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Dear Diary........13th June 2018

Dear Diary........13th June 2018

An amazing weekend over with and off she goes back to the UK after celebrating her birthday on Saturday with a trip all around the island on the bike, lunch of fresh fish at Kampi Cross Taverna and closed bar early (midnight) for a night out in Zakynthos Town, great day, not long till she's back, can't wait.

I alighted from my bed at 6.30 am, bugger, what do i do now?

UK motorbike needed a service and clutch cable had snapped so being as I'm awake may as well push bike in to town while cool.
Good job i keep myself fit, pushing this bike 3km would be a killer, its so heavy.
A puppy of about 5 months is barking at me from side of road, really cute, so i try to call it over. It won't come. Another larger dog appears, and another and another, the fourth is quite big and doesn't look happy, i don't mean it looked sad, it looked mental angry. Time to push bike quicker. They follow barking and jumping at other side of road. I push quicker, they follow. I run. they follow, this went on for 1.5 km.
I remember reading a news article about a man that had been torn apart by stray dogs but left his torso. If i was a dog it eat the torso. On a chicken everyone wants the body meat not the legs and wings, why would the dogs want the legs and arms and leave the torso? Stop thinking about them leaving your torso. Bugger, no water or money. Mouth really dry. Bet those dogs have water.

Get to bike shop but doesn't open till 10, time is now 8am. Will walk back and come back in on other bike later. Decided not to walk as dogs may bully me again. TAXI!

10am i go to garage, i tell my mechanic to sort everything that needs sorting on bike. I tell him to take his time and will pick it up Monday. He tells me to come back at midday on Monday, not 11am. That's very specific for a Greek.

Time for bar chores. Visited the same shop where the begging child was. Parked next to shop to save getting pestered. The car park is huge and empty. Are there people in this world who don't know what a parking space is for? There is always someone who parks anywhere, this time a car on a disabled wheelchair area and a bike in the middle of the lane. I was amazed to find out a Zakynthian friend of mine has been driving a car without taking a test for 20 years. His reply was "If the police don't stop and fine someone for pulling barriers out of the road to get on to pedestrian area, why would they stop me?". There is logic in that reply somewhere.

Back home sat on balcony and Biscuit has gone. Will have to ask landlord where he has taken him. Watched an ant. Do they actually have a purpose with their day? This ant was all over the place. Left, right then left again then a circle, then straight then right then left. Do ants get sunstroke? It definitely seemed dazed and confused. I would have helped it but i didn't know where it wanted to go.

Bar was extremely busy once again. It will be nice to have a quiet steady one one night. Body is feeling the pace already. Will have to start my 4 bath routine early this year when i get in from work to help with cramping. Hot bath, Cold bath, Hot bath, Cold bath, bed. What a pain in the ass.

Whats for supper? Gruel or Weetabix. Gruel is becoming an addiction but will go cold turkey tonight. I don't mean I'm going to eat cold turkey i mean I'm going without gruel and having weetabix.

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