th June 2018

Dear Diary.....19th June 2018

I'm going to use a different wake up saying every entry if possible. Up with the larks at 6.15am.  At this rate i will not be sleeping at all, after all i only got to sleep at 4.30am. I have gone 96 hours without sleep in 1994 but not advised if I'm being honest as i got banned from the only bar open in Hersonissos, Crete called "The Black Cat" before the season started for spraying beer as i thought i was James Hunt (Google him) and i started to hallucinate that Medusa the Gorgon was after me after seeing a sign for a club called Medusa.

Decided to have myself another pool day. Am i being a bit extravagant? 2 pool days in a month?
All bar chores done by 9.30am and at the pool 9.45am. Still no one there but not complaining, pool all to myself.
Sunbathed for 45 Min's, time for a dip. Sat at edge of pool and heard a "plop" next to me. Looked in the pool and saw a frog at the bottom.
What is it with me, pools and insects/reptiles committing suicide whenever i decide to go for a swim.
Remembered, frogs are amphibious so i watched it swim. Was going to follow it around pool edge to see how it got out but may have looked odd. Perhaps i should swim after it to see what it will do next but then saw it could swim faster and better than me. I'll just flop in and swim opposite direction. How will it get out on those ladders? I have a problem using the pool ladders with my short legs, that frog got no chance.

11am and I've had enough. Riding home and got stung in the centre of my chest by another black stingy thing, both hands got pins and needles instantly. These black stingy things are starting to annoy me.

Swept through house and found a rogue ant from the gang that are hiding somewhere. Picked it up to take a closer look. It is an ant but not a normal colour or looking one, fast little bugger, one clap and ant no more. Not so smart now are you.

Time for work. What will tonight bring. World cup has had no effect whatsoever on the bar but there again everywhere else is showing it, if you don't want football only one place without it, Oceanic. A few others said they weren't going to show it but they've given in.

Home and time for supper, Gruel or Frosted Shreddies? If i had been in the workhouse in Dickens times i could of survived easily, Gruel is great, just one teaspoon of sugar and I'd be happy. I am eating it allot though.
No, i got some black pudding and beans, I'm eating in style tonight.

Cause i have made cold beans on top of hot black pudding people will be thinking eeeewwww! If Heston or Gordon had made it they're a genius and you'd pay £200 for it just cause they made it. Some people are so fickle.

I think I'll try to use a new word every day.
Because i made black pudding and beans and it wasn't Heston or Gordon my dish is Floccinaucinihilipilification.
That's a very long word, will never remember that.

Serve All, Love All, Peace All, Kevlar Out!

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