Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Dear Diary.......3rd June 2018

Sunday 3rd June 2018, day of rest.

Today is the first day i ventured to the pool since i arrived on the 8th April.

Arrived 9.30 am to a empty pool area, pick of the sunbeds for me, just how i like it.

Front of body first today then back the next time i come to pool.

After half an hour i decided to have a dip in the pool. After 2 long widths of doggy paddle it was time to rest at the side of the pool staying in the water.

Watched a wasp hover by pool side then commit suicide by plunging itself in to the water. What does a wasp have to be depressed about or did it just get tired and fall in to pool?
I thought of rescuing it but it would only sting me if i did, no gratitude at all.
I've been stung 4 times this season while riding my bike by little black flying insects, one sting on my left shoulder gave my hand pins and needles.
Some of the wasps and flying stingy things have got caught inside my shirt, I've tried to release them from my shirt before they sting me so they are free but they always sting me, ungrateful little blighters.
The human equivalent would be someone stuck in a toilet and a nice person trying to free you, when they do get you out you then punch that person in the face, no gratitude.

90 mins later i'm ready to go. After all i do have 6 months to get a tan and your skin will only tan to a certain colour anyway so whats the point in tanning day after day all day once your at your peak colour?

As i left there was only one other person at pool. Is this hotel haunted?

Time for lunch, do i have oats and cold milk (think that's called Gruel) or noodle roll? Gruel it is as to hot for a oriental noodle bag in fresh rolls.

The second most exciting thing to ever happen to me on this island is happening soon, Iceland supermarket is opening. I can eat as much crap quick frozen food as i like. Excited beyond belief. The first most exciting thing is my partner arrives Thursday.

Off to work i go, Biscuit fed, CHECK. Never sure how Sundays will be what with big change over day, really hit or miss.
My oh my, tonight was a huge HIT. Would think of getting help but i can cope with 42 customers by myself so why pay for staff. Also i'm a tight ass.

Home time, What to have for supper? Gruel or Pot Pasta. Gruel it is. Started to think of the film Oliver Twist, don't know why.

Time for bed, what do i watch to fall asleep to, Inbetweeners, Family Guy, Toast of London or Alan Partridge? Family Guy as have over 100 episodes so should fall asleep at some point with that many.

Added another song to my songs of the season, an old one but a classic i think you'll agree.

All i can can say after watching that clip is, My Oh My what are they wearing? Also doesn't the lead singer look like the bad guy Sensei John Kreese out of Karate kid.

Serve All, Love All, Peace All, Kevlar Out!

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