Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Dear Diary........6th June 2018

I arose bright eyed and bushy tailed at a stupid 6.30 am after only 2 hours sleep. Make mental note drink more Jack Daniels before bedtime.

Decided to give the house a good sweep through. Still can't find the ant lair. Very frustrating.

Went shopping at 8am. Parked the bike up and walked across car park. As i walked a little girl about 9-10 walked with me begging as we walked, she looked hungry, sad and tired. I put my hand in my pocket to get out a euro and then i noticed something. As i looked down at my pocket i saw that the girl had a new pair of Nike air force one trainers on. Any beggar who can afford a better pair of trainers than i can doesn't need my money. Talk to the hand as your getting nothing, NAH!
In the UK i always look at homeless peoples shoes, that's a good sign. Also seen a few using Apple I phones, Where do they recharge them? Where is the address for a contract phone? and how can they afford it if homeless?

Went for a early morning coffee. Underneath a seat i saw a little puppy that was sleeping, wish i was sleeping. When she woke and opened her eyes she had one light blue eye and one brown eye, In my head i called her Bowie. Aren't dogs with light blue eyes (apart from huskies) mental?
Didn't stroke her to find out.

Gin is the mad craze this year, next year it will be something else, these drink popularity always die out, it was Mojitos last year. I served a lady a Tanqueray London Dry gin with a slice of lime tonight, anyone would have thought i had shot her dog by the look on her face when i gave it to her. She berated me for serving it with a lime and not a orange slice "Tanqueray is always with a orange slice", i apologised as I'm no gin expert and replaced her drink no problem. She returned 2 more times with her husband and we got on fine after that.
Bar was very busy again tonight, not complaining and as from Saturday its Midnight close every Saturday from then on, better to have a few hours chill out in Zakynthos town after i close than to close for a full day.
Got home and checked out what should be served with Tanqueray London Dry Gin on the official Tanqueray website, the accompanying slice of fruit is in fact a lime it stated, So i was right with lime, back of the net.

Gruel for supper. Will be so glad when Iceland opens. Won't sleep much due to a certain arrival tomorrow, can't wait.

Serve All, Love All, Peace All, Kevlar Out!

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