Friday, 29 October 2010

Back in sunny uk, i think not!

Guess whos back? Yep and god is the UK crap LOL. Well the last time i updated i was sat in an internet cafe in Greece, now i'm sat in an internet cafe in Swansea and guess why, my new/old laptop that is a Samsung that i've used only a dozen times has given up the ghost before i've even used it this winter as the motherboard has gone, What the F@*K is a motherboard and why does it cost as much as a new laptop? sorry for the swearing LOL Its just that in this fine month of Oct 2 laptops worth over £1000 have gone Bang!, my amplifier costing £400 went Phut! The chain on my Yamaha Virago went Twang! The Bar got flooded out for nearly 12 days (but still opened) Whoosh! My Greek bank took my savings out as i hadn't used it for 2 years but kept the account open but can't give me my money back, Robbing Bastards! And still i have a computer geek sitting opposite me picking his nose and munching on it only this time he's pastey white HAHA!

On a plus point i start to work at Toys R Us next week, Woohoo, watch out talking buzz lightyear i'm coming to teach you naughty words LOL.

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